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Why We WoW

After seeing Why Do You Do What You Do, I wanted to try the same concept for WoW. I posed the question: Why do you do what you do (in WoW)? These are the answers! If you would like to be featured in this gallery, please submit your picture to or through a DM on Twitter. From Folajin of <Ephemera> on Durotan:

“To meet new, interesting, and deranged people.”

From Storne of <Ephemera> on Durotan:

Storne's Forbidden Fruit

Two from Lucentia of <Ephemera> on Durotan:

“Because bubble has a use in raiding.”

“Because one kill justifies months of wipes.”

From Pamlol of <Ephemera> on Durotan:

From @_Angelya of Revive & Rejuvenate:

Angelya's Escape

From @Ultraking, my husband:


From @wowcynwise of Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual:

And three of my own:

Why resto is my offspec

Why I play WoW