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Heroic Ulduar: General Vezax

Despite having a bumpy night the night we killed him, I really do like this fight.  I think the dynamic is pretty clever, and who doesn’t like killing big, angry monsters?

The Trash is complicated.  CC everything you can.  We usually have 1-3 sheeps, a hex, a banish, a hunter trap or two, and a couple of tanks.  All I can tell you is to mark them, control them, and kill them while keeping most of the raid alive.  There will be three faceless monsters you’ll fight before facing Vezax; one on the way in and two in his room.  (Note: the two in his room begin patting as you kill packs of trash, so kill a pack -> kill the ugly thing).  The faceless monsters spawn a voidwalker during the fight, and while the voidwalker is up, they are immune to all damage, so kill the voidwalker and get back on the uglies.

The Fight

Each role has a different set of rules for this fight, but it’s important that everyone be aware of everything else that could be going on at the same time because you never know where you could find yourself.

The things that everyone really needs to know about is 1) mana regen doesn’t work on this fight. Potions don’t work (some say they’ve seen it; we guess it’s a 50/50, so plan for them not to work and then you’ll be extra pleased if it does), Innervate doesn’t work, talents don’t work, Wisdom doesn’t work…you get the idea.  This applies to everyone in the raid throughout the encounter, but there are ways to deal with it and they differ from role to role.  2) Mark of the Faceless is a debuff that doesn’t hurt the person carrying it but causes the boss to basically drain life (or “life leech,” as DBM calls it) from anyone around you, so if you get this debuff, run into a corner all by your lonesome until you see it tick off.

There are two kinds of aides throughout the fight.  One of them is the Shadow Crash, which increases haste and damage but decreases healing done (so healers should certainly avoid it).  The other is Saronite Vapors, which replace mana at the cost of life.  I’ve explained them in greater detail below.

Remember the Oomkin!

You'll feel like an oomkin again.

The Ranged

Let’s face it, we’re pretty mana dependent, and for that reason we have Shadow Crashes.  First of all, turn your chat bubbles on, as DBM causes people with incoming Crashes to call it out and chat bubbles help tremendously.  Shadow Crashes are painful damage / knockback shadow “bombs” that Vezax throws at anyone outside of melee range.  For this reason, if someone has an incoming Crash, move away from them.

However, once the Crash lands it leaves a big, black puddle on the floor that increases your damage and haste by…a lot.  The only time you should cast is when you are standing in one of these Shadow Crashes; anything else is a waste of mana.

We usually have one or two groups of ranged standing together to get the most benefit from the Shadow Crashes, but this means that each individual is much more responsible for getting away from other people when they get Mark of the Faceless.  So pay attention and make love to your corner when you get it.

The other responsibility ranged has is to kill Saronite Vapors for healers.  These spawn and float around the room.  They are not hostile, but they are a limited resource.  You only get so many during the fight (I think it’s 7 or 8), so don’t be in a rush to kill them.  We have 1 ranged (generally a hunter) assigned to this task.  When a healer calls for a vapor, he kills it and calls the location on vent in relation to the boss.  This allows healers to quickly get to vapors and get their mana back.

The Healers

I can’t give you an in depth understanding of the healers because…well, I’m not one anymore.  I can tell you that they all stack under Vezax’s butt and melee him.  This is a) so they don’t get Shadow Crashes (which decrease healing), b) so they get mana back from a pally’s Judgement of Wisdom, which apparently works, and c) because it gives them a thrill.  Our healers are on a rotation, although you’d have to pester our buddy Kuzgar to understand it.  Basically, only 2 healers are actually healing at a time.  The rest are either meleeing Vezax or getting into Saronite Vapors.  We have one healer who is both a backup healer and a heal-the-healers-in-the-vapors healer.  They rotate in and out of healing and vapors as needed.  While dps can occasionally stand in vapors to regen mana, I do not recommend it.  If a dps is standing in the vapors, it should be because you’re absolutely at the bottom of your mana well and your dps is desperately needed.  DPS standing in vapors lose health, but more importantly, risk dropping a crash on a vapor, and that’s just not good strategery.  Leave it for the healers, please.

The Tank & Melee

I know, I’m just giving everyone special love today.  The only thing I want to mention here (since I am not a tank, and don’t plan on speccing bear or kitty) is that Vezax does an ability called Searing Flames.  It’s channeled and it’s very obvious, as he has big glowing orbs spinning around him while he’s doing it.  Not interrupting it will usually cause a wipe, and this mainly falls to melee since casters are desperate to conserve mana.  The other ability to worry about is Surge of Darkness, which causes him to hit harder and faster.  Some strats call for the tank to kite during Surge, but we let ours stand where he is (isn’t he lucky?) and we blow cooldowns to keep him alive.  Between him, the pallies, and the discipline priest, this is usually not a problem.

