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Blizzcon, Warlords, & The Horizon: Part 1

It’s been a little over a week since the Blizzcon Opening Ceremony. I geeked out as I watched my virtual ticket over the weekend, and now that I’ve had a week to process everything, I want to join in the crowds voicing their opinion on what we all saw and heard.

World of Warcraft

First, of course, is World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. I was definitely more interested in Warlords than in Mists of Pandaria when it was first announced, but that’s not a good measure, because I ended up loving MoP. In fact, I’m still enjoying the heck out of Mists!

Warlords: Storyline

The premise of Warlords is great–go back and fight against the Big Bads of a bygone era, a new Horde crafted from an old brotherhood. Big characters: who doesn’t want to meet Durotan & Draka? Who wouldn’t want to face Ner’zhul before the first rise of the Lich King?

Facing down Rend as he was in Draenor is going to be brilliant, not to mention the fact that I love draenei and getting to work alongside original draenei in their homeland sounds like something I’d sign up for yesterday.

The concerns I’ve heard, though; are valid. Primarily:

  • Is the story too contrived?
  • Isn’t the alternate timeline thing a little confusing?
  • Are the female characters getting shuffled under the table for this expansion?

On the first and second points, I think they’re kind of combined. The alternate timeline idea makes the story feel more contrived than it might otherwise. If you aren’t sure how this is going to work, it’s basically like this (at least, this is my understanding of it):

Warlords: Parallel Timelines

The idea is that Garrosh goes not only back in time, but on an alternate timeline completely, goes back to before the orcs drink Mannoroth’s blood, and rallies them into an un-cursed Horde. I believe his plan is to bring them back to our current time and wipe us out because I guess he’s a little ticked about the whole Siege of Orgrimmar thing.

Does this make the story a little contrived? Honestly, yeah, I suppose it does, but I think I can overlook it for the sake of what’s going to be involved. Burning Crusade also felt a bit contrived, but in the end, a lot of people loved that expansion.

As for the last point, it’s valid, and I want to know more. I’ve heard there will be some female characters, particularly a draenei, that will be completely awesome, but I don’t know that it makes up for the fact that this is a pretty testosterone-driven expansion. The “boys’ trip” comment took me aback a bit, too. I’m withholding judgement until we get a better look at exactly what’s going down in Draenor, and I’m hoping they’ll surprise me.


Obviously, raiding is a huge deal for me, so I was paying close attention to the raiding changes. The biggest change is, of course, the raid types:

New Raid Structure from Blizzcon

I’m not going to lie, the inner elitist in me (and it IS inner, I can’t stand on elitist ground, I hang out somewhere on the cliff of “managing somehow”) recoiled at first. Everything is flex? But, but, but–that–I–okay. It’s a change. We’re not usually great with change. Is it a bad change? Nah. Is it a dealbreaker? No way. It’s different, and we’ll make it work like we always have.

My guild’s primary focus will be Heroic and Mythic. This means that we’re going to have to sit 5 people when we do Mythic, and that’s going to make an interesting dynamic. I will say that I like the fact that this will require players to push hard–when you really want to raid the highest content and your spot is in jeopardy, you will work for it.

The unfortunate side of this is that there’s a good chance that even people who try really hard won’t make it into Mythic every week. Encounter balance will play a big role in how this works out. I can tell you I’ll be fighting with all I have for my Mythic spot.

Coming in the next post: Item Changes, Stuff I Geeked Out For, Hearthstone, & Heroes of the Storm.

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Blizzcon From Home Part 3: Reacting Without Overreacting

Twitter fluttered (hahaha) with comments about Blizzcon all weekend, both from those at the events (so that we could hate them more) and from the rest of us sitting in front of our TVs and/or computers. Every comment was dissected, discussed, or dissed; sometimes all 3 at once.

These are the things that we can all agree on:

1. There weren’t any huge WoW announcements.

2. That hunter guy who asked the first question of the Class Q&A was F A I L.

3. Paul Sams deserves a swift kick to his twisted nether regions for that “joke” about the new MMO.

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Blizzcon From Home Part 2: The Bigger It Is, the Better

I’m talking about your TV, of course; why, what did you think I meant?

If you’ve purchased the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket live stream (if you have DirectTV, congratulations, this is the one time of year it’s awesome), watching it from your computer isn’t enough (unless you’re stuck at work and you’re getting one over on “the man” by watching it in your cubicle; that’s cool). Let’s face it, most people who play WoW at least have a comfortable relationship with technology, so there isn’t an excuse for not watching Blizzcon on the big screen.

Let me introduce you to some new friends!

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Blizzcon From Home Part 1: Blizzcon Pick-up Lines

Let’s face it, the expense of flying out to California may be too much for some of us, or we may have been just one person too far down the queue to buy our ticket. But whatever the reason, we are the ones who didn’t make it to Blizzcon.

