Week 4 Challenge: Learning is Fun

We’re over halfway through the month, ladies and gentlemen! I am beyond impressed with the effort our NBI participants have put forth. New and sponsor blogs alike have lit up our corner of the blogosphere the past 3 weeks, and you should all be proud!

Week 3 Recap

I loved reading about your main character (or, for several of you, characters) this week. The responses ranged from storytelling to class breakdowns, and I enjoyed the different perspectives on whatΒ main actually means in our community. Also, several of you completed the bonus challenge and either joined Twitter or made some new friends there–nice job!

And please, if you haven’t already, check out these bloggers who participated!

  • Alts?! I have no alts! (Shards of Imagination) – A story of two characters: Goldheart the Dwarf and Rakuno the Ratonga, and how they came to be what they are.
  • What’s My Main Again? (Kemwer) – Kem tells us about one character who persists and reinvents himself between games; a reincarnation of sorts.
  • Wherein I Fangirl Over My Gnome (Image Heavy) – What’s better than a priest who absolutely loves healing? One who comes in puntabl–I mean, adorable gnome form!
  • I can haz main? (Flask Half Empty) – Ninevi and I had some kind of brain link–she had just written bios for all of her characters to put on her blog when I posted this challenge. Anyone else hear Twilight Zone music?
  • How Rav came into being (Ravalation) – Rav breaks down the ways in which her characters reflect her personality. I like it, because I see a lot of myself in my characters, too.
  • My main characters (Starshadow) – This is a full-circle tale of the evolution of Suzita’s characters. Translating a character name–that is pretty cool, guys.
  • See My Main @#$*& (Bloodthorne) – TJ tells us about Gaffa the Dwarf and his awesomeness–just don’t touch his beard.
  • The Silly and The Useful (Brazokie’s Blog Space) – Some characters you love for their functionality, but some characters you loveΒ just because. Brazokie introduces us to both!
  • What’s My Main Again? (The Daily Frostwolf) – Navi handed the blog post over to her druid, a scary proposition, to be sure, but she did a great job telling us her story!
  • Battlechicken’s Challenge (Musings of an Altoholic) – Lyrestra likes each of her characters for their classes and shows us what she likes about each.
  • How Killington Came to Be (WASD Way) – I’m a sucker for a good story, and this is good storytelling. Find out about how Killington became a fierce fighter (and why you shouldn’t play him in cards).
  • A Bit About My Mane–er, Main (Casually Vicious) – Fact: I love troll druid cat form. Fact: Cat durid is 4 fite, and Solajin likes being a cat. And a bear. And a bearcat. And a catbear. I am so confused.

Week 4 Challenge: Learning is Fun

learning is fun poster

If you haven’t already, you’re going to write a post one day that requires you to look something up. Halfway through a post, you’ll realize you don’t actually remember what that ability is called or when the game you love was launched.

You’ll go scouting around Google for info, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find tangents that keep you tied up in Search Engine Land for an hour. I learn a lot of things that way.

No one knows every fact about everything, but we usually know a few facts about something. This week’s challenge is to test your research muscle. Pick a topic related to your game (or games, or MMOs in general, etc) and tell us about it. Maybe it’s something you’ve been interested in, but haven’t found a reason to explore. Maybe it’s that class that always looked cool to you or a game you’ve been meaning to try.

Maybe you just want to know what all the fuss is about–why is everyone so crazy about this game/blog/idea/class/mechanic/achievement, anyway?!

Whatever topic or form it takes, this is your challenge: find something you only know a little bit about, learn something new, and tell us what you learned.

If I were doing it, I’d tell you about WoW warriors. They have muscles and swords and they can jump. I’d have to learn more than that.

Three of our guild warriors (with muscles & weapons): Aadrelore, Jonnz, & Frenzie

Learning is fun! What will you learn?


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27 responses to “Week 4 Challenge: Learning is Fun

  1. Wow, so many participants for last week’s challenge! πŸ˜€

    This week’s looks very interesting — looking forward to working on it soon!

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, when I was writing it I didn’t actually count how many there were, so I was pretty surprised at the scope of the list!

      Can’t wait to see what you write about! πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks for the compliments on my story! It really means a lot to me:)

  3. JD Kenada

    Didn’t sign up for NBI, and really should have in the first place. But, I think I will indulge in this little challenge as it fits in with something that’s landed on my plate just the same.

  4. I’m late to participating in the NBI challenges, but this was such a great topic that I wanted to contribute:


    It’s more of post on how I learn about a given topic in game, but I thought that could be useful too.

    • battlechicken

      I thought it might end up being a little tough–trying to adequately give information on something you don’t full understand is tricky. You did well, though! πŸ˜€

  5. This was a lot of fun. I do appreciate you putting these challenges together and am inspired with some idea’s of my own for the upcoming months. Here is my entry into this week’s challenge.

  6. battlechicken

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! This series is all about inspiration, so if it’s done that, I’m very happy. πŸ™‚

  7. Heya Ambermist,

    I forgot to send along the links I completed. Bah, so much work IRL. I’m still a little bit behind since I didn’t find out about the NBI until after the second week. I’ll make sure I go back and do the first one as well πŸ™‚

    Now I just have to find something I don’t know for this weeks challenge!

    Thanks again for everything!


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  9. So much to learn, so little time…thats what weekends are for, that and Diablo 3!

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  13. So I did it, I researched and finally commited bytes to hard drive on a topic I have felt strongly about for a while.
    please take a look and leave feedback… No Parody this time though… Sorry.

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