Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

A Look Back 

I created Ambermist in 2006. I leveled her when I came to visit my then-boyfriend on weekends (if you’re wondering, yes, it took forever). Not quite a year later, I hit 70. Within 10 minutes, I was invited to Chi Cerca Trova. My guild note then? “UK’s girlfriend.”

The next 4 years, I raided with CCT, climbing our way through BC & WotLK raids. I moved away from being UK’s girlfriend and worked to become a raider in my own right.

CCT in Naxxramas

At the end of Wrath, having met the end of my rope in the drama of the time, I gquit and raided with a different guild before taking a break from the game. When I came back in summer of 2011, the guild I had raided with was a skeleton, and it didn’t take long for me to find my way back home to CCT.

In 2012, we started in Mists of Pandaria, and were almost immediately sacked with guild drama. When the dust cleared, we had lost 12 members within the first 4 weeks of the first tier. In the midst of this chaos and in need of new officers, I was promoted. The last year and a half have been a crazy ride. We rebuilt the guild, thanks in no small part to one of our officers reaching out to everyone he could, and pulling in several of the players I have grown closest to in the past year.

We progressed halfway through Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar before our 25-man went 10, and then we cleared Heroic Garrosh in our 10-man. I was proud to be a part of making that happen, even if there were moments that made me want to quit altogether.

Last 25m CCT Kill

In the past few months, though; I’ve been slowly coming to a realization, and things have been changing little by little during that time. I love CCT, I always will, but what I want from the game has changed.

…And a Look Forward

Last night, with a heavy heart but a big dose of optimism, I left Chi Cerca Trova. I hope that the friends that I have there will still be my friends today.

For Warlords of Draenor, though; I will be raiding with Check Please. Of all the things I expected to happen, this was definitely not it, but it’s the right decision for me right now. I have thoroughly enjoyed raiding with them over the past few weeks in our 25-man collab, and when we go back to Garrosh on Monday, it will be as one guild.

A New Guild Tag


Thank you, CCT, for letting me be an idiot sometimes, and for putting up with my sometimes frenetic leadership in the past 6 months. Thank you for memories and moments and funny pics and mumble conversations I will never forget.

And thank you, Check Please, for taking me in. I’ll see you all on The Stoop. ❤



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4 responses to “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

  1. Moonspook

    It’s interesting to read how similar your WoW history is to my wife’s. She started playing WoW on my computer/account when she visited me on weekends. Eventually we married, moved in together and transferred her character to her own account. She started in my guild as, yes, my gf and later wife, and through some drama when the guild fell apart and people left, she became a GM and raid leader at different times and in two different guilds, until our daughter was born last year and she stopped playing to look after her.

    I don’t really have a point to this, it just made me smile how similar your histories are 🙂

    • battlechicken

      Wow, that really is remarkably similar. In the past 6 months, I’ve been raid and guild leading, as well. High five to your wife, it’s always cool to find someone who can relate, especially to this extent!

  2. Wow your life is a rollercoaster! 😀 Trying to keep up with what you’re doing seem like such a wild emotional ride /hugs I’m sure you’ve made the right decision!

    • battlechicken

      Rollercoaster is definitely the right word for it, but I think we’re finally getting to the scenic part of the ride. 😀

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