December Challenge: Your Favorite Things

November Wrap-Up

In November, I asked you guys to write me a song, but that must have been a little daunting! Double cool points to those who posted:

>> Sugar & Blood brought back an old post with a great parody song: “Wish I Could Be a Vykrul Girl” with the opening line “Well the Night Elf girls are hip / I really dig those gowns they wear…” I do look pretty good in a gown, I must say, but vykrul girls are pretty cool too.

>> Mommy Jenkins busted out some musical mayhem including the lyrics to a parody song she was working on: “Doncha Wish Your Raider Was Skilled Like Me?” featuring the line: “Cause you know your buddy stands in the fire / and makes you wanna scream (and not in the good way).” You know it!

>> Adventures of the Hex Machine got in on the action with a remake of “Killing Me Softly” centered around the very, very painful dots of a Shadow Priest. Ouch!

And, as I promised Toriah on her blog, here’s one of my old fake CD’s. This one was entitled “Another Night in Ulduar.”

Another Night in Ulduar

December Challenge: Your Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things…

What are your favorite things about gaming in general, or about your favorite game specifically? What keeps you coming back? What makes you smile? When the bee stings and you’re feeling bad, what is about gaming that makes you smile?

That’s the challenge!

Bonus Challenge: Tell me something awesome that happened to you this year!

And an important note: This is probably my last monthly challenge. I’ve taken on a lot more lately, and I can’t necessarily stick to a posting schedule. It’s been one of the coolest things ever, though; and if anyone wants to pick this up and run with it, I encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it!


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11 responses to “December Challenge: Your Favorite Things

  1. Hey, I did post! 😛 Just didn’t give a link to it. I’ll be doing this one too!

    • battlechicken

      Ahh, cool. I do all the links for the blog out of the comments on the post, so I miss it if isn’t there! I’ll update to include it; make sure you comment with the link for December so I don’t miss it. 🙂

  2. I feel a lot of warm fuzzies coming on for this challenge… Thanks for the linkage! Really love those song titles. I think that’ll be my Christmas gift to the guild this year. Hahahahaha XD

  3. Thanks for the challenges all year Ambermist! I couldn’t join in a few coz they were too hard for me but I think it was a great community idea 😀

  4. JD Kenada

    Gah, can’t believe I missed that. I SO would have included my Piano Man parody from the Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving last year. *facepalm*

    I will most assuredly be providing a post to this one though!

  5. And here are my answers to this month’s challenge!

    Kind of weird timing for my post too but I kept misreading the intention of the challenge earlier and kept thinking a lot more complicated (and long!) answers. @_@

    Anyhoo, here is it:

    Thanks for all the challenges. I am sad that you have to stop doing it, even if temporarily, but it has been fun!

    Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 🙂

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