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Migrating Chickens: How I’m Handling Burnout

I get tired of playing WoW. There, I said it! Are you happy?

Pretty much everyone gets burned out on the game or on whatever their current in-game focus is; it makes sense that this would come up in the Blog Azeroth shared topic. I stumbled upon it on Twitter thanks to @anexxia, and it is certainly something I’ve been dealing with.

Burnout this round started for me around 3 weeks before our Lich King-25 kill. Here are some of the ways I’ve dealt with it:

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A Break in the Action

I’ve seen every boss except Algalon in the Wrath content thus far.  I’ve moonfired, I’ve wrathed, I’ve Starfire-Eclipsed my way through 5 different raids.

I’m tired.

I love raiding; as I have repeatedly said, it is my reason for playing.  That hasn’t changed a bit.  I live for those moments when I’m deftly strafing out of an AoE or critting the boss as I watch his health bar drop percent by percent.

But WoW is a social game.  There are real people on the other side of those avatars, with real faces, real personalities, real quirks, and real limitations.  Like with any group of people, you eventually get tired of this one’s attitude, or the way that one talks, and I have reached my personal limit.

I’m one more whiny voice on vent away from quitting raiding altogether, and that’s when I know it’s time to take a step back.  I wrote a note to my extremely understanding raid leader (who has taken vacations for similar reasons before) explaining myself, and then I excused myself from raiding for 2 weeks.

It’s a little weird not signing in at 7:45.  It’s weird hearing voices on vent I can ignore.  But so far it’s been a nice break, and I have one week left.

In the meantime, I’ve been able to do some much-needed farming and I’m leveling a twink (!).  When I get back, I’ll be refreshed and ready to listen, much more patiently, to the whiny voices.

I can’t see myself walking away from raiding until I participate in killing the very last WoW boss ever, but a little break is just what I needed.

Before you raise your hands in disgust at your guildies and type out /gquit, take a minute to see if what you’re facing is burn out.  You can’t fix other people’s quirks, but you can certainly prepare yourself to deal with them.

I hope the rest of your holiday is as relaxing and peaceful (or as frantic and crazy) as you want it to be!

P.S.:  During my holiday break, I was able to guest post on Psynister’s Notebook (you can check it out by clicking the link).

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