Legion Beta Picture Dump 2 – Val’Sharah & Stormheim

It took me longer than it should have to hit 110, but I’ve been taking my time. And, of course, screenshots. What’s a vacation without pictures?


More after the break cause don’t wanna accidentally spoil for someone.


So far, Aszuna is my favorite zone, with these next two coming in after it and being about equal. First was Val’Sharah, and my favorite thing about this zone is that it’s all about druids. What’s not to like?

And the gif that came from Val’Sharah; specifically, the Grove of Cenarius:

grove of cenarius


I loved the heck out of Stormheim, too; almost if not as much as Val’sharah, which surprised me considering DURIDS.

The Stormheim story as a whole isn’t my favorite compared to Val’sharah and certainly not to Aszuna, but it has some great moments that make up for it. However, if you love the Vrykul and Howling Fjord was your home away from home in Northrend, then you will love it.

And there are grappling hooks–do you know what a moonkin looks like on a grappling hook? Pretty freaking incredible, okay.

And the gif–Vrykul architecture AND rain-defying fire:


I’ve hit 110 now, but I still have Highmountain and Suramar to go in my goal to get the Loremaster achievements in each zone. So far, I can’t say I love Highmountain, but I guess we’ll see where it goes.

For now, I’m focused on doing world quests and heroics cause that 825 gear feels good.

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