Entitlement, Feats of Strength, & the Removal of In-Game Rewards

This is a lengthier discussion on something I posted on Twitter.

For some who read this, this is going to sound a little bit cold and maybe a touch heartless: you aren’t entitled to every achievement and mount in the game.

As 6.0 draws closer and closer, there’s a small cacophony going on in a few segments of the WoW community. I’ve seen it on the official forums, Twitter, and let me assure you, I’ve seen it a lot in-game. Trade chat, whispers, ignores–you name it, I’ve experienced it.

This outburst is related to the fact that there are many things that will be unobtainable after 6.0/Warlords. The two that spring to mind most quickly are the legendary cloak and the Normal & Heroic Garrosh achievements and their accompanying titles/mount. While the reasons stated for the request are often different, the statement itself is always the same: “Don’t remove them, I should be able to acquire them once they are no longer content.”

Let’s just stop right there for a second and talk about a good word: achievement.

Don't judge me.

Don’t judge me.

Of course, most of us who play WoW relate that word to the blingy bling that pops up when we do something cool (or sometimes ridiculous, stupid, tedious, and seriously-what-were-you-THINKING-with-this-one-Blizzard).

  1. 1.
    a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.
    “to reach this stage is a great achievement”

That is a stellar, 10-point word.

When I raid and we down bosses, it’s an achievement, an accomplishment. It is a thing we have done successfully with effort and skill. We put time and energy and practice and skill into raiding and we are rewarded for our efforts with gear, achievements, titles, and mounts.

But everyone has different interests and skills in WoW, and while they often cross over (and some people are just boss at everything, P.S., I both love you and despise you), usually each player will have a focus–a thing that they like to do and are good at doing.

Though there are MANY examples of this, the most obvious to mention in relation to raiding is PvP. Some people are amazing at PvP. When they build up their rank and their points, when they win arena after arena or rated battleground after rated battleground, they also experience achievement. They also receive rewards of gear, achievements, titles, and mounts.

You know what? I will never see those high-level PvP rewards. I don’t love PvP the way I love to raid. What little skill I have is focused on PvE, and that leaves PvP mostly out of reach for me. And you know what? That’s okay. I don’t expect to receive the rewards PvPers do. That’s their skill, and I am impressed. More power to them!

PvP? Nah, I'm good.

In the same way, there are those who will never see the Heroic raiding achievements, mounts, and titles. They’ll never have the highest level of raiding gear. And that should be okay, too.

Whatever you do in this game, whatever you’re skilled at, you have something available that allows you to say, “HEY, HERE I AM, THIS IS WHAT I’M GOOD AT!” PvE, PvP, pet battles/collections, reputation, professions, quests, leveling, even gold-making. I’ll never have the high-level PvP rewards, I’ll never have the best archaeology rewards (my eyes are bleeding just thinking about it), and I’ll definitely never see any awesome pet battle achievements.

But I have Heroic Siege under my belt. I have the titles and the mounts and the gear. It’s what I’m almost good at, it’s where I get my rewards.

Iron Juggernaut

I guess here’s where my issue with those who are making an uproar over the removal of these achievements: if you aren’t a raider and you haven’t put the time and effort into raiding, why do you feel entitled to the rewards of that section of the game?

It’s okay to be a little envious or a little disappointed that you’re not going to get something you want, but instead of dwelling on it, enjoy what you do well. Enjoy the aspect of the game you like. Put all of your effort and time into that thing and become the BEST at that thing. Get all of the rewards for that thing. I won’t expect to get the rewards from the thing you’re amazing at. Please don’t get angry about not getting the rewards from the thing I’m good at.

Addendum: When this comes up in Trade chat, the next message is usually, “But you sell Heroic Garrosh for gold, doesn’t that ruin the special-ness?” Well, I’d say that the people who spend their time, effort, and energy making butt-tons (yes, that’s an official measurement) of gold are allowed to spend that gold how they wish–gold-making IS their skill, and their reward for their effort is being able to buy whatever they want most, be it an insanely expensive pet, mount, PvP rating, or PvE achievements. 

Seriously, though, 800k gold for a Spectral Tiger? I’ll pass!


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15 responses to “Entitlement, Feats of Strength, & the Removal of In-Game Rewards

  1. Your very lucky to have found a spot that suits you.

  2. illogical

    I am just glad that i could sit on a bench for 6 months and get my title/fos for HM garrosh …

    • battlechicken

      You did heal through our 25m heroic progression in CCT before we went to 10m, dweeb.

      We show you kindness and you repay by making smart aleck comments? PFFFT!


  3. You’ve summed it up pretty nicely as to why I don’t really give a toss about achievements. In their current state, most of them become trivial after a certain amount of time because we can just go back and nuke it all in one evening.

    Siege has been out for a year now. In that time I chose not to raid, I chose not to put the effort in to gear, gem, enchant and research my class, and I chose not to be in a guild that offered that kind of raiding, even if it was something I was interested in. As a result, I don’t have heroic achievements and I’m totally fine with that.

