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Subtitled: I got on video because Navi is that cool.

Edit to Add: Navi’s post about her visit! 

Navi’s blog: The Daily Frostwolf


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If You’ve Ever Wanted to Blog, May is Your Month

Sypster over at BioBreak contacted me a couple of weeks ago about a plan; a way to encourage people who had considered blogging to go ahead and jump off the cliff into the sea of posts and tags and topics.

This plan is known as the Newbie Blogger Initiative. The idea is simple–get a bunch of experienced bloggers together to encourage new ones. There are over 60 bloggers from all corners of the gaming blogosphere signed up.

Throughout the month of May, each of us will be posting a blog giving our personal tips for and experiences with blogging, as well as publicizing and encouraging new bloggers as you start to get your feet wet.

This is a test run for new bloggers–give it one month and see if you like it! If you’re ready to jump in (and I hope you are!), go ahead and create a blog, write your first post, and then come over to the Newbie Blogger Initiative H.Q. to sign up. There you can ask questions, talk to other bloggers, or bounce ideas off of new and old bloggers alike (not to mention the nifty banner).

If you’re not quite sure, come take a look at the forums anyway. Maybe you’ll get caught up in the excitement, too!

And finally, if you’re an experienced blogger and you want to become a sponsor blog, sign up! As a sponsor blog, you’ll be asked to write three blog posts this month for the NBI and to encourage new bloggers as they join our ranks.

What are you waiting for? May is your month!

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Like a Ninja: Two Years of Tastes Like Battle Chicken

My blog is totally a ninja. In the midst of yesterday’s insanity as we struggled to get settled into this new raiding arrangement in our guild, the second anniversary of my blog crept right past me. It seems impossible to say that I’ve been blogging for two years, but it seems just as impossible to say I’ve been playing WoW for almost 5.

To commemorate this occasion last year, I posted blog stats (I know you can hardly contain your excitement, but try for me). But as I’ve scrolled through this year’s posts, I realized something: I post a LOT of pictures. I knew this; it’s not unintentional. When I’m reading blogs, I like chunks of text broken up by images (it’s the toddler in me). But I don’t think I realized the extent of my addiction.

So here, to review the past two years, a collection of images that appeared on my blog:

Hello, My Name is Ambermist – February 23, 2009

Preview of Ignis in Ulduar – March 17, 2009

New Druid Form?!?!?!?! – March 31, 2009

Ambermist & Ultraking Forever – April 3, 2009

On Pins & Needles – April 13, 2009

Heroic Ulduar: Kologar – May 21, 2009

A Short Tale About An Old God – June 25, 2009

Blizzcon & One Hot Nelf – August 21, 2009

5 Ways to Get /Ignored – November 20, 2009

A Cord of Two Strands: Part 7 – December 20, 2009

The Plagueworks: Professor Putricide – February 4, 2010

When It’s Time to Change – April 1, 2010

Behind the Chicken – November 18, 2010

…And Keep Moving On – October 18, 2010

Azeroth: Before & After – November 25, 2010

Like a Ninja – February 24, 2010

Thanks for letting me make a home in my little corner of the blogosphere for the past 2 years. As a whole, the WoW blog community rocks, and I sure am glad to be a part of it!


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