As surprising as this may sound if you’ve never encountered him before, this is actually a pretty easy fight once everyone understands what they’re doing.  Explaining it, on the other hand, is a challenge of its own.

Good luck!

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Heroic Ulduar: Mimiron

Make sure you have your game sound turned up for this fight.  Mimiron cracks me up as he explains his VO-L7R-ON system; clever little gnome.

Mimiron Trash

You wouldn’t stand on a bomb, would you?  Good, don’t do it here either.  For ranged dps it’s pretty easy.  Stand back and pop off marked targets and AoE when necessary.  There are assault vehicles that turn friendly when low on health, and raiders can and should jump into them.  Heal up the vehicles, because as you progress through the trash, you’ll need them to jump into packs of trash to blow up the bombs and stun the mobs.  Yours truly jumped into one this past week on 10-man, and the picture was priceless (check out our buddy Savante from Torn Empire on Durotan planting a garden under my bot!):

My bumper sticker says PWNKIN.

My bumper sticker says PWNKIN.

Once you’ve cleared the trash, you’ll get to ride on the tram.  That’s right, there’s a tram, and it’s cool.  Just make sure no one pushes the button until everyone is safely on board.  Take the tram to the Spark of Imagination, and from this point on you’ll have a portal there.  Play Frogger 2.0 through the bombs running around Mimiron’s room (they aggro, so don’t assume skirting behind them is safe like in Naxx; look for a nice, wide opening lest you become the target of someone’s rez macro).

The Diagram

After having a good chuckle over my Kologarn diagram, my husband told me that I couldn’t possibly do a diagram encapsulating Mimiron.  He was wrong.



In case that’s not enough info, here’s a more detailed account:

Mimiron Phase 1: The Leviathan

For this phase, spread your raid out around the room.  There are three “pie slices” if you will, and everyone should be spread out about equidistant from the boss, with healers in each slice.  Spread out so you’re about 10 yards from the nearest raiders (melee don’t count, they’ll be running in and out the whole time).  For us, this is one of the two easiest phases.  Melee will be running from Shock Blasts and avoiding mines, and tanks and healers will be blowing cooldowns to mitigate Plasma Blast.  For us, we stand still and dps  (tough, right?).  There are Napalm Shells to worry about, but our healers found it much easier to heal us if we just stood still through it instead of potentially running out of range.  Assuming the tanks survive, this will go quickly and you’ll be moving on to Phase 2 easily.

pewpew lzrsPhase 2: It’s All About the Pew Pew

During this phase, Mimiron will jump into a     stationary robot with big guns (no exaggeration).  For dps, this fight is knowing about when to move and when to stand still.  If you are targeted by the single fire gun, stand still.  This works like eye beams (sort of), and if you run you’re going to rain gunfire upon your friends.  It’s not a good way to keep them.

However, when P3Wx2 Laser Barrage starts (since you’re obviously raiding with an announcement mod…we’ve been over this), you should get a big smack in the face to tell you that he’s spinning up.  Whichever direction his cannon is facing when he stops for the spin up is where the barrage will start.  It will travel in a clockwise motion around the room.  If you are caught in it, you will die, so you and your neighbors in that slice of pie need to find a way out before he starts firing.

And finally, fellow moonkin, what do we do when a big red target of light centers on us?  Take three steps forward so the rocket blows up behind you instead of on your head.  No one wants to gather all your feathers.

Phase 3:  Use Your Noggin

When his guns stop blazing, Mimiron jumps into the head of his system…and I do mean head.  He comes back piloting a mechanical gnome head and releases waves of bots.  Our strat is fairly simple for ranged dps.  All of the ranged dps clumps up right in front of the entrance, with our head tank (usually a hunter) standing a few yards in front of us to guarantee aggro, and we do nothing but attack the head.  To our right, one tank collects Junk Bots.  To our left, another tank or two and melee work on the assault bots and bombs, with a melee dps (usually a rogue) keeping an eye out for the magnetic core and using it.  Once the head dies, we clean up the adds and move onto the final phase.

