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*Secret Santa!* 2011 – Expectations & Resolutions for a New Year of WoW

About a week ago, names were secretly exchanged and WoW bloggers everywhere began to formulate what to write for their yearly Blog Azeroth Secret Santa guest post. This year, Redhawks from Redhawk’s Gaze is my Secret Santa, and this post has two of the things I love: lists and lolcats! Thank you for your post, Redhawk, and I hope you have a great New Year, in-game and out!

2011 – Expectations and Resolutions for a New Year of WoW

A Secret Santa Guest Post from Redhawks from Redhawk’s Gaze

WoW players, especially raiders, are always looking forward to the next thing.  Whether it is the next raid boss kill, the next Tier of content, or the newest gear, we have our vision always set forward.  As we are approaching 2011, I thought about looking at what I hope is coming down the road for WoW and moonkins in general as well as some personal resolutions for the New Year in terms of WoW.

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The Crusade is Calling… (Patch 3.2)

And we’re about to have the chance to answer.


Well, after the super ultra extended maintenance.  As of last night, the realm up time was slotted for 11:59 P.M. EST.  That’s a full day of patchy goodness, folks.

I already covered the druid changes, but I failed to come back and finish the raids and professions like I said I would.  [Insert BOO track here].  So let me just dive right in and tell you the non-druid specific things I’m excited about (Click here for the complete patch notes):

Flying at level 60. I have one alt that can benefit from this right away, and another who is only 15 levels away.  Prepare yourself, Outland; I’m going to fly right through you.  And I’ll be able to make my flying machine on my engineer.

My Charger.  I have a level 45 paladin who will now have her epic mount.  Tanaris?  Un’Goro?  Silithus?  Endless stretches of questing zones?  No problem.

More Mailboxes.  That’s right, mailboxes.  I know it’s dumb, but the fact that I will now be able to stand at Thistlefuzz Arcanery for my enchanting/inscription DK and walk right outside to a mailbox pleases me.

New 5-, 10-, and 25-man Content.  Of course I like this!

Potions, Now Even More Stackable. 20 potions per stack?  Duh.

Epic Gems. Helps that I’ve been hoarding Titanium and Jewelcrafting tokens.

Flask of the North & Mixology.  Not sure if this flask will be usable in PvE without being consumed, but that’s how the tooltip reads, so I’m hopeful.  Plus more buffs from Mixology.  It’s a good day to be an alchy.

New Battleground.  I’ll probably hate it, but right now I’m excited to see it in action.

Twinks Only. I hate being in a bg with twinks; now, twinks will end up getting sorted into their own battlegrounds…or risk LEVELING.

Happy Patch Day, everyone!

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Pulling Patch 3.1 – Part 3: Professions

There are a few notable profession changes I want to cover, but I’m not going to take long on this.  I have more interesting news.


  • All flasks now last 1 hour. To compensate, all flask recipes will provide 2 flasks for the same material cost.
  • Flasks now stack to 20, and their vendor sell prices have been reduced to lower the Auction House deposits.
  • Increased the health granted by the Flask of Stoneblood.
  • Northrend flasks will be converted to mixtures. This includes the Flask of Stoneblood, Flask of Pure Mojo, Flask of Endless Rage, and Flask of the Frost Wyrm. Mixtures can create 2 flasks of the corresponding type. This allows players who stockpiled Northrend flasks to convert them to the new system without any loss.
  • The Mercurial Stone is no longer required as a tool for alchemists. It is instead an uncommon quality bind-on-equip trinket.
  • You can now sometimes find Alchemist’s Caches from bosses in Ulduar. Only players with an Alchemy skill of 425 or higher can loot these secret caches.

I’ve already heard people complaining about 1 hour flasks, but remember first of all that you still get 2 hours worth of flask for the price of one, and this will prevent you from wasting flasks.  There have been several nights I’ve left a Malygos, Archavon, Sarth night with lots of time left on my flask; I’d much rather have to drink every hour (well for me, 2 hours) and save that flask time for Ulduar.

I can confirm the mixture note–when I logged in for the first time, the two flasks I already had in my bags had become mixtures, and when I clicked on them, they became two flasks.

I had a Mercurial Stone in my JC’s bag, so here’s the new trinket:


  • Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade, an epic one-handed caster dagger, available from trainers.
  • Added new recipes for epic gear, found rarely on Ulduar bosses. These recipes are unbound and can be traded.
  • Most of the recipes in the 1-300 skill range of blacksmithing have received major stat updates to make them more useful.
  • Added a new recipe for the Titansteel Spellblade.
  • The Titanium Plating shield enchantment now reduces the duration of disarm effects by 50% as well as increasing your block value.

I don’t have any BS’s or plate-wearers, so I don’t really have much to say about this.  That’s an interesting dagger, though.