    My only counter-point to all of this is that Blizzard probably should have given people a LOT more heads up that this was coming (Maybe they did, but I have only heard about it now). It’s not like I can magically gear up and go find a successful heroic raid team (or legally acquire enough gold to buy a killl) tomorrow, and that is a sucky thing for those who love achievements but perhaps aren’t ready or willing to ditch their guilds and friends for a title and mount.

    Great, thought provoking post 🙂

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, and I’m the same way. There was a break I took from raiding back in Cataclysm, and for the first time ever I missed progression. I’m not going to say I wasn’t a little disappointed knowing that they went and did Heroic without me and that I didn’t get to experience that, but even if there had been rewards I missed, I wouldn’t have been too upset about it–my choice to not raid, after all.

      The only counter (counter counter?!) to the fact that they should have advance warning is that the Normal & Heroic Garrosh achievements are “Ahead of the Curve” & “Cutting Edge,” and it’s written right on the achievement that when the current tier is over, the achievements are unavailable.

      As for the legendary cloak, I’m kinda both ways with that one. On the one hand, a month or two is pretty short notice, especially for non-raiders. That quest has a lot of steps and, let’s be honest, sometimes LFR is straight-up BRUTAL.

      On the other hand, it’s been available for an entire 2 year expansion, so if you haven’t started working on it yet, you either chose not to try for it until the very end or you’re just coming back from the game, in which case I’m kinda “meh” about whether or not Blizzard should hold the presses to make sure you get your cloak, you know?

      Thank you, Neri!

  4. I think that is what I have the problem with – is someone else defining what’s “significant” or not. I think it’s just as fun to go with the Old Ladies and do old content as it is when it’s fresh. When that option is taken away, then it’s just unnecessary sadness.

    • battlechicken

      I completely agree with not removing content–it’s fun to go back and play old raids for drops. I’m sure at 100, there will still be groups going back for Heroic Garrosh and a chance at that 1% Kor’kron Juggernaut!

      I’m mostly talking here about those who have been complaining about the removal of things like Ahead of the Curve & Cutting Edge and their accompanying rewards. The raids aren’t being removed, just the two titles and the guaranteed War Wolf.

      When it comes to the legendary cloak, I’m kind of on the fence. On the one hand, I can understand people wanting to go back and work on it just like people work on Thunderfury and the FL staff. On the other hand, it’s been available to anyone, even non-raiders through LFR, for most of the expansion, so I guess I can see both sides of that one. Completely stoked for the new legendary to work toward in Warlords, though!

  5. I used to be a hardcore raider and it never bothered me that people who were unable for whatever reason when it was current went in later on and got the same rewards I did, like Ulduar for example. I got my Proto-Drakes and my legendary when they were “hard” ish (when Ulduar was the current level of content) but that achievement isn’t diminished for me because now people can solo the same content and get the same rewards however I know that most people in a similar position don’t share my views on that.

    On the other hand I don’t raid at the moment, (emotional pregnant mess), but that’s my choice and I don’t have any interest in the rewards either because I wouldn’t have earned them.

    I think all things being relatively equal, I dislike things being removed from the game on principle, Cataclysm stole far too many of my favourite quests. Plus I’m a cynic. Mr Harpy got his Rhok”delar the hard way but I know far too many vanilla hunters who paid another of my guildmates to do the quests for them.

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, and I think I didn’t word this well enough. I wouldn’t be bothered at all if they changed their mind at the last minute and left those rewards in. Not that I don’t enjoy being proud of having something I worked for, but I certainly wouldn’t be chafed if they left the War Wolf and/or the titles in.

      My issue is the complaining–everything from “I don’t even want to play in Warlords if this is the way they’re going to run the game” to “You’re an elitist prick, you should be giving out those achievements for free.” That’s the part that frustrates me, I think; the attitude more than the game.

      By the way, congrats on the wee one! As much discomfort and emotional mess as pregnancy is, it’s so special. 🙂

      • Thanks. It’s been “interesting” so far to the point I had to give up work because being sick all over people and randomly passing out ( always had relatively low blood pressure and apparently now it’s even lower) aren’t good when you’re meant to be doing home visits.

        I totally agree with the attitude of certain members of the community. My old raiding GM used to have great fun on the forums when attunements were still in place for the Black Temple arguing with everyone who thought that they should just be able to walk straight in. Some of the “counter”-arguments used against him were weak to say the least and would involve quite a bit of on-line foot stamping.

  6. I really enjoyed this article! It was thought provoking and well written, so much so that hey! I wrote a post in response!

  7. some people just want to have lots of “achievements points” to show off, make them feel good.. the truth is (this sounds harsh) no one really cares about that. Just like when I walk by a full mythic gear person I won’t stare at him all day, maybe a few secs then I am going back to do other things pet battles etc. It is always funny to see people rushing through 30 quests in a specific zone just for an achievement, or spend days exploring zones with their flying mounts just for the title: explorer.. very pathetic. I mean for those people, the game is such a pain..

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