July Challenge: There’s Something About You

Last month, I challenged you guys to tell me a story about something that has happened to you in game. We all have those stories that we like telling, and here are a few. Pull up your story rug…

Ivy4Life told us about a D&D experience that started with “a large and….. naked troll is following us with a bag over its shoulder with two large balls inside” and left us hanging on “our wizard being stuffed into a bag, in the hands of the troll.” I have a feeling there are a lot more stories lurking here.

Suzita shared an epic EQ2 moment when a group of friends found themselves stuck–stuck at a door. There was nothing to do but laugh–and kick some butt. Thankfully, they got to do both!

Ninevi related an experience that hits a little close to home! I have a habit of getting stuck in terrainand Ninevi tells the story of her and her gnome rogue buddy (gnome rogues ftw, I might add) and their precarious–and hilarious–experience of being stuck on a boat near a group of Horde in Tanaris.

Thank you for telling us your stories!

Ambermist & Ultraking 4 lyfe

Ambermist & hubby Ultraking IRL

Now, for the July challenge:

A lot of us blogger types hang out on Twitter and other networks. Bloggers are obviously the communicating type, and that lends itself well to a community and envrionment like ours.

The thing is, many of us end up becoming friends, or at least friends of a sort. We share our personal lives sometimes: triumphs and defeats, announcements, struggles, fits of rage and moments of glory. I’ve done it. I’ve shared personal information here on this blog, I post some of my personal blogs to Twitter, and I talk way more than I should about myself (I’m sorry!).

It’s nice to sometimes get a glimpse into the writer behind the blog, the person behind the character. So here’s your challenge: give me a detail about  yourself. Obviously, not everyone’s comfortable being super personal online or on a gaming-related blog, so the way you go with this is completely at your discretion.

You can tell me something about your gaming personality or about your favorite color. You can tell me how you got started playing the game you love to play. You can tell me how gaming affects your life (“just put my dad on follow, he knows the way to the restaurant.” True story. /facepalm)

Or you can get personal, if you want. Tell me about something you fear, something you treasure, something you’ve learned. Tell me about why you write. Tell me about why you play.

Tell me about you, because from what I can see, you’re pretty cool. 🙂

cool lolcat

Yes, yes you are.


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30 responses to “July Challenge: There’s Something About You

  1. Cassaberee

    No blog, but how i got started was back in 1994, shortly after i got to my first unit in the Marines some guys from my platoon asked me if i wanted to play D&D one weekend. I din’t know anything about the game, but fell in love with it right away.

    I played most every weekend i was able afterwards. One time i was at sea on the USS Pensacola in the Med., i didn’t bring my stuff to play cause i simply didn’t think of it. Found some others on board who played, but we didn’t have all the books. My parents sent me a DM guide, but unbenouced to them (and me/us) 3rd edition came out. So then i sent a check to Wizards for a 3rd edition players handbook, they kindly sent me a book and some dice.

    After i got out i didn’t have a group to play with for a couple years, then a change of jobs and a new group that played once a week for 4 years. They would change the day to accomodate my afterwork college schedule. Then i moved away and haven’t been able to play D&D since. 😦

    Then i found WoW, which was awesome cause i could play when i wanted/was able. I was just planning the 10 day trial while i was off from work. I still play that same toon as my main (currently) back with my origanl guild. I have made some RL friends in WoW, but don’t play alot lately due to grad school. But come the end of the year that may come to a total halt as my wife and I welcome our first child into the world.

    • battlechicken

      It’s pretty interesting the ways we find ourselves gaming in general or in WoW in particular. For me, I was always a gamer, but I never had the means. My parents didn’t buy video games, so I played my NES until I wore it out, then SNES, but they’d only get me Mario and puzzle games.

      When I met my husband, he was a gamer, and suddenly I had access to everything. I started playing through his Xbox games, and then one night, he introduced me to WoW. The man had created a monster. 😛

      I took several months off from raiding when my son was born, so I completely understand–priorities first! Also, CONGRATS! 😀

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  5. Because every ratonga has a person behind them. Or was it the other way around?


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  7. Funnily, I recently wrote a little Fairy Tale that fits this topic. The tale of Anka and Aidan, or How WoW has changed my life:

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  12. I absolutely loved your personal post and decided to write a response because of it. I’m glad you were able to share part of your personal story with us, and I hope that the game continues to be fun for you!
    Here is my response:

  13. I left mine till late, because I wasn’t sure if I should share it as it can be a bit of a tear jerker. The posts that have come out of your challenge have been amazing, Ambermist.

    • battlechicken

      They have, I’ve been so awed by everyone’s responses–I couldn’t have asked for better than what I’ve gotten. Thank you for posting!

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