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The Crusade is Calling… (Patch 3.2)

And we’re about to have the chance to answer.


Well, after the super ultra extended maintenance.  As of last night, the realm up time was slotted for 11:59 P.M. EST.  That’s a full day of patchy goodness, folks.

I already covered the druid changes, but I failed to come back and finish the raids and professions like I said I would.  [Insert BOO track here].  So let me just dive right in and tell you the non-druid specific things I’m excited about (Click here for the complete patch notes):

Flying at level 60. I have one alt that can benefit from this right away, and another who is only 15 levels away.  Prepare yourself, Outland; I’m going to fly right through you.  And I’ll be able to make my flying machine on my engineer.

My Charger.  I have a level 45 paladin who will now have her epic mount.  Tanaris?  Un’Goro?  Silithus?  Endless stretches of questing zones?  No problem.

More Mailboxes.  That’s right, mailboxes.  I know it’s dumb, but the fact that I will now be able to stand at Thistlefuzz Arcanery for my enchanting/inscription DK and walk right outside to a mailbox pleases me.

New 5-, 10-, and 25-man Content.  Of course I like this!

Potions, Now Even More Stackable. 20 potions per stack?  Duh.

Epic Gems. Helps that I’ve been hoarding Titanium and Jewelcrafting tokens.

Flask of the North & Mixology.  Not sure if this flask will be usable in PvE without being consumed, but that’s how the tooltip reads, so I’m hopeful.  Plus more buffs from Mixology.  It’s a good day to be an alchy.

New Battleground.  I’ll probably hate it, but right now I’m excited to see it in action.

Twinks Only. I hate being in a bg with twinks; now, twinks will end up getting sorted into their own battlegrounds…or risk LEVELING.

Happy Patch Day, everyone!

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