Legion Beta Picture Dump Part 1: Azsuna & The Dreamgrove


I can’t help it, I have to take screenshots. It’s a thing, okay. And there are lots of pretty pretty things to take screenshots of in the Legion beta so far. I’m going to put everything else after a break; I don’t plan on posting spoilers but some people I know are really particular about their exposure, and I don’t want to risk ruining anything.

First character was, of course, a druid. I’ve gotten her to 103, finished the Azsuna questing area, upgraded my artifact weapon a few times, and done some instances. I’m digging it so far, even with the phasing issues that have been plaguing beta since it started this week.

Balance druid is different, but we should be sort of used to that by now, eh? I like the style. It feels dynamic; your choices matter. Fury of Elune is fun to play with, like a freaking mini-game to keep it going. HOW LONG CAN I LAST?

(That’s what he said).

The Dreamgrove

Okay, so here’s pics of the Dreamgrove first, the druid class hall (click to see them larger):

It’s very druidy, and the Dreamgrove portal room might be my favorite. It’s so lush. Not to mention that the artifact tool is a seed that grows into a giant tree hand when you use it.

I kind of got on a gif-making roll today, so here’s the one I posted on Twitter for the Dreamgrove:



I’ve done all the quests in the zone I could find and got the achievement (Azsuna Matata…no, I’m not kidding. Blizzard srsly killing me with the dad jokes).

Favorite quest chains were the Azurewing one (blue dragons!) and the Nar’thalas Academy one with an unmistakable nod to one of my other favorite universes and its famous wizarding school.

See? Pretty places! And also I got dragged around tied to a rope. And I got a bunch of whelpling friends. And UNICORNS. #unicornwatch #legionbeta

And, of course, I couldn’t resist another gif:


Moving on to Val’sharah next, assuming phasing doesn’t screw me out of it for now. Have to take a break from beta tonight, though–it’s raid night.

P.S. If you’re in beta and you want to play together (I’m alli, obviously), add me! Ambermist#1266. 🙂


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2 responses to “Legion Beta Picture Dump Part 1: Azsuna & The Dreamgrove

  1. I haven’t play WoW for over a year but these new zones look SO pretty that I am so so tempted. The artist side of me is enthralled with how beautiful and creative these new areas look.

    • battlechicken

      Some of the places are so beautiful. I “wasted” a lot of time taking screenshots and gifs, but it was totally worth. 😛

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