SWTOR & My Unexplained Ban: A Cautionary Tale

I have checked and double checked these emails for privacy warnings, and I don’t see them. Unless they contact me and ask me to take this post down, it will stand. I have removed my name, my account name, and the SWTOR customer service identifying username, otherwise, the emails appear exactly as presented.

Update (again)The Resolution

Update: SWTOR & My Unexplained Ban: Part 2

Update, Sunday, June 17th, 7:04 P.MI don’t think I even need to comment on this. I’m pretty sure it speaks for itself.  (But of course I’m going to anyway). If you’ve read this post in its entirety already, you know what the emails I sent requested. You might know that I requested the same things through Twitter, and those of you I’ve spoken with agree that the pivotal thing they’re not answering is the only question I really care about anymore: what is the name of the third party program used? And honestly, a follow-up, what was it used for? This is the email I got today:

Dear […],

Account Name: […]
Email address: druidambermist@gmail.com

Thank you for contacting us regarding your complaint (ticket number […]).
We have carried out a subsequent review and investigation into your complaint and in particular the actions taken on your account. We can confirm that your case was acted on correctly, in full compliance with our policies and procedures.

Please note that we do not provide any details regarding our internal procedures.

We will not be pursuing this issue any further, and as such we consider this matter closed.

Yours sincerely,

Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Terms of Service

Either they are a) entirely missing the point everyone else seems to get, or b) still shooting out automated responses. In either case, it’s not good. No tiptoeing around it anymore: it’s incompetence at best, and I have to assume in either case they don’t care about my status as a customer.

The good news is, if they don’t care about me as a customer, that will make my decision to cancel my account that much easier. My $15 monthly might not matter to them, but if this is the type of customer service they’re providing to everyone (and I doubt I’m a special snowflake), they’ll lose other people’s $15, too, and future business.

Oh well. I liked it while it lasted.

Update, 2:20 p.m. ESTEarlier this morning, some people on Twitter and some commenters here suggested I check for hacking. At around 10 or 11, I ran a full Malwarebytes scan (gah, forgot how long that takes!), and came up infection free. There’s still a possibility, but unfortunately, it’s something SWTOR will have to check through the IP that was used at the time of the infraction. I only ever log on to the game from my computer or my husband’s, so if it’s an IP different from one of those two, it should be plainly obvious. It seems unlikely, as well, since my password and account information hasn’t changed. I would expect a good hacker to change the password immediately.

I also received a Direct Message on Twitter from @SWTOR, and from what I can understand, my ticket has been escalated and they’re looking into it. It might take a little while since it’s the weekend, but I have patience. I never minded a wait as long as the responses I get are fair and reasonable, which, until I was contacted through Twitter, certainly hasn’t been the case in my opinion.

Update, 9:30 a.m. EST: I called SWTOR Customer Support. The first time I called, I went with the option that included “violation reports,” but that didn’t take my anywhere useful. In fact, when my issue wasn’t mentioned in the sub-menu, I chose “all other queries,” where a recording told me to submit an in-game ticket and hung up on me.

The second call I put in to billing, and I did actually get to speak to a rep. I explained the situation, and he told me that I had done the right thing by emailing. He then informed me that there is nothing he can do for me except send a notice to the appropriate department that I called. I asked him if there was a number I could call to speak to that department directly. According to him, the only way to contact that department is by email.

I will wait for a response to my email. If it doesn’t contain the reason I was banned (and preferably an apology), I will be canceling my account today.


This is a World of Warcraft blog, although I have certainly dabbled in MMOs, especially lately with the Newbie Blogger Initiative. One of the games that I personally play outside of WoW is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Up until the past couple of days, it has been an enjoyable experience. I got into a guild that welcomed me and my husband and employed our sniper and bounty-hunter services to great ends, or at least to defeating several bosses.

I PvPed, and though I was slow progressing, I was getting very close to Battlemaster. I crafted, I cajoled, I server transferred with my guild. I was especially looking forward to playing after my server transfer, because suddenly I had a lot of friends all on the same server.

I became an officer in my guild. I managed the guild website, took screenshots and videos of our progress, and was, as far as I can tell, reasonably well-known in my guild. Believe me when I say this came as much of a shock to them as it did to me.

