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The ToGC Playbook — Faction Champs

So, you’ve survived the Beasts and Jaraxxus.  No doubt you got a bit of a sick feeling in your stomach when you realized the next boss was heroic Champs.  On regular, these guys are a pain.  On heroic…well, they’re an even bigger pain.

scared lolcat

I can’t tell you what order to kill things in.  There are a handful of people in our raid who understand it very well and mark targets for us.  I know we always have the best luck killing the shaman first, and the holy paladin can usually wait for a while as long as someone is locking her down.  You’re going to have to look at the group you’re given, look at your raid’s strengths and weaknesses, and work to that.

There’s no definite strat for this fight because it’s terribly unpredictable.  Instead, let me give you some tips.

1.  @walmillard over on Twitter suggested this to me, and it’s worth passing along:  Get them to pop their PvP trinkets early in the fight to make lockdowns more successful.  We do this by having the hunters lay down frost traps once we’ve pulled.

2.  We don’t even bother with organized CC.  Some guilds may have found great ways to use it, but diminishing returns makes it completely pointless in my opinion.  Except for melee keeping casters locked down, we save our CC for when we’re being attacked.  I don’t cyclone anything unless it’s babysitting me or I see it wailing on a healer.


Hey, rogues...

3.  I can’t say enough for interrupts.  I know we don’t have one, but everyone in your raid who has an interrupt should be using it on the kill target.  Mages, CS that Lesser Healing Wave.  Rogues, kick that Regrowth.  If you see your target casting a heal, don’t let it, period.  Hellfire is a pain; mages can very successfully use the same macro they use for focused-sheeping to focus-CS the warlock for Hellfires.

4.  This is minor but worth mentioning: the healers on the Champs teams focus a little too much on their Grid, and they have pets pulled out.  Basically, they’ll look for anyone on their team taking damage and heal them.  By putting constant damage on an insignificant target (the hunter or warlock pets, for instance), you can divert some of the healing away from more significant targets.  We usually put one of our hunter’s pets on one of their pets to achieve this.

5.  Just like an arena team, the Champs are going to look for a weak link to attack.  Often, this person will be targeted by most of the Champs.  If someone notices this, it needs to be called out on vent so that person a) can be healed, and b) doesn’t stand there and get owned.  You can help mitigate this with things that increase your health or armor; in our case, Barkskin.  (Priests: Inner Fire, Mages: Ice Armor, etc.)

6.  RUN AWAY, LITTLE GIRL!  There’s a reason this has become such a popular phrase in raiding: there are a lot of things from which you need to run far and fast.  Karazhan may have turned you into Little Red Riding Hood, but the Champs will turn you into minced moonkin.  If you get aggro–and you should know when you get aggro: Omen and the WoW UI both make it very clear–you should immediately get away from the Champs as fast as you can.  While proximity isn’t their only aggro cue, it does have a significant impact.  If you get out of their range, they’ll eventually get tired of chasing you and move on to someone closer.

For druids, this should be instinct.  It’s like when you’re in AB and heading for the mine and suddenly 7 members of the opposing faction are there and they all see you.  What do you do?  You cat form and dash the heck away!  Do the same thing here.  Turn on Nature’s Grasp for extra insurance.  If you seem to be taking a lot of damage, throw up Barkskin in case you’re the focus target.  I always try to run near healers; it’s like a friendly reminder.  Dear Healers, I’m bleeding.  Thank you for that Flash of Light.  Love, Ambermist.

(Added a day late and a boss kill short).  I’ve got one word for your priests: dispel.

Other than that, burn burn burn down the targets.  Burn raid CDs pretty quickly.  Focus fire.  Keep DoTs up (they’ll get cleansed a lot at first, but be persistent).  This will take a few tries, and it’s not necessarily going to be straight-to-one-shot-farming status.  Different combinations will trip up your raid, and you may wipe 2 or 7 times even after you’ve successfully completed it.  Eventually, though, you’ll all get used to it and you’ll be downing them without a second thought.

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