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Noobkin to Boomkin: Pre-Cataclysm

>>>This guide has been updated for level 85! Please see Noobkin to Boomkin: Cataclysm!<<<


This guide is now outdated. Please refer to Noobkin to Boomkin: Cataclysm for information pertaining to level 85 raiding.

Patch 4.0.1 is the topic across almost every blog this month, and for good reason–this patch is going to dramatically change our specs, stats, glyphs, gems, and rotations.

Note: Sometimes you just want the basics. “What can I do to walk into this raid tonight prepared on my boomkin alt?” or “I don’t really know the class well yet, what can I do to survive until I have more experience?” That’s what I’m all about here. If you’re looking for the straight facts–what spec, what enchants, what gems–you’ll find that information in the blue text.

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At Least I Have Chicken — A Blog Birthday

not a lie!

The end of last month marked one year of Tastes Like Battle Chicken. Of the customary one-year blog posts, “I like this blog because…” feels too much like a school paper, and I kind of already did “Let’s look at the year in review.”

So you get option number C (yes, number C): blog stats you didn’t know you cared about. Since five is my favorite list number, let’s do this in chunks of five.

The Five Most Popular Posts

  1. From Noobkin to Boomkin series
  2. New Tauren Cat Form Released!
  3. Heroic Ulduar: Mimiron Continue reading


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Hello, My Name is Ambermist

And I am a moonkin.

It’s something I’ve been dealing with for about four months now, when one of our guild officers requested that I shed my well-established Tree of Life and try the feathery side of a druid’s split personality.  Being one of the many druids who opted to level Northrend balance, this seemed an exciting new frontier.

Now I’m addicted.  I’m addicted to crits and treants and the new moonfire graphic.  I’m addicted to the floating eclipse above my head lovingly referred to as the Death Star.  I’m addicted to standing in front of the heroic target dummy with my tongue hanging half out of my mouth looking for that little bit of dps improvement.  I do look forward to dual spec only to give me more opportunities in heroics (I admit I will moonlight as a healer every now and then), but there will be no going back if I can help it.  I am boomkin for life.


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