About this Whole Blog Thing…and everything else

Where to begin.


Legit the first pic I ever posted. Hai Pengu.

Tastes Like Battle Chicken has existed for almost 8 years. That’s a really long time when you think about it. Lots of things kept me writing: the community (especially Twitter! <3) the Newbie Blogger Initiative (remember that?!), my friends at the time.

And lots of things kept me from not posting, but let’s not dwell on that.

I’ve missed this. So here I am.

Where is Here?

So I’ve been on kind of a WoW journey in the past few years. Left my guild of 6 years to join a new one, raided with that guild–dysfunctional family that it was–for 2 years, left that guild and transferred servers for the first time to raid with a new guild on Sargeras only to leave and join yet another guild.

Yeah okay. The point is, now I’m a shaman and I play in <Crisp> on Baelgun. And for the first time in a while, I’m pretty happy with where I am and what I’m doing.


Probably should’ve stuck with balance druid, though.

What Now?

Now we play and we raid and we chat on Twitter and we run Mythic+ and do world quests and complain about the legendary system and then complain about the legendary nerfs and post screenshots and get frustrated and get excited and all the things we’ve always done.


Cause that’s how we do, and it’s all right that way.



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6 responses to “About this Whole Blog Thing…and everything else

  1. Marathal

    Crisp and Baelgun Now there is a name I have not heard in quite awhile. There was a time, back in Cata? That a Horde guild, that is no longer around I believe, and Crisp hosted a level 1 race. I rolled a character there, and was one of the team that won. I got a Sandstone drake as a prize. Glad to hear they are still around. And also that you have found a group to have fun with.

    • battlechicken

      Haha, that’s awesome, I’ll have to ask if anyone remembers that. It’s a good place. 😀

      • Marathal

        I didn’t participate, but I went there to watch this. It was 9000 levels of awesome.

      • battlechicken

        Lol, that looks like it was a blast!

      • Marathal

        Oh the lag was incredible. Even just standing by in the stands watching.

      • battlechicken

        Lol, there’s this thing in EVE Online called time dilation (TiDi). When there’s a whole bunch of ships in the same area, everything slows down–it’s literally built-in lag. I think it’s supposed to make things more fair. If everyone’s lagging then no one is? 😛 Whenever I see a big event in WoW that lags everything, that’s what I think of now!

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