I’m Still Okay with the Timeless Isle

I can’t even keep up with the rate my Twitter feed moves anymore, but every now and then when I’m scrolling through, something will catch my eye. A week or so ago, it was a link to Blog Azeroth’s shared topic idea, which boiled down to: “How much time do you spend on the Timeless Isle, and why?”

Edit to add: Okay, so after I posted this, I realized that I had used the headlining picture previously. Can’t have that, so now there’s a brand new bonus pic. ๐Ÿ˜›

Timeless Isle Redux


Rare Hunt

It stood out to me because I have spent a ton of time on the Isle, and truthfully, I don’t hate it yet. I don’t spend all my time chasing after rares or completing events like I did at first, but I’m still there at least a few times a week.

On my druid, I’m working on Shaohao exalted rep. Yes, really. At least 3 members of my guild think I haveย gone completely stupid. I’m not sure they’re wrong.


Every Tuesday, I go out to the Isle, pick up the weeklies (cause Valor), and go kill Ordos Fire Dudes on Fire Dude Hill. So many fire dudes have died, guys; sometimes I feel the need to preserve their legacy.


Of course, Timeless Isle is best for alts–I have at least one complete set of each type of Timeless armor tokens sitting on my bank alt just in case, I don’t know, I decide to level 4 more warlocks or something. It could happen.

Each of my alts has spent at least a tiny bit of time on the Isle, certainly some more than others.


Both my hunter and shaman dinged 90 on the Isle thanks to the convenient worm packs and friends who didn’t mind killing large scores of mobs or dragging me through the crystal cave in search of a Crystal of Insanity (<3 Frenzie!).

And, of course, my druid and my shaman go out there every week to kill the Celestials and Ordos, because I sure love boxes of gold. Who needs loot when you’ve got BOXES. of GOLD.

I imagine that the Timeless Isle will continue to be at least a part of what I do every week until I throw my computer out the window in a rage fit one raid night or 6.0 drops, whichever comes first.


What about you?


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20 responses to “I’m Still Okay with the Timeless Isle

  1. I have a lot of characters that are sick of it and don’t go back but strangely for each new alt that arrives it’s all new and fun again. I haven’t figured that out yet, lol.

    • battlechicken

      I think the key is small doses! lol. I can’t spend all my time there or it wears off really quickly, but a little bit each week seems to be exactly right.

      And hey, new characters, new gear, new transmogs–I can see why it would make you come back!

  2. I stopped going to Timeless Isle a long time ago because of all the gankers annoying the crap out of me everytime I went there and tried to get something done. It didn’t even matter when or which character. I still go there maybe once a week to kill the bosses on some of my characters, but I’m fast on the Hearthstone to get away again after I’m done. I think I would have spent more time there if it wasn’t for those annoying people, but it’s not that important. I don’t need to do the achievements right now.

    • battlechicken

      Ahh, I can’t even imagine the Isle on a PvP realm. The few times I’ve been brought to a PvP realm for a boss, there have always been little battles breaking out, especially at Ordos.

      I’m pretty sure if I were on a PvP realm I probably wouldn’t go much at all unless I was with a group. I’d get annoyed at being killed all the time, and I think that would definitely not be worth the effort.

      • Yeah, that’s how it’s like over here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Got my characters on Kazzak and Tarren Mill, EU. Two of the biggest Horde realms and so many annoying people. I wish they never made that item which makes you able to kill your own faction. It doesn’t help that those who’ve been killed get a debuff so they don’t give any Bloody Coins, because people still kill them just to be annoying. Sometimes they even go in a big group and run around the isle looking for players trying to kill rare mobs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But that’s the only reason why I don’t like Timeless Isle, but it’s also a reason which makes me not want to go there at all.

      • battlechicken

        We need to just get you on a PvE server for a couple of hours so you can poke around more without fearing for your life!

      • This is the reason why I had to move all my characters in PvE servers. >.<

  3. Nice post man, I personally started hating Timeless Isle after the first few weeks or so. I spent the first week pretty much on it 24/7 with my guild, after that I just couldnt stand being there haha. I mentioned that in my recent pandaria review actually, check it out if you’d like. Overall, do you think MoP was a good expansion?

    • battlechicken

      I think a lot of people have experienced that, and I’ve definitely learned everything in moderation, especially when it comes to WoW!

      I enjoyed MoP. No expansion is perfect, and I have my nitpicky things, but overall, I rate it higher than Cata, maybe about even with Wrath for me.

  4. marathal

    I got to a point where I would dread going out there, because I felt I had to. Now I kind of find myself out there most everyday because it’s kind of a fun place. I don’t really try to get weekly done in an hour any more, the 5 rares? Could take me 2-3 weeks. Now I go out, grab all of my buffs and hope for a Chi Ji shrine buff and feel like a god for an hour or so. If I see people in guild out working on gearing Alt’s I will jump in to help. Fire dudes are good for cloth drops. So much cloth. Almost a Doge moment there. Much Cloth, So Dead Firedudes, Many Bolts.

    • battlechicken

      Yes! So Dead Firedudes, Many Useless Burdens, Much Huolon.

      I think I kill Huolon more than any rare on the Isle just because he always flies over my head, so I run down the hill and call it. Maybe one day I’ll even get his mount…ha ha ha. >.>

      It’s also a really pretty zone. I love the continuous orange sky.

  5. I still haven’t geared up everybody that I have yet, however, I don’t go out there every single day like some of my friends do – don’t want to get totally burned out on it yet. I do go out two or three times a week on various characters – Have one character fully geared out and the others aren’t far behind.

    • battlechicken

      I think if I went out there on every one of my characters, I’d be completely sick of it in a week! There’s definitely something to be said for moderation; I think you’ve got the right idea.

      • I know that some people go out every single day to do the dailies – however, that was driving me wild with multiple characters – so, I go when the mood strikes me ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. thetuskedsquires

    The only time I ever go back to the Timeless Isle is when I want phat l00tz from Ordos. I never play any of my other level 90 alts any more, so it’s not much use to them,,, When I get an alt to level 90 I begin farming on the Timeless Isle, and just thirty minutes later I realise I’m just not motivated by it any more.

    Better go level another alt.

    • battlechicken

      Haha, yeah, I’m not far off with the alts. The only alt I’ve really taken an interest in gearing up is the shaman, so I pretty much only spend time on her or my main unless I’m crafting on one of them.

      The worst was the hunter. I hit 90, turned on all my tokens into pieces, and then didn’t log onto her again except for the Valentine’s Day bosses. I just can’t. She bores me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Hm, funny, I suddenly feel like there’s a hunter’s mark on my head…

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