Phase 4: Put it All Together Now

In phase 4, Mimiron’s VO-L7R-ON bot becomes a complete unit, with each component at 50% health.  The phase 1 Leviathan no longer drops napalms, thank goodness, but still does Shock Blast.  The phase 2 Pew continues, but without the single-target guns.  The head continues to throw plasma balls at the closest and highest target on its aggro table, but no longer summons bots.

Go back to where you were for Phases 1 and 2, but be aware:  now the Laser Barrage is a little trickier.  For one thing, it’s on a movable platform, so if someone accidentally pulls aggro right before spinning up starts, you might have to recalculate where you’re headed.  Avoid rockets and barrage, and watch each segment’s health.  They all need to go down at the same time, so we usually assign groups to each segment and then shift dpsers to different targets as needed until Mimiron wakes up from Yogg’s daydream and stops trying to kill us.

There ya go.  Walking in there the first time is intimidating, considering all the chaos in the room, but you’ll get the hang of it and be moving onto Vezax before you know it.


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Heroic Ulduar: Thorim

I like this fight’s layout, although mastering it might take a little practice.  It took us a considerable amount of time to figure out exactly what combinations worked for us in the first phase.  I’m still going to focus primarily on our feathery ranged dps role, though.

Trash is very easy.  It’s two sets of two dark iron guys.  Tank the two together, and the tanks need to switch targets back and forth until they’re dead.  Single target dps them down.  Do this twice, done.

The Pull

When you walk in the door, there is an assortment of NPCs fighting a Jormungar in an arena-type event.  Kill the Acolyte healer first, then the Captain, then the other NPCs, then finally the Jormungar.  Honestly, I usually kill the healer, dot the captain, then Starfall + Hurricane.  Once everything is dead, Thorim will start a dialogue.  At this point, Phase 1 begins.

Phase 1

You will need to split your raid into two groups, one to play dodgeball-mini-boss-killing in the tunnel and the other to hold off adds in the arena.  I can’t give you a magic formula for who needs to be where.  I can tell you what works for us, and that should be a pretty good guideline.

The Arena Group‘s primarily going to focus on killing adds and staying alive in the arena.  You’re there to distract Thorim with a good show while the tunnel group sneaks in from behind.  We go melee-heavy in the arena because they’re better suited for it.  There are lots of silences in the arena, making it inhospitable to casters, and enough moving around in the tunnel to make it difficult for melee to do any good there.   Our typical arena group consists of two tanks, all the melee, a hunter or two, and 4-5 healers.  If you find yourself in the arena (I have been put in there before, but not in a while), run if you get the all too obvious DBM skull on your head, and the kill order is always Evoker -> Champion -> Warbringer -> Commoner.  Some groups AoE this part; we haven’t had luck with that yet.  Keep this up until Phase 2.

This guy is dressed like a rogue...death is imminent.

This guy is dressed like a rogue...death is imminent.

The Tunnel Group is the one I’m usually in.  We go wait by the gate to the left until Thorim engages, then someone pulls the lever and we run in.  We generally have 1 tank, 1-2 healers, and all the caster dps.  There is trash and two mini-bosses to plow through in order to rescue the arena group.  The trash up to the first mini-boss is pretty simple; kill the Acolyte (Note to my mage friends:  if it is an Acolyte, then its heal needs to be interrupted, kk?) first then the Guardians while playing Dodge the Fireball.  The miniboss will raise one hand with fire and throw a fireball down that side of the tunnel.  Watch his hand and move to the opposite side of tunnel-o-flame (we have someone call it on vent to prevent dumb wipes).

Kill the first miniboss while the whole group is stacked up on his butt a la Attumen & Midnight.  As soon as the door opens, kill the Acolyte standing there and then let your tank run the spawning mobs up the stairs to stop the spawns.  Kill the second Acolyte once you get to the top of the stairs and then kill the second miniboss.  Run away from anyone who has a skull on their head as they become a stationary bomb that will hurt you (a lot).  As soon as the second miniboss is down, kill the adds and head in past Thorim and into the arena (careful–if you manage to do this and engage Thorim in under 3 minutes, you enter Hard Mode).

Phase 2

After all of that mess in Phase 1, this should seem relatively easy.  Clean up the adds left in the arena and start dpsing the boss.  The biggest thing you need to watch for are Lightning Charges.  You’ll see two streams of light traveling along the ground in a direction.  Get away from them, because once he finishes charging the orb, it’s going to blow up at you in a pie-slice shaped AoE.  You don’t want to be standing there when it happens.  Other than that, I just stand wherever I stop and dps him until I have to move again.

It might take you a few tries to figure out how to divide your groups, but once you get it, you’ll be collecting the loot and moving onto Mimiron.