  • A new recipe has been added to cooking trainers for making Black Jelly, using several Borean Man ‘O War as ingredients. While it looks disgusting, it restores more health and mana than the highest level food.
  • Flint and Tinder is no longer necessary for creating a campfire. You’re just that resourceful!
  • Grub now sells the Dig Rat Stew recipe to players who completed the quest.
  • Ingredients such as Spices, Apples, and the like have been removed from most cooking recipes.
  • Players no longer need to complete the Clamlette Surprise quest to gain Artisan cooking. The quest now offers the unique recipe, Clamlette Magnifique. If you already completed the quest, you can visit Dirge Quickcleave in Gadgetzan to learn this recipe (for free).
  • Prospector Khazgorm, found in Bael Modan in southern Barrens, now sells the recipe for Dig Rat Stew to the Alliance.
  • Several Northrend recipes were given greater skill up ranges to make it easier to reach 450 cooking skill.
  • You no longer need to learn cooking from books. The trainers have finally done their reading and are able to teach you the same thing.

I picked up the Black Jelly recipe yesterday, but I haven’t made it yet.  I’m sure I will, though; as I can’t guarantee my mageboy will be on to give me strudel whenever I want it.

As far as making fire goes; well, I guess I’m glad to have the bag slot back.  I didn’t realize I was that clever, though.

I will say that I’m kind of irked over the Clamlette quest.  Must we really make it that easy for the new players?  That quest was notable; when you got to it, it felt like you were on the home stretch.  If you’re leveling while you’re doing this, it takes a little bit of running around, but darn it, that’s good for you.  If you’re going back at 80 to pick up cooking, this is no big deal.  I’m getting tired of everything being dumbed down.  /end soapbox.


  • Added two new recipes for enchanting staves with spell power, available from Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran City.
  • Greatly increased the drop rate of recipes found in pre-Lich King dungeons and raids.
  • Several recipes in the 250-300 skill range have been rebalanced, and the reagent requirements have been reduced.
  • Some enchants now have level restrictions. Note: the enchant is never removed from the item to which it’s applied, however, players no longer receives its benefit until they reach the required level. Any enchants modified in this way have had their tooltips updated.
  • The enchanting interface now correctly sorts grey recipes by skill difficulty.

I don’t see anything majorly affecting us here.  The staff enchants are cool, but I haven’t carried a staff in forever.  I know that there are a lot of new enchanters (death knights, anyone?!) who will be glad to see that the recipes drop more and that the 250-300 range should be a little easier.


  • Added a new Reticulated Armor Webbing engineering enchant that increases the armor on plate gloves.
  • Added a new Springy Arachnoweave engineering enchant that grants passive spell power in addition to turning your cloak into a parachute.
  • Engineers can now obtain the schematics for Lil’ Smoky and the Pet Bombling from certain creatures found in Gnomeregan. Specialized Gnomish or Goblin engineers can obtain both schematics equally. The repeatable quest that used to randomly grant these schematics has been disabled.
  • Flexweave Underlay now grants passive agility in addition to its normal effect.
  • Gnomish X-Ray Specs have a new model.
  • Nitro Boosts now grant passive critical strike rating in addition to their speed boost.
  • Nitro Boosts now make you drop PVP flags when used, as well as preventing you from picking them up while the effect is active.

I support anything that turns your cloak into a parachute.


  • A new (and very rare) special mount can now be caught from Northrend fishing pools.
  • New fishing dailies are now offered from Marcia Chase in Dalaran City!
  • Players are no longer required to do the Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme quest to gain Artisan fishing. The quest now offers a special superior-quality fishing pole instead. If you already completed the quest, you can visit Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh to receive this new fishing pole.
  • The time needed to catch fish has been reduced.
  • You can now fish anywhere, regardless of skill. Every catch has the potential for fishing skill gains, but you are likely to catch worthless junk in areas that are too difficult for your skill.
  • You can now fish in Wintergrasp, and the fishin’ is good!
  • You no longer need to learn fishing from books. The trainers have finally done their reading and are able to teach you the same thing.

TURTLE MOUNT!  I want it, I want it, I want it!  Which means, of course, that I will never ever see it, but Ultra will get it in his first ten Northrend casts.  Mark my words.

5 Dalaran Fishing Dailies

note:  you will need very high fishing skill for some of these, the highest being 575, achievable with skill and lures.  I’d suggest taking the time to max out your skill before trying most of these.

Blood is Thicker:  Go to Borean Tundra and kill an animal near water.  You’ll get the “Animal Blood” debuff (you know the one…).  Jump into a pool of water and a pool of blood will appear.  Fish in the pool of blood to catch 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.