Yesterday, I attempted to log into SWTOR when I had a moment of peace in what had been a busy day. I was told my access had been denied, and to read the email that was sent to me. This is that email:

Dear […],

We are contacting you to notify you that we have found your Star Wars: The Old Republic account, […] , to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

After completing an investigation of your Account, we have identified the following violation:

Violation: Use of an unauthorised Third Party program

Due to the severity of the violation, we are suspending your account for 1 week (168 hours) effective immediately.

Our penalty system is cumulative. This means that if you continue to violate our Terms of Service in this way, the next penalty applied may ultimately result in permanent account closure.

It is our goal to make the Star Wars: The Old Republic experience as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible for all of our players. As such, we take any violations of our Terms of Service very seriously.

Please ensure that you are familiar with our Terms of Service as repeated violations may result in your account being permanently closed. Our Terms of Service can be found here:


Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you feel you have received this suspension in error, please contact us at swtoraccountdisputes@bioware.com.

Yours sincerely,


Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Terms of Service

I have never in my life been banned from any game or website. I’ve never even been accused of anything. I’ve never received a warning or even a questioning glance in my direction. My behavior has always been above reproach to the best of my knowledge and ability.

As you can probably imagine, this email made me extremely upset. The fact that they didn’t identify the third party source meant I couldn’t even figure out if it was something I had knowingly done without realizing it was against the ToS. So I responded to the email they provided for the appeal.

Dear BioWare Customer Service,

I received an email today notifying me that my account (under the username “[…]”), has been banned for being in violation of the Terms of Service for use of an unauthorized Third Party program. I would like to be immediately notified of what this supposed third party program is.

The only program I have ever used in tandem with SWTOR is Bandicam in order to capture videos of my guild’s progress. If that’s in violation of the Terms of Service, I think you’re doing yourselves a disservice, and I will most certainly be canceling both mine and my husband’s account if this is the case.

The only other thing I could possibly think that I have used recently is LastPass, which is a well-known, highly-regarded password security service for websites (and websites only). I use it on every website into which I sign in in order to a) remember my passwords, and b) keep them secure. If you REALLY have a problem with me using a security program for this purpose, then I will remove the SWTOR account website as part of its programming, but I will do so with great dissatisfaction.

If either of these is actually a violation of the Terms of Service, please let me know. If not, I’d like to be informed of my violation specifically, since I have no idea to what it could be referring.

Let me assure you that the next email you send to me will be very important in my decision to continue playing–and thus paying for–SWTOR. I appreciate your prompt reply.

Thank you,


I waited for a response, sure that they would at least tell me where they thought I had acted incorrectly. Since I haven’t knowingly done so, I expected them to come back apologizing for their error or at least telling me what I had done so I could decide if it was something they had gotten wrong or something I had unwittingly done (as in the case of Bandicam or LastPass).

Instead, this is the email I received:

Dear […]

Account Name […]
Email address: druidambermist@gmail.com

Thanks for contacting us regarding the strike that has been applied to your account.

We have now completed our investigation into your complaint. After reviewing your case, we can confirm that it was acted on correctly, in full compliance with our policies and procedures. As such, we will not be pursuing this issue any further.

We can confirm that your character was observed working outside of its intended capabilities. For security reasons, however, we are unable to provide any information about methods used to identify the use of unauthorized 3rd party software.

Thank you for your diligence in bringing this matter to our attention. As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us.

Yours sincerely,

Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ Terms of Service

My shock, hurt, and disappointment at this is far beyond what I have the capability to express right now, but know that it is great. To accuse someone of something without giving them any details of the charge is unfair, at best.

This is my response to the above email:

Dear A–,

I am sorry, but that is completely unacceptable. I have not intentionally or knowledgeably used any software with this game, and certainly not maliciously or with the intent to cheat. Anyone who knows me in game or out could verify that. Not at least providing me with what my supposed infraction is unquestionably unfair. How can I appeal that which I don’t even know?

At this point, I have to wonder if you even read the email I sent, or just marked it as an appeal and answered it accordingly. I have been a consistently reliable customer, and as such, I believe I have the right to know the details behind my ban, and “security reasons” does not seem like a valid excuse for keeping a loyal, well-behaved, paying customer in the dark. I do not feel like a “valued customer” today.