There’s the virtual ticket, of course; but that doesn’t get you into the social experiences at all. Fear not, fair, poor, and/or unlucky citizens of Azeroth! Twitter and Tastes Like Battle Chicken is coming to your aide in Part 1 of my Blizzcon From Home series.

Without further adieu, I give you Blizzcon Pick-Up Lines! Continue reading

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A Cataclysmic Announcement

Go ahead and geek out a little, I did. Better?

There are a lot of cool things coming out of Blizzcon, and some I’m either neutral or dubious about. I’m super excited about the new zones, and changing the face of Azeroth, particularly from the lore point of view.  Ragnaros returning and Deathwing emerging from deep within Azeroth? Rock on.

Only thing I’m not sure about right now is the change to stats.  No more spell power (intellect will now serve this purpose) and Spirit will be the only mana regen stat.  For you meleers, no more attack power on items; instead, it will come from agility or strength, depending on your class.  In other words, the right side of your stat display is going to disappear, and only Intellect, Stamina, Spirit, Strength, and Armor will matter.

I don’t know; it just doesn’t sound as impressive to say “I have 3000 Intellect!”  Maybe it will be awesome, but it feels almost too simplistic to me.

I’ll have more reactions, I’m sure, but it’s late.

For all the interesting news, I highly recommend a jaunt over to WoW.com.  Between them and the live stream, I haven’t missed much.

I really want to know how other people are reacting to these things.  What’s your favorite announcement so far?  Least favorite?  Tell me what you think!


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Blizzcon & One Hot Nelf

Blizzcon is in California.  I am in South Carolina.  I find fault with this, but alas, there isn’t anything I can do.  While I am jealous of all those making their way to Anaheim this morning (WoW.com team, I’m looking at you), I will be watching it from the relative comfort of my living room as the live stream is pumped through our TV.

I will also be eating eggrolls.  This part, at least, is total win.

Obviously, without control of where to go and who to see, I won’t be able to deliver any earthshattering Blizzcon updates, but I will, at least, mention the things I do see that interest me.  I’m most excited about the opening ceremony, for obvious reasons.  At last year’s opening ceremony, they unveiled the WotLK preview.  What will we see this time?  Icecrown?  The rumored “Cataclysm” expansion?  o.O

Everyone has surely seen Do You Wanna Date My Avatar from The Guild, right?  (If not, click on it, watch it, and then lie to me, it’s cool; I approve).  It got me thinking that Ambermist really hasn’t had a lot of pixelated love lately.  I mean, MY marriage has been awesome, but Ambermist & Ultraking hardly see each other anymore except to raid, at which point he pokes her until she gives him a few flasks for the night and then moons her and mocks her foolishness while she begs him to forsake the mages and give her Focus Magic.

For that reason, I have encouraged her to post a personal ad below:

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A Smattering

Smattering: a small scattered number or amount.  That’s what this blog is; a smattering of information.

First:  Progress.

freya copy


We made a few passes at Mimiron last night, and it’s safe to say Phases 1 and 2 are pretty well under our control.  If we can figure out exactly what works for us when it comes to the bots, we’ll have it.

Second: The Forums

I actually contacted WoWInsider about it, because let’s face it, they have a lot more influence than I do.  I haven’t heard anything back yet, but I’ll certainly pass along what I find out, if anything, for my fellow (and now, sadly, former) forum people.  Wow, that was some serious alliteration.  Go me.

Third:  Solar vs Lunar Rotation Stats

While rolling through Elitist Jerks this week I stumbled on an interesting conversation about Solar vs Lunar rotation.  Supposedly, if you choose Solar (that is, casting SF to proc Wrath), you need to stack crit over haste because Wrath haste caps at 400.  Are any of you trying out the Solar rotation?  What have you found?

I doubt I’ll be switching to Solar myself unless there’s a significant change.  I prefer the way Lunar rolls for me, and I’m pretty attached to my haste right now.  The fact that my Wrath cast matches the GCD makes me crazy hot.

Fourth: State of the Battle Chicken

We’re kind of in stasis right now.  I’ve fallen in love with the game again, which means (not surprisingly) I’m playing more than I’m writing.  I promise not to neglect the few of you who still wander over here, though.  I appreciate it more than you know!  In the meantime, here are some things to check out:

Update on Graylo’s Ulduar Gear List

Live chat with Warcraft novel author Richard A. Knaak

Awesome Machinima series “Inventing Swear Words”

Upcoming Blizzcon – Check HERE to see the murloc pet that looks like he walked out of Halo.

Fifth: A Chuckle at My Expense

I’m not going to give you the background information; it’s neither here nor there.  Here’s the conversation on vent last night:

“Well, someone broke the sheep that time…

Someone with moonfire…



Happy Hunting, Everyone!


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