Warlords So Far: The Little Things

PEPEEven the commander needs to sleepFeels like homeImma StatueGet it, it's a fish hat. For fishing. Burn Baby Burn

Amber & Livster, the Ladies

Chirp ChirpAnd here we watch as the majestic moonkin takes flight...


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2 responses to “Warlords So Far: The Little Things

  1. Great screenshots there. Since I play primarily Horde, just started on my Alliance alts in Draenor and seeing some of these shots makes me want to get further along than what I am currently 91-92.

  2. battlechicken

    I haven’t started leveling my horde character yet, but I definitely want to get on it soon–one of my horde friends says that the opening zone is a must MUST see!

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