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Heroic Ulduar: Hodir

Ah, Hodir.  My worst fight turned one of my best. I’m very fond of this boss; the fights I struggle to master are usually among my favorites.

Hodir’s Trash

Though Hodir is one of my favorite Ulduar boss fights, his trash is on my least favorite list.  It takes a while, and I’ll admit, I’ve been spoiled to the limited amount of trash up to this point in Ulduar.  Like Freya, there are three types of trash:

Champion of Hodir’s main issue for us is randomly targetted frost breath, which deep freezes players caught in the cone for a few seconds.  Tanks need to make sure they pull him away from any nearby mounds of snow and healers…well, just keep healing whack-a-noob style.  For us, it’s an easy single target dps.

Jormungar Packs pop out of snow mounds on the side of each wall on the way to Hodir.  Avoid the snow.  Your tanks will run up and pull each pack as they’re ready for it.  Aoe these guys down; quick Hurricane and it’s over.  There are quite a few of these mounds, though; and you’ll get pretty darn tired of the big ugly worms before you see Hodir.

Revenant/Elemental Packs pat throughout, and if you read my Freya strat, you’ll notice these are remarkably similar to the packs of flowers.  Kill the revenant first (you can’t miss him, he’s big) and then aoe down the elementals.


I could drone on about the abilities (there are several), but let me make this my easiest strat yet and just give you The Rules.  They are:

1.  Move.  I cannot stress this enough.  Think back to the Nexus and the debuff that makes you take damage when you’re standing still.  Multiply that by 10.  Biting Cold will certainly kill you if you stand still.  What I do is cast -> strafe -> cast -> strafe for most of the fight and refreshing DoTs as needed.

2.  Don’t Stand in Blue Circles.  Really.  Don’t.  Your healers have a hella lot to do in this fight, so give them a freaking break and don’t be a noob.  Make sure Projected Textures is turned on in your Video -> Effects options.  Then, when you see a small blue circle on the ground, move.  If you don’t, icicles are going to fall on your head, and you deserve it.

Icicle Circle

3.  Surf the Snowdrift.  You’ll get DBM warning you that Flash Freeze is coming up.  Start looking for bigger versions of the little blue circles.  Get near them, but not on top of them, as icicles will fall from them just like their smaller cousins.  As soon as the icicles crash, it will turn into a snowdrift.  Get on it.  If you don’t, you’ll turn into an ice tomb, which brings me to number 4.

4.  Cool Friends.  There are 8 very helpful NPCs (including moonkin!) trapped in ice tombs at the beginning of the fight.  Free them first, especially the mages (you can find them by doing /target Missy or /target Sissy–insert your own mage joke here).  They will get retombed every time Flash Freeze occurs, so focus on getting all of the ice tombs opened.  It’s also possible for raid members who don’t make it to a snowdrift to get tombed.  Make them priority.

5.  Bonfires, Light Beams, and Storm Clouds, oh my! Standing near a bonfire (look on the ground, I promise they are there in all the chaos) removes Biting Cold, allowing you to stand still for a little while and cast.  However, they’re hot and melt the ceiling (no, I’m not kidding), so watch for blue circles to appear where you’re standing and move.  Beams of light increase your haste, but you can’t stand still in them, so do a shuffle in the light.  Storm Cloud is an ability that the NPC shaman casts on raiders; it causes you to turn sparkly blue and increases the critical strike percent by 135% to six people around you, so when you start sparking, run headlong into some nearby dps.

6.  Frozen Blows.  I know I say this in almost every strat, but it doesn’t make it any less important.  Maybe it’s the former healer in me coming out, but please, please, PLEASE watch your health.  Frozen blows increases all damage done to raiders by 50%, and your poor healers will be losing their minds trying to keep everyone alive.  Healthstone, pot, bandage (good luck with that), Lifeblood–whatever you can do to help is warranted.

If you can manage all of that and keep a big chunk of your raid and the tank alive, you win, and you’ll probably need a nap.

Easy Achievement Alert:  If you see the chance to stand near a fire and in a light beam at the same time, do it.  You’ll get Heroic: Staying Buffed All Winter.  A lot of us got this our first or second kill without even realizing we were doing it.

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Heroic Ulduar: Freya

Freya is probably my least favorite of the four keeper bosses.  I know that’s blasphemy, being a druid, but it’s true.  I like the fight okay, it’s just not my favorite because it’s very random and chaotic.


