Week 3 Challenge: What’s My Main Again?

Week 2 Recap

Last week, I posed the question “Why do you do what you do?” There were a bunch of responses, all with slightly different reasons for choosing activities or games. I’m listing them below; go ahead and check them out!

And, of course, it’s never too late–if you want to do either of the previous two challenges, go for it and link me your post in the comments!

  • Why Do I Do What I Do Bee Do (Bloodthorne) – TJEdgar explains why he blogs and demonstrates how everything is better when it’s set to music.
  • Battlechicken’s Challenge (MMO Compendium) – Sometimes, each character we roll has a different purpose and personality–this post includes a whole collection!
  • Week 2 Challenge (Flask Half Empty) -Ninevi reminds us that our reasons for playing the games we play are not one-dimensional.
  • Week 2 Challenge (StarShadow) – I love bows–the shooting kind, not the hair kind. Great screenshot mash-up here of the thrill of adventure.
  • NBI: Why Do I Do What I Do (Brazokie’s Blog Space) – From the process of creating a character to blogging about them, Brazokie shares the why behind the what.
  • Why Do You Do What You Do (Shards of Imagination) – This is a look at the uniqueness of MMO gaming as a hobby, from exploration to community!
  • Why I Stealth (Casually Vicious) – Why be a ninja? Why not?!
  • Why I WoW (Image Heavy) – Sometimes it’s the little things that make the game worth playing. A simple “hi” is sometimes just enough!
  • Why Do You Do What You Do: Guild Leadership (Neri Approves) – Guild Masters take on massive responsibilities–why? This is a GM’s perspective on taking on the job.

Week 3 Challenge

Most of us invest a lot of time in one (or two, or three…) characters in the games we play. For me, this is Ambermist, my druid moonkin. She is the reason this blog exists at all.

I’m sure it sounds strange to anyone who hasn’t experienced it first hand, but she has a personality and a story. I’ve “known” her for 6 years. She is, in some ways, my alter ego.

Your challenge this week is to tell me about your main (or the small handful of characters you feel most attached to). This might be their backstory as you’ve imagined it, or how you imagine their personalities. It could be how they relate to you–are they your flamboyant side, or do you channel your thoughtfulness through them?

Maybe explain why you chose them or why you keep coming back to them. What would they say if I asked them to tell me about themselves?

Whatever form or idea that takes for you, the challenge is this: Tell me about your main character(s).

Bonus ChallengeTomorrow I’ll finally be writing some of my thoughts about blogging (I know, I’m a terrible slacker). One of my biggest cornerstones is  community. The gaming blogosphere is huge and very community driven.

One of the vehicles through which this community communicates (say that three times fast) is Twitter. It’s not for everyone, but if you can plug into it, it will help you connect in ways you might not have realized. Your bonus challenge is this: if you don’t have a Twitter account, make one! If you do have one, find 3 new people to follow this week. If you haven’t already followed me, you can count me as one of your three. You’ll find me here: @battlechicken.

I can’t wait to read about your main characters! Remember to give me a link in the comments so I can include you in next week’s post!

P.S. I am so sorry for the cheesy title, but I just could not resist. 


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31 responses to “Week 3 Challenge: What’s My Main Again?

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  2. I was afraid this week’s challenge would be harder considering last one but it was much easier! (Not complaining!)

    Anyway, here is my rambling about my two “mains”:


    • battlechicken

      Hehe, I’m glad you found it a good one! I feel very attached to my main(s); it’s why I’m not known as a class changer.

  3. Oh man, you must have read my mind or something! I’ve been working on a “My Characters” page for my blog…it’ll go well with this week’s challenge! 😀

  4. Damn, the last week went through too fast, when I thought about writing something for challenge #2 it was over. I think I’ll try it later, but I wanted to give this one’s a try, it looked like something I could talk about more naturally.

    Thanks for creating these challenges, it’s a great idea. Here’s my entry about my main character / my gaming identity:

    • battlechicken

      I think when we’re attached to our characters, talking about them does come naturally–almost as easy as talking about ourselves. Not a coincidence! 🙂

  5. clumsygrrrl

    I have this THING for gnomes … but one gnome in particular just does it for me.

    http://imageheavy.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/wherein-i-fangirl-over-my-gnome/ 🙂

    • battlechicken

      I was JUST saying to my guild tonight that it seems like when someone plays a gnome main, they roll lots of gnomes.

      I also asked what caused that, and one of our warlocks said “a disease.” 😛 I have to admit, I adore my little gnome rogue, just don’t tell anyone.

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  7. Remember how I wrote that I’d love to try last week’s challenge? I didn’t have time to fit it in with all the stuff I wanted to write (bad Rav!), but I made up for it by writing about this week’s challenge instead:


    I much enjoyed having a reason to have that off my chest, so thanks for giving me the perfect excuse! I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge already. 🙂

    • battlechicken

      Yay! I’m glad you got to do this one! Giving people a reason to talk about their characters is giving permission to talk about themselves, and I think that’s really cathartic!

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  9. tjedgar

    Finally got round to writing my challenge post – http://www.bloodthorne.com/2012/05/18/see-my-main/ and is becoming a tradition I threw in another Song ! !

    • battlechicken

      Allll riiiight. I really am digging the challenge theme songs! lol.

      • tjedgar

        I seriously have to write some new ones, inspiration will hit me, as a matter of fact I have an idea for some AC/DC just have to see if I can turn that into an actual Parody

  10. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to join in… the idea was fun! All your weekly challenges have been fun! I will address them all eventually!

  11. Hi! I’m late to the party but I wanted to participate this week. It’s been a lot of fun!

    Here is my post for the week 2 :
    and for the week 3 :

    Thanks! =)

  12. I recently rerolled Killington as a different class in Tera and I am working on a new story for the new version, but I wanted to share the story of the original Tera Killington. 🙂

    How Killington came to be: http://wasdway.com/how-killington-came-to-be/

  13. Here’s my entry:

    …you were talking shapeshifting hairstyles, right? 🙂

    • battlechicken

      If I were feral, I would absolutely do an entire post on nothing but how awesome the Chameleon glyph is in MoP. I mean–it’s like MAGIC for your HAIR. 😛

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