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A Different Point of View: Learning by Switching Roles

Your life? No! Mine!

This is something that’s been on my mind a bit for the past several weeks. I’ve been leveling my warlock and I have been using the random dungeon finder between quests. Especially in the lower dungeons, I found quite a few of the healers were losing gobs of mana healing me. Why? Because they didn’t know that I could use Drain Life to get back my health from my Life Tap and were healing me as if I were seconds from dying every time I tapped.

This made me wonder how much I didn’t know on my druid before I switched roles and went from healing to dps. This led to a discussion with a guildy who agreed that the more you understand each class and role, the better you become as a player.

It’s exactly what happened to me. I realize that now, when I was healing, I had a limited view of what else was going on in the raid. I knew who was tanking, I knew when they needed to be healed the most, I knew where to stand and where not to stand, and that about covers it. I rolled my eyes when my husband would pound the desk in frustration because he didn’t get healed, and I’d laugh when he’d gripe about not being able to overtake our dps warrior in damage.

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