There are three different packs of trash throughout the conservatory.  The first is a hapless assortment of trees, flowers, and a lone dragonkin.  There are two ways to handle this; on your first runthrough, I’d suggest CCing what you can and picking them off individually.  We’ve only started aoeing these packs in the past week.

The second pack is a big flower surrounded by little flowers.  This is standard Blizzard MO:  kill the big guy then aoe the little guys.  The third pack is a Crystalline Keeper and a big tree dude.  Why do I mention the keeper by name?  Because she’s a healer and you need to kill her first.

Mini Bosses

The Conservatory is set up in the now-familiar Obsidian Sanctum fashion.  There are 3 minibosses; keeping 1, 2, or 3 of them up leads to better loot.

1.  Elder Stonebark’s main impact for ranged is his Ground Tremor.  It’s just like Ignis’s Flame Jets:  if you are casting when he finishes casting Ground Tremor, you will be locked out of whichever spell school in which you were casting.  So don’t be casting during Ground Tremor.  He also has an ability called Fists of Stone that can one-shot a tank, so I imagine (haven’t asked our tanks how they do it) you would either taunt and kite the boss away from the main tank when he acquires the ability or burn cooldowns.

2.  Elder Ironbranch has two main abilities to be aware of, and both are casted on randomly targetted raid members; no one’s safe from this guy.  The most important for us is Iron Roots.  He roots a few raid members at a time, but unlike our roots, his can be targetted and killed, and should be.  I usually just tab to the nearest one and start pew-pewing, but if you’re having trouble targetting them, a simple /target Iron Roots macro should suffice.  The other ability is Impale, a DoT that must be healed through.  Watch your health; I’ve died to Impale from not paying attention before.

Gaaah!  Im Rooted!

Gaaah! I'm Rooted!

3.  Elder Brightleaf is by far the easiest.  He casts beams of light that heal him if you stand in them, so don’t.  He also does Solar Flare, which from what I can tell is his version of moonfire.  It hits for a lot more than any of our moonfires, though; so healers will need to keep people topped off.


You can say hi to Freya when you walk up, but for the first half of the encounter, you’re basically going to ignore her completely.  She is unkillable until her waves of adds are killed (you can dps her, but because of her buff, she cannot die).

But the first thing you need to know about is the Lifebinder’s Gift.  It’s not a gift for you, that’s for sure.  Throughout all parts of the encounter, a tree will sprout in a green light.  The placement is random, so as soon as someone sees it, we call it.  This tree heals her and her allies, so kill it immediately.

Now, there are three kinds of add waves that spawn randomly, two times a piece:

Ancient Conservator is a giant tree that looks a lot like the miniboss elders.  A tank picks him up, but dps needs to know one primary thing:  if you aren’t standing under one of the mushrooms that sprout while he’s alive, you will be silenced.  I don’t mean occasionally silenced, I mean that standing under a mushroom is the only way to cast.  Stay under mushrooms so you can dps him down.

Occasionally, while this boss is up, raid members will get a debuff called Nature’s Fury.  It turns you into your very own personal lightning rod that hurts anyone standing near you, so move.  DBM puts a big skull on your head.  That’s a BIG hint.

Detonating Lashers are flowers that do exactly what they sound like they should.  When they die, they blow up.  One lasher blowing up near you won’t kill you, but any more than that and your healers are going to excommunicate you.  The past few attempts, we’ve been aoeing them down to around a quarter health and then spreading out so we don’t get blown up by a whole bunch of lashers dying at once.   If you get aggro (and you will), kite the one (or several) on you around.  Keep tab targetting through them until they’re all dead.

Bad Flower, No Sunlight!

Bad Flower, No Sunlight!

Elemental Pack sucks.  Three adds:  Storm Lasher, Ancient Water Spirit, and Snaplasher.  They have to die at the same time, and they all do different and equally painful abilities.  Storm Lasher and Water Spirit need to be dpsed down to about 20% (then STOP, for crying out loud!).  DO NOT ATTACK SNAPLASHER UNTIL THESE TWO ARE AT 20%.  Is that clear?  Everyone?  Snaplasher gets a stacking buff for all the damage done to it, making it impossible to tank for very long if it’s being attacked.  Get the two others down to a nice low number, then have the tank that’s on the Snaplasher start kiting it backwards while dps gets on it.  It is stunnable and snareable, so slow it down to keep it from one shotting the tank as the buff stacks.  We usually have a paladin or two stunning it as it’s kited.  Kill the Snaplasher, and go back to the other two as quickly as possible.  DoTs should have ticked them down to 15% or so, so wear them out and quickly.

