September Challenge: Caught Being Good

August Recap

I found out a lot about you guys and your collections! Some of you are minimalists, and some of you…well, your bags are overwhelming! Here’s a look at all of the bloggers who answered the “I’m a Collector” challenge; thank you guys!

The MMO Compendium – Feliz is a seller! While bags get full from the effort of selling, the compulsion to keep things is not strong in this one.

Image Heavy – An organizer at heart, there’s still some inadvertent collecting that happens for this blogger–the kind that comes from leveling and preparing for an expansion!

Anka Huntress – Anka’s not into running out of bag space, but game changes have turned her into a collector, after all!

Healing Mains – This right here is your “Aww” moment, ladies and gentlemen. I’m not even going to tell you more than that.

Healing the Masses – Sometimes it’s just hard to say goodbye to things we love–and everything else, too!

Kamalia et alia – I have to be completely honest: I’m a little jealous of this wardrobe. Not the organizing part of it, mind you, just the fact that there are so many things available in a moment’s notice.

Bubbles of Mischief – Cymre has…well, a LOT of things! But I’m impressed that they all make sense, which is more than I could say for my bank when I wrote the challenge post.

Starshadow (and Part 2) – In a 2 part post, there’s first the adventure of the stuff in Skyrim, where an organizing system gone awry put gaming on pause, and then an awesome collection of bows and books!

Shards of Imagination – Rakuno’s EQ2 collection is impressive. I mean, just take a look at that huge sword–and everything else! Besides “Everhoarder” is such an apt title…

Arguing With Myself – Ainyan’s a packrat. I’ve seen this first hand in-game–do NOT get into a click-my-items showdown with her! She’s also got quite a thing for pets.

The Crimson Hammer – Someone’s feeling the space crunch…leaving enough room for auction house and looting? I completely relate!

Please check out all of these awesome bloggers!

As promised, my guild bank. It’s not any emptier, but it does make a lot more sense now.

Bank Tab 1

Bank 3

Bank 4

September Challenge

When I was in elementary school, there were these pencils our teachers would give out. They were red or black with gold lettering that said “Caught Being Good,” and they were given to children who were “caught” in the act of doing something nice or exemplary.

I wish I had a stack of these pencils (and could hand them out through the computer…), because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into someone doing something genuinely nice for me or for someone else, from the level 70 Horde who let my accidentally flagged druid run by with no more than a /bow to the random stranger who helped a  new player find his way back to the city when he got lost out in the wilds of Azeroth.

Guild Wars 2 encourages this kind of team play, and I love it! I love that we can work together without penalty. But there’s something about being nice when you have the choice not to that makes me a very happy boomkin, indeed. 

Your challenge is to tell me about someone (or a few someones) you’ve Caught Being Good in the game of your choice. What was it that stood out to you about how they acted? Did it influence the way you treated other players? If you can’t think of a specific encounter, can you think of a group of people,  a guild, or a friend who displays this characteristic of looking out for others all the time?

I can’t wait to read your posts, and remember to link your post in the comments!


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7 responses to “September Challenge: Caught Being Good

  1. This was posted at the end of August so it doesn’t quite count, but I thought I’d share it anyway:

    Summary: Human male level 85 mage scared the crap out of me but then turned out to be nice.

  2. Just popping by to say: I love the new blog look! (Not really sure how long it’s been here, shows how much I’ve been busy with different things than blogging 😦 ).

    Hopefully I’ll participate in some challenges soon again. I always enjoy reading the results and am curious what the next ‘assignment’ will be. 🙂

    • It’s only been up a few weeks, since WoW’s 5.0.4 patch, so you’re not too far behind! I look forward to every challenge, too–you guys are awesome. hope you’ll get to join us again soon!

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  4. Hm. I think wordpress ate my comment!

    Anyway, this was a tough one but I was able to complete it!

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