Newbie Blogger Initiative/Monthly Challenges

Build Your Own Boss: Week 1 Challenge
Why You Do What You Do: Week 2 Challenge 
What’s My Main Again? Week 3 Challenge
Learning is Fun: Week 4 Challenge
The Final Challenge: Week 5 Challenge
Tell Me a Story: June Challenge
There’s Something About You: July Challenge
I’m a Collector: August Challenge
Caught Being Good: September Challenge
The (Halfway Through) October Challenge
Feeling Musical: November Challenge
Your Favorite Things: December Challenge

Five Things I Want From My Guild
Five Things to Know Before You App
Five Ways to Fail at Lich King
Five Things About Loot
Five Things to do in Icecrown Citadel
Five Things to Remember from 2009
Five Things to Do in Patch 3.3
Five Ways to Impress Your Guild
Five Ways to Get /Ignored