Dangerously Delicious:  Fish in Wintergrasp for 10 Terrorfish.  As if you didn’t realize this, I don’t recommend doing it in the middle of an active battle.  Your faction does not have to control WG to complete this quest.

The Ghostfish:  Fish in Sholazar (preferably River’s Heart) and catch a ghostfish.  Eat it.  Tada.

Jewel of the Sewers:  You know where you went to try to catch your sewer rat?  Go back and fish until you get some jewelry.

Monsterbelly Appetite:  Catch a bloated Monsterbelly to get a severed arm you must return to the first aid trainer in Dalaran.  You must fish in the Frozen Sea to get this.  I’ve fished in the Frozen Sea before, and I usually go to an iceberg off the coast of Howling Fjord.

(Thank you, El’s ExtremeAnglin for filling in the details!)

Obviously, I have the same feeling about Nat Pagle’s quest as I do the Clamlette quest, so I’ll leave the soapbox where it is.  As for fishing anywhere…meh, okay.  I liked it the way it was, but I guess this is all right.

Gathering Skills

  • Toughness, Master of Anatomy, and Lifeblood now have level requirements equal to the level required for the corresponding skill rank: Apprentice (1), Journeyman (1), Expert (10), Artisan (25), Master (40), Grand Master (55).
  • You can no longer fail when Mining, Herbing, and Skinning.

YES!  Seriously, how do you fail picking flowers?!  At this, I am forced to share with you a comic by one Volvulus:


  • Find Herbs no longer tracks Glowcaps.
  • Northrend herbs now yield more herbs on average.
  • The herbalism requirement for gathering Tiger Lily has been reduced to 375.
  • The time it takes to gather herbs has been reduced.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  I only wish they had implemented the Glowcap thing about a year ago.


  • Added a recipe to trainers for creating a level 70 superior-quality off-hand item.
  • Added a recipe for creating a different level 70 superior-quality off-hand item. Scribes will find the recipe is dropped from residents of Silverbrook.
  • Added around 50 new glyph recipes. These new recipes can be obtained from Books of Glyph Mastery found as world drops on Northrend monsters. Reading a Book of Glyph Mastery randomly discovers one of the newly-added recipes.
  • Glyph icons have been updated so it is easy to distinguish between classes.
  • Players will now learn 3 recipes the very first time they perform Northrend Inscription Research. This does not apply to players who have already discovered recipes from Northrend Inscription Research (sorry).

I know getting the books has been a pain for some of our scribes so far, which is a shame.  I really want the Glyph of Nourish for my healing spec.  I like the change to the graphic, too; they all looked the same before.


  • Added a new recipe to cut black diamonds.
  • Added a recipe for Shifting Twilight Opal to the daily jewelcrafting vendor.
  • Added recipes for superior-quality PVP rings and necklaces to Northrend jewelcrafting trainers.

Here are the four new PvP items I picked up from the trainer on my JC this morning (all of them have either attack/spellpower, crit, and resilience):  Emerald Choker (melee neck), Scarlet Signet (melee ring), Runed Mana Band (caster ring), Sky Sapphire Amulet, (caster neck).


  • Added a recipe for combining Borean Leather Scraps into Borean Leather. You can still use Borean Scraps from your inventory to combine them.
  • Added new recipes for epic gear, found rarely on Ulduar bosses. These recipes are unbound and can be traded.
  • Several lower-level items crafted by leatherworkers have received major changes to make them more appealing.
  • Shadowskin Gloves and Dusky Boots no longer require Shadowcat Hide to create, but instead require an equal quantity of Shadow Silk. Shadowcat Hides can no longer be obtained from skinning.

There’s not a lot here that appeals to me directly except the new Ulduar recipes.  I hope we’ll see some drop soon; there’s a few pieces I wouldn’t mind acquiring unless something better drops first.


  • Northrend deposits now despawn 1 minute after mining them. This change was made to speed up respawning when nodes were partially looted.

Miners everywhere are thankful for this.  It’s really annoying when people don’t fully loot a node, and you come along and waste your time getting rocks.


  • Added new recipes for epic gear, found rarely on Ulduar bosses. These recipes are unbound and can be traded.
  • Added recipes for superior-quality PVP cloaks to Northrend tailoring trainers.
  • The Lightweave tailoring enchant now sometimes grants a temporary spell power bonus instead of dealing direct damage to your target.
  • Several lower-level items crafted by tailors have received major changes to make them more appealing.

The two new PvP cloaks have similar stats to their jewelcrafted cousins and are: Frostguard Drape (melee) and  Cloak of Crimson Snow (caster).

I like the Lightweave change.  Typically, things that grant spellpower are more useful than an item that does its own damage.

There ya go, all of the profession changes laid out for 3.1.  I’m already working on my next blog–our first two Ulduar kills.  Stay tuned.


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