If you leave any of them alive too long, the ones that are dead will respawn, and at that point you might as well wipe.

After you’ve seen each of those packs two times (but not consecutively, necessarily), the tank that has been banging on Freya the whole time you’ve been dealing with her friends needs to begin kiting her around as dps starts on her.  She will throw down seed pods that blow up and have a vicious knockback.  You all know the drill by now–don’t stand near seed pods.

Keep enough people alive and execute all of that correctly, and you’ll be looting some epics along with the Alchemist’s Cache, which I have yet to win on a 25-man run.


On an unrelated note, I need some help from you experienced WordPress bloggers.  Several people have mentioned that my layout leaves a lot to be desired (I don’t disagree), so I have been trying to make my own layout with a personal header.  I’m very fiercely trying to avoid writing the CSS myself, so I’ve been hitting up layout builder websites.  None of them seem to work properly.

Suggestions?  If I can’t get a personal layout, I’ll be switching to a better WordPress layout that at least makes the title of the blog readable.

Thanks in advance!

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Heroic Ulduar: Auriaya

I will be honest; this is the fight I understand the least.  I never read the strat (shame on me!), and just kind of learned as I went.  I’ll have to back up my info with strat info, but I’m still going to stick to ranged dps; that part I know pretty well.

The Trash

Very simple, but needs a little explanation.  Basically, there are two Keepers, and you need to pull them to two separate tanks.  Put distance between them, because they spawn orbs that travel back and forth, and for each orb that reaches them, they hit harder.  DPS needs to kill the orb before it reaches its destination.  When the orbs aren’t up, dps the Keepers.  Done.

The Pull

Auriaya, affectionately known as Crazy Cat Lady, pats around the Keepers’ ring.  All of the raid clusters up in the corner (this is to the left of the stairs you just came down when you’re facing the stairs).  We pull her with either a DK’s Death and Decay, which he puts down in the last ring in which she pats and then runs back to the rest of the raid, or a hunter’s snake trap, which he lays down in the same spot before running back to the raid.  This forces her to come to us, and that’s a good thing.

The Cats

Someone needs to mark the cats that pat with her for kill order.  You can’t let them hang out together when you’re trying to kill them because they buff each other too much.  Have one tank on Auriaya, and make sure she’s facing the raid.  Have another tanking the cats you’re not killing off to the side, and have another pull the cats one at a time over to the raid to be killed.  Kill all the cats, then start dpsing Auriaya.

In addition to the cats that pat with her, she summons a Feral Defender.  When you kill the Feral Defender, he leaves a void zone in the floor where he dies.  For this reason, try not to kill him.  Chances are he’ll eventually die from someone’s AoE (like mage’s living bomb), but I avoid Starfall in this fight just to be on the safe side.  He basically runs around hitting people, and it hurts.  If he’s low on health, someone needs to call it out.  Pay attention to where he dies and get out of the big black hole on the floor.  Easy peasy.


Stand in front of her.  Please, please, watch the way her feet turn and make sure you are directly in front of her.  She fears, so tremor totem is awesome, especially for a healer group.  As soon as the fear is over, come right back over and stand in front of her.  Why?  She does a Sonic Screech in a cone in front of her, but the Shockwave damage it creates is split among the targets in the cone.  If you tried to kill her by standing behind her, the tank would be one shot when he received the full blast of the Shockwave.  With most of the 25 people in front of her, it’s damage that is easily healed through.

That’s it.  The whole fight.  It sounds really easy, but the pull alone took us quite a few attempts, so don’t get discouraged if it takes some practice.  Kill her and get ready for my four favorite bosses in the instance so far.

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Heroic Ulduar: Assembly of Iron

Finally approaching the end of the strats I can do until we kill Mimiron, so I want to go ahead and press forward.  Today’s jerks?  The Assembly of Iron, or Iron Council.

This fight is mostly about positioning and reacting (wait, aren’t most like that?).  If you’re doing this on non-hard mode, kill them in this order:

First: Steelbreaker

There needs to be a tank on each boss (there are 3) and a healer on each tank (similar to Karathress, but not nearly as complicated) in separate corners of the room.

Steelbreaker hits for a lot, but thankfully as ranged dps, we don’t care as long as the tank and healers manage to muddle through it okay.  Take note, though: a priest or pally needs to keep an eye on Steelbreaker’s Fusion Punch and dispell or cleanse it as soon as possible.  An uncleansed Fusion Punch will lead to a dead tank and a raid wipe.