Telling me your investigation was completed gives me no insight into what actually happened, and I have no knowledge of what third party program you are referencing. I’ve never actually been banned from anything and have a spotless record across the board, so to say I’m angry, hurt, and disappointed is an understatement.

I will be discussing this with my husband today, and this will likely be the end of our time with SWTOR.

I would say thank you, but I am feeling understandably ungracious at this time.



Beyond this, I don’t know what to say. I am floored. I will be discussing this with my husband when he gets up, and we will be deciding where to go from there. Without a doubt, there will be a phone call to customer service, at which point either our questions will be answered or we will probably cancel our accounts.

Good luck, out there. I’d say keep your noses clean, but even that’s not a guarantee that you’ll receive the service you pay for, apparently.


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52 responses to “SWTOR & My Unexplained Ban: A Cautionary Tale

  1. That sucks. From what I’ve read, I am assuming they don’t even know what happened, that it was some sort out automatic system that banned you and e-mailed you.

    Do try to give them a call and don’t let them rush you out of the phone. If you ever feel rushed and not answered properly, ask for a manager immediately.

    • battlechicken

      I’m hoping with both my husband and I there, we’ll have a better chance of getting our questions answered. If not, we’ll cancel our accounts while we still have them on the phone.

  2. Ahh SWTOR, how I dislike your customer service! My days were numbered after they took over 14 days to respond to a ticket and then could not tell me why my toons were not transferred to the new oceanics when I had requested it, that ticket took over a month to be responded to.

    Sorry, not going to wait that long for an automated response, in fact if memory serves me correct my first 14 day ticket was incorrectly responded to anyway.

    I feel your pain though, MMO players put a huge amount of time into their toons and guilds.

    Hugs on your decision 🙂

    • battlechicken

      I had one previous run-in with customer service, but it was extremely minor and over an item that had mysteriously disappeared. It was while I was leveling, though, so I didn’t give it much thought. Now I’m giving it more thought…

  3. How horrible! I’m sorry you are having to deal with this. 😦 I agree with going to the phone. More often than not, CS workers just skim emails without actually reading. *grumble* Best of luck!

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I feel like nothing I said was even read. I’m about to give them a call, and I’ll update with their response.

  4. Blaanid

    I am seeing more and more of these issues lately. I myself have never had to get a hold of a gaming customer service before playing SWTOR. And I have been playing MMO’s for almost a decade now. But it seems that when you either email them or call them on the phone, you are dealing with a complete idiot! Its always cookie cutter answers and the like.

    I think this is one of the big reasons why SWTOR is right now losing its players, they are not supporting people at all. Back in december I knew of a guildie that was perma banned just from using a “key” word that triggered one of the systems that looks for those credit sellers.

    If bioware doesn’t fix this soon, then this game is going to completely fail sadly.

    • battlechicken

      I had heard mentions here and there of faulty customer service, but no details. If this is what everyone has experienced, I’m not surprised to find people jumping ship. Granted, I think a lot of their losses are just from people who were initially excited and lost interest, but giving poor support to the people who HAVE stuck around is biting the hand that feeds you.

  5. Better Business Bureau time. Sad that it has to come to that. Did you do a sweep for trojans? Has your account been hacked? Can they prove the infraction happened when logged in from an IP provided from your ISP?

    • battlechicken

      I’m going to check for that shortly on my end. If the email response next time is a little more cooperative, then I’ll ask them to check the IP from their end. It should be apparent if so; I’ve only ever used two computers for this game, and they’re both in my own home.

    • Blaanid

      The BBB won’t be of any use. Bio and EA aren’t even members. What I would suggest that you do is contact billing again and demand your money back due to no access. If that doesn’t work you would then be able to go through your credit card company/bank and have them do a charge back. That would surely get bioware’s attention since they are now taking your money and denying you of service, something that is illegal in the us and many other countries (theft).

      • Shannara

        Exactly this. Bioware is commiting a crime. Do not forget to submit a case to your local Attorney’s office as they are taking your money and refuse to provide the service you paid for.

        So in order ..

