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An Explanation, An Adjustment, and A Patch

An Explanation

How long has it been since my last blog post? A month, 2? I don’t even know without looking. The reasons are fairly straightforward: 1) I haven’t had anything to write about, and 2) I haven’t had time to write about nothing. That is, there’s nothing I felt led to write about when it concerns WoW (at least, nothing that would be appropriate in a public forum), and I haven’t had time to come up with neat in-between ideas.

Back in November, I let you have a peek inside my life away from WoW as I detailed the diagnosis experience of my autistic son. I mentioned in that post that he would begin receiving intensive therapy, and boy, has he ever! We are now in the midst of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy at the hefty time block of 20 hours per week. It has been nothing short of absolutely wonderful for him (and me).

While I can’t always be in the room with him while he’s in therapy, I don’t feel comfortable devoting my full attention to blogging when I could be paying attention to what’s going on with him, and I don’t want to write crappy blogs, either (it’s okay if you think my usual posts are crappy, I won’t take it personally). Further, when therapy ends for the day and my son takes his nap, I’m itching to play, not write. Things are starting to get back to a more natural rhythm now that we’re getting used to our schedule changes, but I still haven’t had any in-game experiences that would prompt me to blog. That is not an invitation to drama, I swear.

Why do I feel like I just jinxed myself?

An Adjustment

Many of the people who read more than just N2B are familiar (enough) with my family either from spending time with me in-game or through Twitter. Particularly, many of you know my husband Ultraking. After a few days of thought and processing, he has decided to step down from raiding to spend more time with our children since he works so much right now. I am so proud of him for going with his gut on this.

I haven’t come to the same decision yet, and will continue to raid unless we decide that we can’t handle being a one-raider couple. It’s going to be an adjustment for both of us, but at least I have fewer people to roll against? (weak laughter).

A Patch

Hey! It’s Patch Day! I thought about writing about Patch 4.1 before we actually ran right into it, but the truth is, I’m not that shaken up by any of the changes.

He just heard about the nerf to Starsurge.

That’s not entirely true. The nerf to Starsurge made me weep big, drippy moonkin tears. I do know what it did in PvP (I think considering our survivability, more burst was a fair trade, but what do I know?), but I also know that a flat out nerf without a balancing buff seems a little harsh to those of us who are more concerned with killing bosses than players. I’m hoping that there are going to be tweaks coming as they see what happens now that it’s going live.

Other than that, everything else I either have neutral-ish feelings about, or I downright like them. I like idea of the new 5-man content, I think the change to ground AoE’s to be distinguishable between friendly and enemy players is a great idea, I am thrilled about being able to rez easily after someone has released (without using Mass Rez), and of course, the Stampeding Roar buff is going to make me recover from wipes a lot more easily (so I can forget to cast Mark that much sooner)!

The first thing I’m going to do when I log on? Probably jump in a group for the new 5-mans. Maybe consider trading in Justice Points for Honor (maybe not) or buying Maelstrom Crystals with them to improve some of my enchants. Troll land, here I come!

Something Completely Different

Congratulations to my guild, <Ephemera> of Durotan, for achieving Realm First! Guild Level 25. That was some serious heroic-running, the likes of which I have never seen; it was a total blast! Great job, guys!

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Migrating Chickens: How I’m Handling Burnout

I get tired of playing WoW. There, I said it! Are you happy?

Pretty much everyone gets burned out on the game or on whatever their current in-game focus is; it makes sense that this would come up in the Blog Azeroth shared topic. I stumbled upon it on Twitter thanks to @anexxia, and it is certainly something I’ve been dealing with.

Burnout this round started for me around 3 weeks before our Lich King-25 kill. Here are some of the ways I’ve dealt with it:

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