Also, until the Runemaster is killed, tanks will have to watch for blue runes to appear on the ground underneath the bosses and kite them out as they increase the damage of whoever is standing in them.

Did you catch that?  The blue runes increase the damage of whoever is standing in them.  When the tank kites Steelbreaker off of the blue runes, jump into them for some sweet burst damage.

Kill Steelbreaker, and move onto the Runemaster.

Second: Runemaster Molegeim

This is a repeat of phase 1 with one primary change: Death Runes.  In addition to the blue Runes of Power, Runemaster will now throw down big, glowy green runes.  These runes are unmistakable, and even if you did miss it, DBM will flash in your face.  Heed the warning and move; they’re called death runes, not happy rainbow bunny runes.

Third: Stormcaller Brundir

Runes and dispells are a thing of 3 seconds ago once Runemaster dies.  Now you need to focus on avoiding anything that looks like lightning.  Stormcaller does four very painful things that can easily kill complacent ranged DPS, so wake up here.

Overload isn’t so bad for us.  Stay at max range and you won’t even have to move.  Any closer than that, and you’d better run when he starts Overloading, because he’ll hit anything within 30 yards with about 25000 damage and knockback.  There is no reason for any moonkin to be close enough to experience this, so don’t.

Chain Lightning.  It’s like that shaman buddy of yours, only it hits a lot harder and it’s not working in your favor.  Be kind to your neighbors; spread out.

Lightning Whirl.  If this isn’t interrupted it’s going to hurt a little, but not for long.  He basically spins around in a whirlwind and throws random lightning at people for about 7500 damage.  It’s pretty, but it hurts, so keep an eye on your health.

*Lightning Tendrils* You might think the asterisks are excessive, but pay attention here.  When Stormcaller raises up on spider-like lightning tendrils, get away from him.  He targets random players and follows them around the room.  Walking backwards will not suffice if you’re near him.  Turn around and run your feathery little tail away from the big electrocuted dwarf.  Anyone caught in Lightning Tendrils will suffer 3-5k damage per second, and especially if you’ve taken any damage from Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl, this could be the death of you.

Easy Achievement Alert:  Get an Iron Boot Flask from Frosthold (purchased with Relics of Ulduar) and carry it with you to this fight.  Don’t drink it at the beginning–you cannot be in moonkin and Dark Iron form at the same time, plus it has a 1 hour cooldown, so if you wipe, you miss the achievement until your next raid.  When Stormcaller is under 1 million health and victory is all but assured, drink the flask, and TA DA:  Heroic: But I’m On Your Side.


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Heroic Ulduar: Kologarn

Kologarn is a simple fight with a lot of room for error.  If you walk in there with a death wish, you can easily make it happen.  Once you put the pieces together and pull off the execution, though; it turns into a cake fight.  Plus, once you have it on farm, you can have a good chuckle and all the people who stood in eye beams.

Quick Antechamber Trash Advice


Kologarn stands at the top of the stairs in the Antechamber.  Since everyone seems to need trash strats, the primary things you need to know to get through the Antechamber are: first, that CC is your friend (sheep humanoids, banish elementals), and second, that Chamber Overseers need to be pulled one at a time and the raid needs to clump on them, as they’ll jump onto anyone out of range.


(How do you like my diagram?  Pretty saucy, eh?)

When you get to Kologarn, walk into his space enough to make him appear (he’ll pop out of the ground to stop you from getting to the keepers).  Spread out in a staggered way, so that no two people are lined up, and for heaven’s sake, don’t stand on the walls.

Kologarn has a few notable abilities for us ranged folks.  The first is Stone Grip.  He will grab a few people in his Right Arm and threaten to kill them.  For this reason, whenever the Right Arm is up (it’s targetable), dps should be on it.  If you get it killed in time, no one will die from Grip, and that’s a good thing.

The other is Focused Eye Beam.  This will kill you and your closest friends if you’re not careful.  Watch for the big, unmistakable blue-green beams that will start on either side of you, merge into one, and then chase you wherever you go.  Because they will chase you wherever you go, as soon as you see them centering on you, turn and run straight back.  If everyone is staggered the way they’re supposed to be, there should be no one directly behind you.  If there is a wall behind you, run straight to the wall, then follow it out to the stairs.  Keep going until it disappears.  Once it’s gone, you can return to your spot and continue what you were doing.  If you fail to move, you will die in the eyebeam.  If you run this over people you will kill them.  This is where there is much opportunity for fail, so pay attention.

