Warlords So Far: Raaaaaaaaaaaaiding!

Regardless of the level of progression, the focus for most raiding guilds the past few weeks has been solidly centered on Highmaul. First, Normal and Heroic difficulties, then Mythic & LFR. I’ve seen a lot of guilds on my own server as well as several groups using the Premade finder venture into Normal & Heroic, downing some bosses and farming trash for epics. LFR is a little on the easy side, but I suppose a year of complaining about idiots in Siege of Orgrimmar LFR would lead to that.

As for my guild, we’ve cleared Normal and Heroic, picking up realm first Heroic clear & Mythic Kargath along the way,ย and are working on Twin Ogron in Mythic. Accompanying screenshots, of course:



I dig the raid so far, but that could be relief from being out of Siege of Orgrimmar! The encounters are fun (at least for now), and it feels great to be raiding something new.

What about you? What difficulties have you ventured into? What have you found there?


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