        1. Reverse charge on your credit card.
        2. Start a case with the attorney general’s office
        3. File a police report in both your city and Bioware’s corporate office’s city. This is very important because a crime was committed and a police need to have this on file.

  6. Wow. There are so many things wrong with this incident…

    Yeah, it does seems like it is a case of bad coded automated banning system followed by canned CS responses. I am really sorry this happened to you and hope there may still be a happy ending to this. 😦

  7. How terrible!! I hope that they will get back to you and that you will keep nabbing them till they give you a much clearer answer. I also hope that you weren’t hacked or anything, but it’s unprofessional of them to not have notified you first of suspicious activity or even notification of a different IP accessing your account if it were such… 😦

    • battlechicken

      Agreed. All I really want is fair communication–actual communication, where they read what I write to them and respond in kind.

  8. Talar

    You might want to ask at what time this occurred at ensure you were in control of your account at that time. Maybe you were comprised.

  9. sard

    This post has gotten my own temper up, as it’s reminiscent of my own interactions with SWTOR Customer Service (not that I’ve been banned [yet], but just generic /bug incidents I’ve reported).

    My server’s dead, and still not open to transfers (Space Slug [PvE]), and my reroll last month on Fatman [PvP] has been intermittently enjoyable, and may actually stay.

    I continue to ponder if BW/EA has the moxy to compete in the MMO space long term, the first month had me sold, but it’s been on the downward spiral ever since.

    • battlechicken

      I had one previous little run in with their CS in response to an item that disappeared mysteriously. It took several tickets to get it answered. When it was, the item was replaced (though I had leveled past it by then), and came with a warning that since I had requested it be replaced, I wouldn’t be able to ask for help like that again for 6 months.

      But it was one of those things that was minor overall, and I didn’t expect miracles that soon after launch. This, on the other hand, is a much bigger deal for me, as I’m now paying for a service I’m not being able to use and being accused of something without being shown any evidence.

  10. Well this really makes me not want to play the game now. I order the game back when it was first coming out and played in that week before it’s release. I was suppose to get a free month but end up getting locked down to having to spend money to play my free month once the game’s release.

    As you may guess I decided it wasn’t worth it, being I had way too many frame rate issues and lag for no reason as I’m on a strong system that should have been able to handle it

    Anyways, to be honest with you, this is terrible but at the same time, it’s no wonder that I’ve seen a number of sites say that it’ll be going Free to Play soon. Which is too bad because I really wanted a star wars mmo that was great, but what we got was a half bake version, makes me with Blizzard would have done it, least then you know it would at least been a good game.

    The seer lack of communication with you is insulting. And yes those are just automatic messages, you can simply tell and you likely where banned by the system and no one working there even knows themselves.

    • battlechicken

      I think that’s the part that bothers me the most. I took the time to read their email, consider what might be the cause, and answer appropriately, and I feel completely ignored.

      I would have been much more understanding if I got a form letter that said, “We understand you have questions about your ban. It takes a while to complete a proper investigation, but we will get back to you with the details. If we find that we’ve banned you in error, we will give you comp time for the hours you lost.”

      I may have grumbled about that, but I couldn’t have argued that they were being fair–slow, perhaps, but fair. The unfairness of what is happening here riles me.

  11. Just want to echo what was said earlier, double check if you were hacked because my husband got sent a very similar email from Blizzard when he was hacked.

    If that’s not the case, well their customer service certainly raises a few eyebrows.

    Hope you sort it out.

    • battlechicken

      I’ve checked for erroneous things on my system through Malwarebytes and found nothing; if someone has hacked my account, SWTOR will have to check the IP my account was using at the time of the infraction on their end.

      I’d love to see everything work out beautifully from this mess, so cross your fingers!

  12. Well unless your case gets a positive result, either they tell you specifically what your did, or the restore your account and give you some sort of compensation for this shit, or they have definitely lost another customer here permanently.

    I was going to give SWToR another try come Christmas when I hope they will have something for me to look into but now, fuck them.

    • battlechicken

      I will keep you updated with any further correspondence I get, but this is the second time I’ve been told they won’t pursue it any further. Which is ironic in and of itself.