When his Right Arm dies, he will spawn adds called Rubble.  These need to be tanked (they HURT) and AoE’d, and they need to die quickly, so as soon as the tank has aggro, go nuts.  Starfall + Hurricane ftw (just don’t Starfall before the tank has aggro.  Trust me on this).

Summary: kill the Right Arm when it’s up, kill the adds when they’re up.  When neither of those is up, DPS Kologarn.  Run from eyebeams without running people over.  Collect loot.

cctvkolo copy

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Heroic Ulduar: XT-002 the Deconstructor

If Razorscale felt like a raid boss, XT-002 feels…well, more like a raid boss. We wiped on him for nearly three hours last night before we got him down.  I have to tell you, though; his speech is wildly amusing. “I guess it doesn’t bend that way!” is probably my favorite. I honestly enjoyed this fight. It was challenging but a strat that I fell easily into, unlike Kologarn. But we’ll get to him tomorrow.

Oh, and I remembered to take more screenshots this time, because let’s face it, who reads blogs without pictures? Starting with XT-002’s exercise regimen he performs pre-pull as you watch from the door:



The Bombs

There are two types of human bombs:  Light and Gravity.  Light does DoT damage to you and in a 10 yd AoE area around you.  Gravity does damage and sucks nearby people towards you when it blooms, but the range is more like 15 yds.  We settled finally on 10 yd distance (DBM /distance automatically assumes 10 yds).  With this strat, if you get Light, you stand still.  Assuming you’re actually watching your distance display, you will already be 10 yds apart so you won’t affect anyone else.  If you get Gravity, you run out of the raid so that you are more than 15 yds from anyone when it ticks off.  Healers need to throw HoTs on nearby Gravity victims so they don’t die while they’re waiting for it to tick.

The Adds

There are three types of adds that appear throughout the fight.  The Bombots should be nuked, and they do damage to anything nearby, friend or enemy, upon getting killed.  You can’t miss these guys; they’re round black bombs with big fuses and legs, just like the ones in Mario on crack.  Next are the Pummelers.  They are big, ugly, and have 2 mil hit points.  Forget trying to kill them, you have a 6 minute enrage timer to beat.  Let tanks pick them up and kite them around.  Each tank needs to have a healer that runs with them.  A good healer, at that, because the damage adds up as they acquire more Pummelers.  And finally, the Scrapbots.  Scrapbots are tiny reddish-colored robots that the boss will consume, much like Gluth’s Zombie Chow.  We had AoE-ers on the left and right (hunters, mages, warlocks) to catch these Scrapbots, slow them any way possible (Frost Nova works), and kill them.  They called the direction so the rest of us could watch for them, too; and keep them from the boss.  Moonfire their little metal butts if they get too close, it’s very satisfying.

The Phases

These phases are alternating and obvious.  He has a very stable, steady pattern, so everyone should be able to get into the swing of the phases pretty quickly.

Phase 1

The first phase 1 starts with the pull.  XT says “New toys?  For me?  Oh, I promise I won’t break them this time!”  (mmhmm, sure).  Immediately spread out to 10 yds apiece.  At first, this is very straightforward.  DPS the boss, pay attention to bombs, and GTFO if you get Gravity.

Then comes Tympanic Tantrum.  Being the giant, metallic, spoiled brat he is, XT is bound to have a tantrum, which wouldn’t be too bad if it didn’t  blast away at your raid.  Healers need to go crazy during tantrum, big heals on tanks; good, solid group healing in raid.  If you are dpsing and you see the healing not keeping up with your health, it is your responsibility to use a stone or a pot (or even a heal, if you’re desperate) to keep yourself alive.  I used Lifeblood (yay, herbalism) and made use of my one measly healthstone several times.

Every time he loses 25% health, you’ll switch to Phase 2.

Phase 2

This starts with XT saying “So tired.  I will rest for a moment.”  At this time, his heart will become exposed.  Go crazy on that heart.  Heroism, Treants, Army of the Dead, Mirror Image; whatever the heck you’ve got.  The more damage you do to his heart, the less health he will have when Phase 1 returns.  But big fat note:  If you kill the heart, you will enter hard mode.  And hard mode is hard. So kick its butt, but leave it beating…for now.

During this time, adds will appear, as described above.  Take care of the adds and the heart, and in a few seconds, XT will be ready to play again.

xt002 copy

As with every other boss:  keep most of your raid alive and beat the timer, you’ll be collecting your worthless, non-moonkin loot:


Now go spank that naughty robot, and good luck!


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