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Evolution of a Druid: Starting Over

I rolled a toon on a new server because I was interested in a guild I saw recruiting.  I get bored sometimes and want to do something different with new people–something not quite as stressful as waiting around to see how badly the holidays are going to tear up our raids.

I did what several druids I know have done even though I couldn’t ever figure out why they did it:  I rolled a second druid.

It’s been a little over 3 years since I created Ambermist on a fateful fall night.  I loved it so much.  For whatever reason, it seemed like the time to go back to my roots.  But there is one difference:

This time, I’m a tauren.

I’m not interested in writing a how-to-level-a-druid series, there are plenty of those available.  Besides, these days I pick up all the quests I can and then cruise through Quest Helper; granted, I’m a rabid lore nerd and read all of them, but still, it’s cruise control compared to the first time I leveled.

But I do like the idea of keeping a record of her as she levels.  So this will be a series in screenshots (I won’t be posting every screenshot, but they will all be put into the album, so click on the link below the pictures to see more):

From Meow
From Meow


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