The (Halfway Through) October Challenge

All right, so I had my hiatus while everyone was starting Mists of Pandaria, and then it was extended as I jumped into the fray and found myself completely awash in things to do. I mean, geez, there are ALL THE THINGS and only one of me!

September Wrap-Up: Caught Being Good

Gold StarWe didn’t have a lot of response to the September Challenge; I’m hoping that’s because of the MoP release and not because there are just so few people caught being good. Here are the ones we did have, though; I found them very encouraging! I’ll add my own story, as well; I just had my own Caught Being Good experience a couple of days ago.

That Was An Accident! – After some encounters that left Mechalis feeling a little gunshy, there was a friendly–if very odd–mage that came along and managed to brighten the day.

Shards of Imagination – Rakuno shares an encounter in Lineage 2 that will stick with me for a while–when you play with people, sometimes it can’t be just a game. ItΒ is personal to me.Β 

The Daily Frostwolf – Navi busts out the super warm fuzzies with a shoutout to a bunch of the people who have made her happy for one reason or another along the way. I love it!

Pained from Dark Democracy Rocks, Period

My own Caught Being Good story happened a few days ago as I was doing Golden Lotus dailies in the Vale. I added NPCScan just out of curiosity a week ago, and it alerted me (it is completely unmistakable and will give you a heart attack if you aren’t expecting it) that there was a rare below me. I went and found him, a Pandaren in a cave with over 4 million health.

I pulled him and promptly died because I forgot about the spell Pandaren cast at range (Chi Burst, hurts for a lot). I managed to rush back before anyone else showed up and try again. I got started, and about that time I saw a horde shadow priest named Pained show up. I died by not running quickly enough out of crane kick. I knew when I got back that the priest would likely be killing it. I’d help, because I just think it’s a nice thing to do, but I was a little disappointed that I had let it slip away.

When I got back to my body, I was surprised to see the rare still sitting there in his cave. Pained stood outside, looking at him. I rezzed, healed up, and waited for a moment for the priest to pull, but it never came. So, cautiously, I approached the cave, realizing that I would have to pull him out into the open with a LoS this time.

Sure enough, I did that, and it worked. And then, to my surprise, I realized I no longer had aggro–Pained had the rare. In fact, Pained helped me through the entire fight, interrupting when my interrupts were down, ping ponging the aggro, and being repeatedly chased by Spinning Crane Kick until it was dead. When the encounter was over, Pained /bowed, mounted, and flew away–but not before I could get off a /hug.

I’m extremely appreciative, and even though my guild proceeded to call us Care Bears, well; I am A-Okay with that. These are the people and the moments I remember. Pained will always get a /salute or a /hug from me; this is the kind of people I want to share my server with, Care Bears or not.

Thank you, Pained, for being awesome.

Care Bears

October Challenge: Your Character’s Costume

Ambermist the Ranger in Halloween ColorsThis one’s easy (especially since I’m giving it to you with only a couple of weeks to go!): Halloween is right around the corner! Many games Β have in-game events for the holiday, but rarely do we get the chance to fully dress up in costume.

The challenge is this: If your character were going Trick or Treating in Azeroth, Tyria, or wherever they call home, what would their costume be? Tell me all about the what and the why, and if you can find a picture of it or something similar, please post that with it–I’d love to see!

As Far As You Know...


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17 responses to “The (Halfway Through) October Challenge

  1. Eva Marie


    I totally neglected last month’s challenge. There are so many amazing people on my guild and server … I should have!

  2. Nice story. And I too, would take being a care bear any day than being a douche just because they are “the enemy”. πŸ™‚

    Now I will have to think what to come up for this month’s challenge!

  3. That was a really nice story, and that Pained person must have been a real sweetie πŸ™‚ Big thumbs up to them! Hmm, not sure if I can participate in this new challenge, I have no idea what to make!

  4. What a great story. I had an alliance druid help me kill a rare a few weeks ago. I waved at them and they smiled at me before flying away πŸ™‚

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  8. Here’s an outfit I put together for this challenge. I wanted to do a witch but as the character I decided to go with usually have bright colors I made some “non traditional” color choices. πŸ™‚

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  10. Slightly belated, but here is mine.

    Posted before the 31st but I forgot to link it.

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