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Screenshots & Reactions from MoP Beta

First off, let me point you to a couple of thoughtful posts about druid beta stuff I read this week, because this will not be one of those posts:

No, my post will be about, as the title suggests, random reactions to things I experienced in beta since it stopped crashing every two minutes. With pictures, of course.

Pandaren Starting Zone

From the Wandering Isle

Pandaren Starting Zone

Temple area from the Wandering Isle

Jade Forest

The Arboretum in the Jade Forest

The exact words that came out of my mouth when the above screenshots were taken: “Ooh, that’s pretty!”

Glyph of Stars

Astral Form using Glyph of Stars

Okay, I was all for keeping my moonkin form, but I have to admit these stars are cool. I might change my mind.  

Level 85 Mistwalker Monk

Level 85 Mistwalker Monk casting Soothing Mists

Created a premade monk for my husband to play with. Could that guy look any cooler?

Pandaren Rogue

Level 85 premade Pandaren Rogue

Pandaren Rogue about to STAB THINGS…

Pandaren Rogue in the act of STABBING THINGS.

I’m asking for a race change for my rogue when it’s my birthday. I’m not kidding. 

Pet Jounral

Pet Journal – Pet Options

Wait, what? I can rename my pets?! Meet Botty, Shivers, and Chili. 

Glyph of Stag

Druid Travel Form with Glyph of Stag…and a warlock.

This is both extremely awesome and terribly awkward. 

Tree Form Dancing

Celebratory tree form dancing, don’t mind me.

Glyph of the Treant

Tree Form Healing in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Tree Form Healing

Tree Form Healing in Temple of the Jade Serpent…again.

Tree form. Tree form. I’m a TREE. OMG, I MISSED YOU TREE FORM! I missed you so much, don’t you ever leave me again. I’m going to hug you and squeeze you and name you George! I love you, George! /flail. /squee.


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More Than a Mercenary: Questing in Cataclysm Beta

Since I came out so lukewarm on the moonkin changes in my previous post, I wanted to write about something about which I have no complaints: the questing redesign.

To be fair, I had no serious qualms about questing before. In fact, I’ve always kind of preferred questing to dungeon running. I’m an efficient quester, I enjoy getting into the groove and soloing, and I especially love the exploration, discovery, and the stories in the game.

I think the fact that I like questing only  made the redesign that much more awesome to me. It’s like having a reservation in your favorite hotel and then getting unexpectedly upgraded to a suite to boot.

***Spoiler alert! I try not to give away too much, but if you’re shielding yourself from all Cataclysm quests and story information, this is NOT the post for you!*** Continue reading


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Chicken of Her Word: A Worthy Opponent

My beta initiations continued after my solid performance during my dance with Garrosh. I contacted the suggesters of my second initiation, @wowcynwise and @Ralod, and we set up an RP duel in Goldshire on our own server of Durotan between Cynwise and myself.

We agreed to the following terms:

1. Role play only.

2. Equip only 1 dress of our choice, 1 Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole, 1 Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, and 1 pair of Sandals of Summer.

3. All class abilities acceptable.

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A Chicken of Her Word: Dance with the Warchief

Well, ladies, gentlemen, and chickens: I have a promise to keep.

If you read my last post, you know that I promised to do three of the tasks suggested as beta initiations if I ever happened to actually make it. The lure was too great for a reader named Lucas. I don’t know who he is or what connections he has, but determined to help me get in the beta (or maybe more determined to see me squirm under the weight of my oath), he sent me an email with the promise of a beta invitation.

Within one week of that e-mail, I received my invite. I’ve now been playing in the beta for three days. His last message to me before the invite said “Get your fishing gear ready…”

I could practically hear the evil laugh.

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Things I Would Do For a Beta Invite

There are things I like: Pandora, potato chips, dill pickles, Mythbusters.

There are things I crave: Diet Pepsi, Cheez-It Hot & Spicy, 5 minutes of QUIET.

And then there are things I’m desperate for: my husband (rawr!), and a Cataclysm beta invite.

I know there are a lot of good reasons to NOT be in the beta, but for me, I dig the secret. Being in the beta is like being in a secret club. I want to know the things they’re talking about. I want to experiment. I want to poke and prod and explore the new content. I especially want to make it impossible for a certain warrior I know to rub his invite in my face.

So I asked Twitter (and my guild): If you had a secret, WoW-related club and I wanted to join, what embarrassing/challenging/ scandalous initiation would you put me through? Some of these people are so devious, they should probably work for Blizzard.

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