5 Things to Do in Patch 3.3

the five

While I still plan on posting my ToGC Faction Champs strat, we’re all still high from Patch 3.3, so let’s take this week’s Five from Fall of the Lich King.

Before we start the list, though (psyche!), let’s link the Patch 3.3 cinematic in case you haven’t seen it:

Now, the list:

1.  Try the Random Dungeon.  Go ahead, roll the dice.  It’s fun!  So far, I haven’t had too  much bad luck doing the random heroic.  In fact, I’ve found some pretty decent people along the way, some of them from other realms.  I find it kind of exciting.  I haven’t tried it on my low-level toons yet, but several people have said they’ve been running Ragefire Chasm, Deadmines, and the Stockade on their low-level toons and loving it, even to the point of leveling through the Dungeon Finder tool.

2.  Do the Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection Quests.  These instances became fast favorites.  They’re quick, relatively easy with a good group, and extremely story-rich.  Halls of Reflections especially was a big one for me, as I had the privilege to go in there with a group who didn’t ruin the storyline for me.  If you want pretty nice epic loots (got an awesome sword for my mage in H FoS) and a great story leading into Icecrown Citadel, you have to try this.

Halls of Reflection opening event

3.  Using the LFG channel instead of Trade.  The way the Looking For Group chat channel used to work made it reasonable to post your group recruitment messages in both LFG and Trade.  LFG only extended to people already in the Looking For Group system, but there were plenty of times that some priest at the auction house in Ironforge would see the call go out for a healer for Heroic Violet Hold and decide to come.  Contrary to Durotan’s infamous Dollarsign, neglecting to recruit in Trade meant possibly missing out on spur-of-the-moment invites.

Now, thank goodness, the LFG channel works just like the Trade channel.  It’s in every city all the time, making it completely unnecessary (and in fact, a little too redundant) to spam in Trade.  Use the new LFG channel and put people like Dollarsign out of business.

4.  Get a reputation.  WotLK reputation has never been easier to acquire.  Not only can you still do dailies and turn-ins, you can also buy commendation badges with Emblems of Triumph and they’ve increased the rep you get from all sources.  Don’t have a toon exalted with Sons of Hodir yet?  Now’s the time.  Also, once you have 1 toon exalted with a faction that sells enchants (such as Kirin Tor’s head enchant or one of the Sons of Hodir exalted shoulder enchants), you can now buy those enchants for your other toons, as they have gone from Bind on Pickup to Bind on Account.

5.  Kill Lord Marrowgar.  We did this on 25-man in 2 shots.  On our 10-man group, it took 4 to get everyone paying attention.  Either way, this is totally doable.  Get some guildies together, form a 10-man, and go bring down the first boss in Icecrown.  Heck, while you’re at it, take a few shots at Lady Deathwhisper, too.  You might get a lot further than you think, and Ashen Verdict rep is FTW.

let's go kill Marrowgar!

Hope you guys are enjoying the patch!

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6 responses to “5 Things to Do in Patch 3.3

  1. It’s all really exciting, isn’t it? Good list!


  2. Capo

    That is a JOKE!

    its alliance raids, thats not fair

    we all know the horde will be the only ones who can bring lich king down;)

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, whatever you say, Capo! I’ve been working out my alliance moonkin muscles, and you may only see feathers, but there’s a strong beast under there bristling with natural and arcane powers.

      And beautifully manicured claws, to boot. 😛

  3. Capo


    Im grade A Kobe Tauren

    Its kinda nice, i get fed by hand and they give me beer too!

    and dont get me started about the massages, ooooo

    Im very marbled

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