Chi Cerca Trova & Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic: 10 vs 25

After 2 months of being unable to progress because we couldn’t recruit faster than we were losing people to burn-out and real life, the decision was made this week to go to 10-man Heroic. Our goal? Get through the content as quickly as possible and then get everyone subbed in to get the Heroic Garrosh kill they’ve earned.

As it turns out, though; there are some things about 10m that required some adjusting on our part. If you find yourself in a similar situation, dropping from 25 to 10, let me share with you the lessons we learned our first night in 10s!

ImageImmerseus: Ow, That Hurts

First lesson we learned is that the Swelling Corruption stacking DoT really matters on 10m (REALLY matters).

On 25m, with so many DPS splitting the stacks (and usually running with an extra healer), we basically ignored the DoT. No one usually got more than 2-3, maybe 4 stacks, and since we were all in the same small piece of real estate anyway, healing through it was no big deal.

In 10m, though, we had a few wipes because people were dying with ticks between 600k and 800k–ouch! So, we had to do what the Pandaren have been telling us to do all along: S l o w  D o w n. We had to watch our stacks and not go above 5. Once we did that, the fight was a lot easier, if still a little annoying.

Protectors: Just Go Ahead and Stack Everything

Protectors was actually way, way easier on 10 than 25. Ranged stacked up and got healed, we took a few steps out for Corrupted Brew and Sha Sear, but other than that we just executed the fight normally from our spots.

Much to everyone’s (okay, well, half the raid, at least) delight, we stacked the bosses very, very tightly, making for a quick, mostly clean kill. No melee were (significantly) harmed in the killing of this boss.

Norushen: Oh, Hey, Adds.

On 25m, we always had 2-3 DPS that never had their corruption cleared and focused on adds so that those who were at 0 corruption could focus entirely on the boss. In 10m, we sent all of our DPS in, and that meant that everyone needed to be more attentive on adds, something we almost failed at.

Thankfully, we cleared it up pretty quickly, and since we had all of the DPS in and out so quickly, once the little adds were dead, the fight was a cake walk. In fact, we beat our 25m time by almost a minute!

Sha of Pride: Heroic LFR

Compared to 25m, 10m Sha of Pride was much, much less chaotic. We stacked up like you do on LFR, focused on rifts closest to our stacked group, and executed everything else normally. Except for a couple of “whoops” deaths, Sha went down pretty easily.

Galakras, Iron Juggernaut, & Dark Shaman: Business as Usual

Except for some positioning adjustments on Juggernaut and me still learning to tank Shaman (and a few would-be Storm Chasers), these three bosses remained largely unchanged. We used identical strats to our 25m, just pared down to fit the group.

Nazgrim: On Your Toes

Biggest difference for Nazgrim (besides getting distracted and standing in Aftershock–oh, no, wait, that’s not that different) is that we have fewer people covering interrupts and stuns, so we had some deaths to Ironblades, especially combined with Bonecracker or War Song.

We stopped at Nazgrim for the night, but we’re going back in there Monday, and we can’t wait to kill Thok, at last.




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6 responses to “Chi Cerca Trova & Siege of Orgrimmar Heroic: 10 vs 25

  1. That’s really interesting to read Ambermist! It’s hard to look at it from a 25man perspective for me, since i’m a 10man player, and reading your experience is really eye opening.

    • battlechicken

      It was definitely more of a shift than I expected! It’s definitely given me new insight to 10m raiding.

  2. I’ve complained about it before the disparity of 10m and 25m and the increased burden of responsibility in 10m on certain fights. In the few instances where our 2nd 10m group had pugs who had done the fights on 25m, the Immerseus corruption stack really caught them off guard. Heroic Siegecrafter in 10m definitely sucks compared to the 25m footage I’ve seen. Good luck on the rest of the instance 🙂

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, it seems like rather than the bosses being balanced for each encounter size, it’s more like okay, this boss is easier on 10m, so this one will be easier on 25m.

      And honestly, I don’t know how you’d fix that–I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to tune encounters for two different raid sizes that are, in my opinion, pretty far removed from each other.

      Here’s to Mythic raiding! lol

  3. Good post! I’m a 25 man raider myself and I dig the more resilient and interesting compositions of that bracket, versus 10s.
    My previous guild had done the 25 -> 10 switch and we found out (the hard way) that things are much different. Some fights are harder, others are easier, it just depends on how they’re tuned.
    Looking forward to Mythic raiding in WoD for when (hopefully) we’ll see the end of the 10 vs. 25 debate in serious progression raiding.

    • battlechicken

      I’m looking forward to Mythic a lot, too. Having the highest raid tier be one size makes way more sense to me in terms of tuning, progression, and those who enjoy the competition.

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