June Challenge: Tell Me a Story

At the end of the Newbie Blogger Initiative, my weekly challenges ended. But a few people expressed interest in doing a monthly challenge. This is the first of those, and I’ll keep doing them as long as I have continued interest!

I’m a sucker for story time. I still enjoy being read to. I love picking up a new book–including my kids’ books!–and reading them for the first time. I love stories and lore in the games I play. Some people have Calgon, I have story time!

A few months ago, I posted about some guild stories–just a few of the many, many we have stored away. Those were raid-oriented, but I KNOW you guys have stories!

Do you have a funny story about how you accidentally–or “accidentally on purpose”–wiped a raid? Or the tale of an epic battle against that ONE GUY in PvP who always got the best of you and how you cut him down (or didn’t)? Maybe you watched a friend pull a boss and get eaten alive (*cough* certain paladin raid leader and XT *cough*) or were moved by a stranger in game who somehow stood out from the crowd. Whatever it is, there’s a story you like to tell, and I’m asking you to tell me!

Your challenge is this: write me a story about something that happened to you (or something you witnessed) in the game(s) you play!

When you finish, link it here in the comments for me (pingbacks are fine) so I can check it out! All participants will be featured in a blog when I issue the new challenge at the beginning of July.

This story begins, “Once upon a time, there was a group of adventurers who set out on a dangerous journey…” Trust me, that’s putting it mildly.

(P.S. You can click on the picture to find out more about Challenge Accepted. I don’t get to participate much, but the night I did it was a blast!).

I look forward to your stories!


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5 responses to “June Challenge: Tell Me a Story

  1. Ivy4life

    *looks at the pic* why oh why did I make a priest?

  2. Ivy4life

    Forgot I have to have my blog as WoW only. So.. here’s my last D&D dungeon crawl.

    Off to the cave of what our group of players call, the cave of no return.
    Our name for every cave dungeon. lol

    So a large and….. naked troll is following us with a bag over its shoulder with two large balls inside. (player knowledge) During the night, he snuggles up to our wizard and promptly gets a fireball to the face with our ranger on watch screaming “Can I kill it?” It receives a arrow to the bum as it runs off. The day was uneventful but the next night….

    Dayna our druid is on watch as a large form blots out the moon for a moment. Using her nature sense the voice in her head screams dragon. She hears it in land near our camp, deep rumbles shaking the trees. Waking up the rest of us just as it comes into view we leap into action. Well the rogues ( all 4 of us) stealth into the shadows as the rest prepare to face it. The young green dragon is faster then most of us and hits, me, the wizard, my stealthed husband and our orc warrior with a cone attack of poison. Dayna steps up, healing our orc while the rest of us reach into our bags for the potions we just bought from town. Stealthing again I move to the side of the dragon who is now having a battle royal with our orc, dayna struggling to keep him alive. Every single time my husband attacks, he misses. How do you miss a damn dragon I scream out as I quickly slide myself under the dragons belly attempting to slash at it’s weak underside. My blades glance over its scales and I hear my husbands laugh echo in my ears. The dragons feet crash around me as it battles with our orc and I feel something squeeze around my foot. Suddenly I’m being whipped out from under the dragon, a foot narrowly missing me and I find myself next to Dayna with a rope in her hand.
    “I owe you druid.”
    Shaking her head she starts casting again, “Now is not the time.”
    Arrows are flying at the dragon as our ranger unleashes his rage at the dragon, our wizard raining fire from the sky, my husband… still missing his attacks.
    Finally weakened, the dragon starts to stumble knocking Dayna out of the way and pinning me with it’s large clawed foot. I see my life flash before my roguey eyes as it’s head starts to come down. Our orc takes a mighty swing making full contact against the dragons head as it falls over breathing heavily. I pull myself out of the grasp and walk over to the mighty creatures head cursing it as I plunge my daggers between it’s eyes, ending its life. A yell is heard behind us as we see our wizard being stuffed into a bag, in the hands of the troll.


    • battlechicken

      Dragons AND a AND a naked troll AND balls in a bag. May I just take a seat at your table for one night and observe? I have a feeling it would be extremely entertaining… 😀

      Thanks for participating in the challenge! ❤

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