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Things I Would Do For a Beta Invite

There are things I like: Pandora, potato chips, dill pickles, Mythbusters.

There are things I crave: Diet Pepsi, Cheez-It Hot & Spicy, 5 minutes of QUIET.

And then there are things I’m desperate for: my husband (rawr!), and a Cataclysm beta invite.

I know there are a lot of good reasons to NOT be in the beta, but for me, I dig the secret. Being in the beta is like being in a secret club. I want to know the things they’re talking about. I want to experiment. I want to poke and prod and explore the new content. I especially want to make it impossible for a certain warrior I know to rub his invite in my face.

So I asked Twitter (and my guild): If you had a secret, WoW-related club and I wanted to join, what embarrassing/challenging/ scandalous initiation would you put me through? Some of these people are so devious, they should probably work for Blizzard.

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On Pins & Needles

I was thinking over blog topics this morning and realized I didn’t have a lot to talk about.  I’m working on one that will take a little while, and in the meantime, we’re all just clearing the existing dungeons and trying to keep ourselves interested in WoW until 3.1 comes out.

In the spirit of our impatience, I am going to give you some ideas on way to spend your time while awaiting Ulduar’s release

Top 10 Things To Do While Awaiting Ulduar

10. Level alts or fish.  This is WoW standard–if you’re bored, these might make you appreciate your boredom more.

9.  Take a nap on your keyboard.  You’ll wake up with letters on your face and probably a bunch of confused guildies.

8.  Read trade chat.  This will either force you to buy a nifty new computer after you throw yours out the window or help with number 9.

7.  Become an artist.  Imagine you’re an over-the-top photographer in Northrend, and the Print Screen key is your shutter.  Display your images in a fancy slideshow on your guild or realm forums.

6.  Channel Zack & Miri.  Try to make sexy pics or videos using only WoW characters on a public realm.  No funny business; this is super serial.  Bonus points if you work in NPCs.

5.  Fraps.  Sit in IF and fraps as you run between the forge, auction house, and bank.  Post it on YouTube telling about how you found an amazing hax.  Scoff at the people who tell you they don’t get it.

4.  Pretend you’re an NPC.  Find a group of patrolling NPCs, toggle walk, and stay with them. This is better with talking NPCs, because then you can add your own commentary.  Watch the level 6’s follow you around curiously.

3.  Become a different class.  Log into your druid but talk as if you’re a hunter (or warrior pretend to be shaman, etc).  Complain about how underpowered you are.  If you don’t know what abilities your chosen class has, make them up.  Give yourselves points for each whisper you receive.

2.  Confuse your friends.  Type http://twitter.com in guild.  Then pretend guild chat is twitter.  Update it every few seconds with mundane or weird statuses.  For example:  [Guild] [Ambermist]:  I really wish the cat would stop catching the gophers in the backyard.  My freezer is getting too full.

1.  Make a list.  Obviously, this is my number one.  And it’s your turn; I’d love to see this become a Top 25.

I’d also love to see these things happen.  If you capture a screenshot or video of yourself doing something on the list, email it to me at druidambermist@gmail.com. Please include your character/blog name and the list item.  I’ll display the good ones on my blog if anyone participates.

/beckon Ulduar.  We’re waiting…

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