Do You Remember the Time…?

If you’ve been in a guild for any amount of time, you have stories. You know the ones I mean: they become guild jokes, nicknames, and when you need encouraging between wipes, they come up during AFK’s. I adore story time.

I’m not going to tell every story, especially not the ones that are still in circulation–some things are meant to be just ours, after all–but I wanted to recount a couple of stories from our raiding history. More importantly, I want to know YOUR stories.

Pull up a seat on my story rug; here are two of ours:

The Ember of Azzinoth is Not a Good Raider

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Go back in time with me to Black Temple. Illidan dropped some nifty weapons, but the focus was all on the legendaries, as usual. Take your eyes off the shiny glaives for a minute and take a look at the Shard of Azzinoth.

It’s a dagger, green and smoky and glowy and rogue-y. Here’s the text from the weapon: “Chance on hit: Calls forth an Ember of Azzinoth to protect you in battle for a short period of time.”

This dagger ended up in the hands of one of our notorious rogues. We won’t discuss why he was notorious. At any rate, he equipped his shiny new dagger and proudly carried it into our next raid. We ooh’d and ahh’d a bit over the Ember, but otherwise we didn’t think about it much…

Right up until we headed to Reliquary of Souls. For those of you who didn’t experience the walk to RoS, a brief explanation:  it was a gauntlet down a long hallway full of ghosts. You’d run as a tight group, AoE the ones you pulled, run again, and AoE again. And you would never, ever, ever attack the mobs before the tank called for AoE. Good raiders don’t attack before they’re told to.

The Ember of Azzinoth is NOT a good raider. Halfway through the gauntlet, the Ember spawned. Pets that were not strictly player-controlled were still kind of idiotic then, and a randomly spawned pet? Even worse. He took his big, glowy butt right into the middle of the ghosts and killed us all.

Do not invite this guy to your raid, or do so at your own peril.


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No one likes long run backs. Mass rez is SO BEAUTIFUL. /tear. I didn’t get to experience the Molten Core run back when it was content, but I’ve heard it was brutal. I did get to do Serpentshrine Cavern, because nothing’s more fun than swimming through a narrow tunnel when you’re a wisp. Really, try it.

One night while we were working on Kalecgos in Sunwell Plateau, we were doing a run back…again. We’d even pulled and reset to get some more people rezzed. We were recovering, a bunch of us seated outside of his circle, eating and drinking our way back to full health. A few people were still running back.

I think a lot of us have employed auto run for these moments. Sit back, let your character do the work while you eat a sandwich, it makes perfect sense–until you drop a tomato on your lap. Or your dog tries to take a bite from it. Or your wife complains that you didn’t make HER a sandwich. Whatever the reason, you look away.

One of those running back that particular night was a priest. I always watched for people coming into my range so that I could buff as soon as everyone was there (I actually remembered to buff when I was a healer…). I saw the priest light up on my Grid. Then I saw him gallop past me.

Then I watched him run right smack up to Kalecgos’s face.

The random yelling on vent and everyone scrambling was worth it.

What About You?

Like I said, I love story time. I KNOW there are other stories out there. I know as you were reading this you were instantly reminded of some moments of your own.

Tell me a story!


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10 responses to “Do You Remember the Time…?

  1. Oh so many stories, too many to tell. There was that time in ICC, where out mage AFK’d and none of us managed to notice till Defile Phase….yeah…

    • battlechicken

      OH, AFK stories are the BEST. I think they all end with “Hey, who’s standing in the bad?!”

      Had a healer go AFK in the middle of Illidari Council one time. Bet you can guess how that went.

  2. Victoriafr

    Great post! I like how you kept the stories right on and short, makes it easier to follow. I don’t care too much for PvE, and therefore I have no PvE-stories to tell. I do, however, have few memories of a bunch of RBGs that went extremely well, aaaand the ones that didn’t go that well. I’m not sure posting one in the comment section is the best way to do it, considering it’ll be a long ass comment 😛

    I love the idea of story-time, and I think I’m going to borrow the idea and run a weekly story on my blog or something 🙂

    • battlechicken

      Ooh, please do! And post a link for me so I can read it!

      • Victoriafr

        Will do! Probably going to take a few day though, I have a few things to attend in real life, so I need to down prioritize my use of internet 😦 Sad panda.

  3. battlechicken

    Hehe, priorities. I COMPLETELY understand. 🙂

  4. The corpse run to Molten Core….. we had four Nightelf Priests in our guild during the MC days of which I was one (bearing in mind at this point Druids didn’t have an out of combat res) and the four of us because of our racial were expected to run and res everyone else starting with the paladins (despite about a quarter of the guild being Nightelves, although the Hunters usually managed to survive like the cockroaches they were!).

    On the subject of hunters, there was a bug during the BWL period where if you were autoshotting the boss when you died and on ress you still had him/her targeted, a shot would pop off as you came back to life. This caused many “amusing” wipes on Vael in particular.

    Perhaps the funniest was a trial DK who thought on his very first raid with the guild that turning on path of frost as we dropped into face heroic Anub’arak would be a good idea. Out of the 25 people in the raid, he killed all but the two priests (me and a shadowpriest who levitated as habit) and one of the more awake mages. Needless to say, he didn’t pass his trial.

    • battlechicken

      Hehe, I’m pretty sure the first time we went to ToC someone killed us that way. I don’t remember whether or not it was intentional. lol. There was definitely grumbling, though. Lots of it.

      We have accidental boss pulls at least two or three times per content patch. Hunter pets, the other day it was a shadowfiend, and I even moonfired Ultraxion a bit early a few weeks ago. Just a bit…

      Mages and hunters were our cockroaches in BC. One of our hunters was an engineer with jumper cables, at least. It worked some of the time. 😛

  5. Ravanel

    Loved to read these stories. They’re very recognizable, even though I don’t even play WoW myself. Perhaps you inspired to write yet another post, thanks!

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