  13. I have to say that while I enjoyed my time on SWTOR, it really seemed like their support left a lot to be desired (especially after being used to the way things are on WoW). The boyfriend had an issue with a character whose quest got stuck when he was supposed to answer a holo-call. The character couldn’t use the holo-communicator, and the questline (which was, of course, his class questline) couldn’t progress because of it. We waited for nearly a week for CS to get back to us, and when they did all they said was that it would be fixed in the next patch. The next patch!!

    I really hope your issue gets resolved appropriately. I imagine it would be infuriating to stop playing a game you enjoy for such a ridiculous misunderstanding.

    • battlechicken

      I had a couple of smaller issues before this, but nothing that made me do a double take the way this has. Ironically, the last thing I remember doing in-game was my character getting stuck in a mailbox. I couldn’t move–couldn’t /stuck, couldn’t Quick Travel, couldn’t do anything! So I queued for warzones and hoped the next time I logged in, it would be fixed.

      It’s extremely frustrating, and it does feel a little ridiculous at this point.

  14. I wish I could respond with something more helpful than just support, but it’s all I’ve really got for you right now. What a terrible situation. I can only imagine how bad that must have hurt. You have my sympathies. 😦

    And, “As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us”? Bull. Freaking. Crap. Like they give two figs about what anyone playing their game thinks. If they did, they’d act like it, and I wouldn’t hear story after story of their terrible CS.

    • battlechicken

      I appreciate your support; it really bothers me. I’m not a rule breaker. Okay, MAYBE I put too much laundry detergent in the washer sometimes, and I’ve been known to sneak a snack into the movie theater in my youth, but overall, I think I do well enough.

      I’m hoping to get some actual, person-to-person correspondence, but I’m not counting on it.

  15. I’ve been following the updates of this article with increasing disgust. I think it’s terrible what happened to you. To me you seem their perfect customer: one with a heart for the game, even blogging about it, and someone active in the community, even being an officer in a guild. Sending such persons away for no reason is, apart from very wrongful and unfair, also incredibly stupid and hurts the general goodwill of their customers towards this game.

    This must be really horrible for you (I know I would be very angry and sad myself if this would happen to me), and it doesn’t look like there is going to be a good ending to this. I feel quite helpless here, but know that I (and probably many more than actually posted here) feel for you. The best of luck, and don’t let that stupid SWTOR customer support ruin your mood to much (they don’t deserve the honour, really)!

    • battlechicken

      It has been so frustrating and disappointing, but I’m keeping my head up. Thankfully, there are many other great things around me, and it is just a game, even if I really did enjoy it a lot.

      Thank you for the support, Rav, I appreciate it! 🙂

  16. What irks me as well is the refusal to tell you what you did wrong. The are failing two basic principals at the same time: First, they aren’t giving the customer what they want. Second, they’ll never train the customer for better behavior if they don’t give feedback, they just randomly slap them on the wrist for no apparent reason.

    • battlechicken

      That’s the part that boggles me. I’ve been warned not to do this again or I could face a permanent ban, but I still don’t know what THIS is. It doesn’t make much sense, really.

  17. I was thinking about this…
    “We can confirm that your case was acted on correctly, in full compliance with our policies and procedures.

    Please note that we do not provide any details regarding our internal procedures.”

    So you have to trust they found something but it is not policy to tell you what it was. So even if you do carry on with the game the chances are you will get flagged again and get the account perm banned regardless.

    About time the legislators had a look at ToS in online games in my opinion, In the UK you ‘could’ have a case for further investigation by an independent body. Although the provider have their own ToS they can be ruled as in breech of ‘local legislation’.

    • battlechicken

      Yes, I have to trust that they are right and I am wrong, and I have no way of determining for myself what happened. I don’t want to know HOW they decided I was using a third party program, I just want to know what I’m in trouble for. It’s a mess, and profoundly unfair to someone who legitimately doesn’t understand what’s going on.

  18. Pardoz

    The saddest thing about this whole story is how utterly not-shocking it is. Bioware has a pretty good track record of making good games, but my time in TOR, starting from the day I got my beta invite, indicated that they really don’t have a clue about providing a good *service*, and an MMO is both.

