The Real Challenge Is…

…Reading all these awesome blogs. My “To Read” list freaking exploded. I’m going to be weeks behind.

And you know what? I’m totally cool with that.

Week 5 Recap

Sponsor blogs had their marching orders from Syp: post ALL THE LINKS. But I issued a more narrow challenge to those who participated in my NBI Challenges: pick 3 blogs that caught your attention and tell me why you like them.

Get ready to do some reading, ladies and gents:

  • Meet Other Newcomers (Kemwer Game Blog) – Kem gives us a thoughtful look at three of the blogs that got his attention, and can’t help but add a few more. (This became a theme, by the way, and I’m not complaining!). Thank you for taking the time to do my challenges and to pay it forward, Kem!
  • Let Me Introduce You To… (Shards of Imagination) – I love the consideration Rakuno puts into his choices and descriptions, and the hats-off he gives to all of the participants. Thank you for being so involved in the challenges, Rakuno!
  • Share and Share Alike (Bloodthorne) – TJ offers not three, but four blogs for you to check out, with his reasons for each. Thank you for some seriously thoughtful posts (and some entertaining parodies) this month!
  • Sponsor This! (Argus or Bust) – I love that the intro to this post is about this sense of freedom Fivequarters gets from posting out of desire instead of out of expectation, not to mention some great blog suggestions! Thank you for taking part!
  • Nearing the End (Ravalation) – The image at the top of this post made me grin, and the blogs suggested within it are worth your time. Thank you, Rav!
  • That’s a Wrap & The Final Challenge (Flask Half Empty) – Sticking with a WoW theme, Ninevi introduces three bloggers that stood out to her during the NBI. I love that she included a header for each! Thank you so much for particpating, Ninevi!
  • Thank You, NBI! (Brazokie’s Blog Space) – Brazokie is grateful to the NBI and to her fellow bloggers–and I’m grateful to her for coming along this crazy journey with us! Thanks, Brazokie!
  • The End is Only The Beginning (The Frugal Gamer) – Award for most fitting blog post title: Skron. Also, some great recommendations for blogs you should check out. Thank you, Skron!
  • Newbie Blogger Link Love (The Daily Frostwolf) – First of all, if you play WoW, you need to check out the list of what different classes smell like. Yes, do it now, and then keep reading through a 2-part link love extravaganza. Thank you so much for blogging with us, Navi!
  • The Final Challenge (Image Heavy) – Someone hand me a tissue. This post is a rule-breaker, but a very thoughtful one. I am so grateful to have been a part of NBI, and it’s I who needs to thank you–and all of the bloggers who participated–for making my May completely awesome. Thank you!!!

Challenge Wrap-Up

you rock, you rule

May was a fun month, guys; and you were the ones who made it so. Thank you all!

Here are links to all of the challenge posts–please take a sec to glance through them at the great job everyone did!

Challenge 1: Build Your Own Boss – Imaginations were high with this one, and I loved it!

Challenge 2: Why You Do What You Do – Lots of thoughtful commentary and images about why we play the games we play.

Challenge 3: What’s My Main Again? – What do your characters mean to you? Some great thoughts.

Challenge 4: Learning is Fun – An adventure in research!

Challenge 5: The Final Challenge – A swarm of new bloggers, and some old ones, too!

Future Challenges

A few bloggers expressed interest in doing more challenges like this, so I’m looking at posting one a month. Stay tuned in the next week or so for a June challenge!



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10 responses to “The Real Challenge Is…

  1. *cheers* Thank you for all the challenges AmberMist! I will look forward to the montlhy ones now. I might not be able to do all of them but I will try my hardest to complete them as always. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the challenges, indeed! I loved doing them and I think it brought the NBI-community together in a way (if you can speak of such a thing and I’m not using Big Words too much). I’m always really curious what other people came up with when writing on the same subject (no different this week), so I think it would be great to continue these in the future!

    If you do one each month, I might actually be able to do them all from now on! xD

    • battlechicken

      Hehehe, awesome! I like reading what people think of for the topics, too, and I look forward to reading more! 😀

  3. Thank you for making these challenges, it really is interesting to tackle a subject and seeing different points of view. I’m really looking forward to the next ones.

    I think I specially liked this last challenge because my time for reading can be a little limited, so having other bloggers curate these lists brought a few awesome new blogs to my list. 🙂

    • battlechicken

      That is exactly what I was thinking. If I try to read all 100 blogs even casually, I’ll inevitably fail. I thought I’d have a short list to start with this way, and build from there!

  4. You were such an awesome sponsor I think many would agree that ambermist the battlechicken was an awesome mother hen!

    • battlechicken

      One day, a LONG, LONG time from now, when I’m a grandma, one of my kids is going to read this, and I will be “Grandma Hen.” For that, I’m extremely grateful. lol. 😀

  5. Thanks for all the challenges, and the link love. Looking forward to your monthly challenges as well.

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