A Letter to World of Warcraft Raiders

Dear Fellow Raiders,

It’s the end of the expansion. None of us have failed to realize that, I promise. Some are farming for Mists and leveling alts, others are taking a bit of a breather or playing different games–I get that. I’ve been victim to it too, lately. Besides, everyone needs a break now and then, and if you’ve been pouring time into Cataclysm non-stop since it came out, you’re probably due one.

Patrolling Blackwing Descent

However, can I make one simple request? Please tell your guild before you stop showing up to raids. Really, it’s a courtesy. The 9 or 24 other people who are showing up are counting on you to be there to fill the raid and kill bosses. They have things going on in their lives, too; sometimes rearranging schedules a little to fit everything in they want to do–including the raid.

No one’s asking you to be there for every raid (okay, some guilds probably do, but I’m guessing those guilds have already downed Heroic Deathwing and are doing raid testing in beta, and likely have hefty rules in place to deal with this anyway). What we do ask is for you to tell us when you’re not going to come.

Ultraking in retirement

You can explain if you want to. You can tell us the truth. I don’t care if you tell us that our GM smells like gym socks (sorry, Boom, it could happen). I don’t care if you tell us you’re sick of wiping or that you need a break from raiding. I don’t really care if you lie, either. If you don’t want to admit that you’re having a hemorrhoid problem, well; I don’t blame you. Tell us your computer melted down into a puddle of parts or that you broke your mouse hand in 28 and a half places.

Or just don’t give us an explanation. Just tell us you can’t make it and leave it at that. It allows the group to make plans without having to wait around for 30 minutes to see if you happen to show up.

Post on the forums. Whisper an officer. Send an in-game mail. Send a text. Post on Facebook. Write it on a wall in purple crayon, take a picture, and email it. Just tell us, please.



P.S. Dear CCT: We are right on the edge of having cleared all heroic content in an instance before something new comes out. I know wiping on Spine sucks. I know there are newer, shinier games out there. But we are so close. Hang in just a little longer. Won’t it be nice when Heroic Deathwing dies? ❤

CCT going heroic


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6 responses to “A Letter to World of Warcraft Raiders

  1. I do not smell like gym socks. My post-workout sweat odor is ALL THAT IS MAN, IT IS PURE UNDISTILLED TESTOSTERONE. I have started riots by not showering as women claw over each other to inhale my musk.

    Otherwise I fucking agree with absolutely everything written here.

  2. An all too common scenario… We also were up to spine and if we had persisted these 2 months it would have been our first clear of current heroic content. Unfortunately we did have the communication and so everyone else took their breaks but man… I really wanted to kill ol deathwing… I hope you guys get it before mists!

    • battlechicken

      Thanks! I’m sorry you guys didn’t finish. 😦 I’m really hoping we get there. I can taste it at this point.

  3. Hear hear. We have a lot of people on vacation this month but hopefully our raid group will get back raiding in a couple weeks.

    This was all too common a scenario in one of my previous guilds. This time of an expac is not the best time to be a raid leader.

    • battlechicken

      It is indeed. My sympathies to all GM’s, raid leaders, and officers everywhere.
      Except my own, cause they’re punks.
      Just kidding! ❤

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