    Sorry to hear you got hit by the random banbot, but at least your case isn’t quite as absurd as this one: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=465256

    • That… that thread was insane. To have a CM come online to a thread, tell people that it was all a fake and the original poster was actioned against…

      And then to come back hours later, admit that it was in fact true, a Gm did act that way, they just assumed it was the players fault instead of doing it right the first time, and then lock the thread?

      And here SWTOR was still my “If I really need a break from WoW” backup. hell with that noise.

      I hope and pray that, whatever happens to your game time, you personally feel resolution about being blamed for something you have not knowingly done. What that is, is a direct attack on your honor, an accusation of cheating and unfair gameplay, and as such it wounds far deeper than just losing some time in a game; they left you knowing someone out there is calling you a cheater when they talk about you.

      I really hope they come to understand how deeply they wound their chances in the MMO market with action like this.


      • battlechicken

        I don’t have caps big enough for the HUGS I have for you right now.

        I was and am terribly hurt by this. I feel silly about it; it’s a game, no one cares, and everyone who knows me knows this is not something I would do. But just planting the idea in someone’s head that I would do this, that when they see my name, that’s what they think. It makes me feel like when I was a little kid and got blamed for something someone else had done. 😦

        Also, the end of that thread is ridiculous. “This was all a fake, all of the guild members are liars!” Oh, wait, no they aren’t. My bad, brahs.

        At least I know that they fail at open communication and answers for everyone, not just me. I wish that comforted me more, but it really just makes me feel bad for everyone else.

  19. Trimble

    Sorry this happened to you. Welcome back to wow. Tho I’m sure if you received the same mail from Blizz they would take the same action.

    Ps. Your not the first person that they banned incorrectly.

    • battlechicken

      The good thing about Blizzard, at least that as far as my experience in the last few years, is that they would have talked to me. I could have called or written an email that would have been personally answered. “Hey, this is what you were seen doing, and we banned you because that kind of thing is against the rules.” That would have been a starting point for a conversation where we might have gotten more info to figure out what was actually going on.

      I hate that other people have to go through this, too. It’s no fun.

  20. Paul

    You could make the following argument:

    (1) You know you did not have a bot on your machine.

    (2) You know you weren’t hacked.

    (3) Therefore, the only way you could have a bot is if your husband put one on his machine,

    (4) Therefore, Bioware is accusing your husband of lying to you

    Such interference in a marriage is quite likely legally actionable. At the very least, you could force Bioware to provide evidence to back up the damaging accusation they are implicitly making.

    I suggest talking to a lawyer.

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  24. Goldendawn

    After reading through this blog. I see the issues with them stating you were using a third paty software that violated their policy in some manner. I am in college and took this to one of my proffessors that also is a gamer and in the IT department. SOoooo. here are the possibilities that could have happened. even if you are not directly running any program and did a complete MAlware check goto nortons and run the online power eraser it is a free service from nortons. see what it finds. theree is a possibility you have ARP poisoning inside your system , then there is a possiblity of a mirroring attack that uses your IP and piggy backs on same layer and socket through a remote connection through your own system. WOW that can be confusing. Anyway my suggestion is to find a college near you. locate the internet security specialist and have them look over your computer (s) get a written documentation from them that there is nothing wrong. because that is what they are going to try and use to stop any legal proceeding you beggin. stating your inability to truely protect yourself and what possibilities would be on your part. by doing this your are litterly chopping one of their own defenses against what you could do against them . ANnnnywaaaay. Hope this helps ❤ Peace

    • battlechicken

      Thanks! It was resolved (there’s a post further on about it), and turned out to be a bug in their reporting system. It was picking up certain natural game code as something bot-related (which I won’t disclose because they asked me not to), and ended up affecting many, many players–I was just the most vocal. Thank you for checking into it for me, though; that’s awesome. 😀

  25. Luis A.Marquez jr

    like to reopen my swtor,ws on 2 mouth,got rob make my complate,i did not know i was band,been gone for a 1 year,trying to reopen my swtor accoutt ,that how i found out i was band,like to know you coud remove my band,and get back playing.thx

  26. Seth

    More or less this exact thing happened to me today. I got an e-mail indicating I was banned for “Intention to buy, sell, or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) an Account or game characters, items, credits or copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property owned or controlled by BioWare or our licensors without first obtaining our express written permission.”

    I found this pretty funny since I play SWTOR as a one-player RPG. I don’t really use the chat window, I don’t use the auction house, I don’t trade with other players, and I certainly don’t try to sell my piddly little account. I have written them but received no reply. I adore this game so I’m pretty heartbroken, but I’ve been wracking my brain and there’s literally nothing I’ve done that could in any way be construed as a violation of terms of service. Either someone reported me for no reason because they thought it was funny, my account was hacked, or BioWare just bans people at random. I’m starting to suspect the latter.

  27. DW

    What a sad story battlechicken. I am happy your case was eventually resolved. I have followed closely as it happened. I felt bad for you, I wondered how Bioware could do such a thing to such a loyal player. I wondered how the customer service department could miss so much. I figured they would get their act together…then apparently it is my turn in the barrel.

    I too have been permabannd for no particular reason. I have been a member since pre-launch including beta testing. I have many level 55 characters, was the guild leader of a top rank pve guild and play almost daily. I got the same BS cookie cutter emails. It makes no sense. I have no clue what I could have gotten flagged for. The only thing that I can even think of is transferring money from one toon on MY account to an alt toon on MY same account. I can’t imagine that would be illegal.

    Called customer support. As usual, they put the CUS back in customer support. They were polite, however worthless at solving any problem, or answering any question. Seems to me, they are being over paid to answer the phone and irritate people. Maybe they do serve some purpose, I just haven’t discovered it yet.

    I sent an email off to the disputes department on Friday. Evidently, they are closed on the weekend and over Christmas, so it is midday Thursday and no response yet. I fully expect to get the cookie cutter email..where they can’t help me. If I do, I will be closing my two other accounts that I pay for (my son and my brother). If anyone else leaves the game, or chooses not to join as a result all the better.

    In a world where there are hundreds of games to play, I will gladly choose one that wants me, and doesn’t make me feel like a criminal, cheat, and liar.

    They have one chance to keep me, and if they fail I will never buy another Bioware or EA game again for myself or my family. I feel like I shouldn’t be this mad over a stupid game, but I guess I am. Probably because i paid for 3 accounts for 2 years, plus bought the cartel market tokens..not to mention the countless hours I put into the game. All that just to be permabanned with no explanation, no customer service, and no means to get justice in a timely fashion.

    Thanks SWTOR team, you used to be one of my favorite games of all time…now you’re quickly becoming my worst experience and for zero fault of my own.

  28. Alexander Barbosa

    I received this also:

    Dear Customer,

    We are contacting you regarding your account for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    We wish to notify you that you have carried out a serious violation of our Terms of Service and upon a full investigation of your account we have determined that your character has carried out the following violation:

    Intention to buy, sell, or auction (or host or facilitate the ability to allow others to buy, sell or auction) an Account or game characters, items, credits or copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property owned or controlled by BioWare or our licensors without first obtaining our express written permission.

    Due to the nature of this violation of our Terms of Service we are left with no option other than to close your account. We are permanently closing your account with immediate effect.

    Please note that your account will no longer be billed and we have removed your credit card information.
    Should you wish to review our Terms of Service they can be found here


    If you feel you have received this ‘account closure’ notice in error, please contact us at swtoraccountdisputes@bioware.com.


    Star Wars ™: The Old Republic(tm) Terms of Service

    I believe swtor is closing accounts on purpose. I was with them for a year. All my toons, time spent, money spent. wasted. the hutt cartel I bought. useless software. mu collections all gone. no response to my inquiries. never did anything other then play the game.
    I will return to STO and Champions online. Also ages of conan. SWTOR is dead to me. and a heck of alot my friends and neighbors will also follow my lead. They too will quit playing playing. I am so angry i will file a complaint against them.

  29. Handles

    Is there any way for you to get yourself a lawyer and fight this in court… perhaps even as a class-action lawsuit?

    I am noticing a great many MMOs besides SWTOR pulling this stunt mainly on f2p players… and so far they are getting away with it unchallenged (legally speaking). I believe that legal action against MMOs to make them accountable to the players they wrongfully ban is long overdue.

    If you do start a class action lawsuit, consider me signed on.

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