Why I Don’t Like You, And Probably Never Will

UPDATE: There’s been a meeting of the minds, so to speak, and our guild and the guild that is the subject of this post (and the myriad comments below) has reached an agreement. Good grief, I sound like I’m writing some kind of political release.

Fahget about it. We’re starting over, clean slate. Nothing to see here, move along.


For weeks, I’ve been telling my guildies not to feed the trolls, and (for the most part), they’ve been great. Here I go ruining it, because I have a big bag of troll food, and I’ve got to use it up before it goes stale.


So this is an open letter to whom it may concern:

It’s one thing to win, and the truth is, I don’t fault you for being first. I’m not all that jealous of your progression or gear. See, our guild never set out to be first. We were (mostly) content to do the best we could do, which sometimes was great and sometimes wasn’t.

We got a new team at the helm with some new ideas about raiding, and we got a little better. A little more consistent, a little more focused, a little more driven. That, combined with the server we’ve called home for nearly 10 years now crumbling into pieces as guilds drifted away, transferred servers, or just collapsed completely, resulted in us being in the number one position. It was cool, but we didn’t stop being, well; us.

If you think my dislike comes from a place of jealousy, I’m afraid that’s your pride getting the better of you. If you had arrived on our server and taken the lead graciously, we’d probably get along extremely well. In fact, I’d probably look up to you and encourage our raiders to take notes from yours. We’d still be driven to try to keep up with you, no question, but I imagine I would think you were pretty cool.

Instead, I watched as you easily took over the 10-man progression slot and immediately started giving crap to the only 10-man group that was, at the time, actively pursuing heroics.

Why? What did putting them down do for you?

Then it was Challenge Modes, and again, you circled around those players with the previous bests like vultures, ripping on them whenever the opportunity arose. I knew as soon as I heard that we would be next.

See, I knew you guys would probably catch up and overtake us, and I knew the minute it happened that the silence would break. You wouldn’t sit around watching our players at the dummies anymore, you’d have to say something.

And, unfortunately, I wasn’t the least bit wrong about that. The day after you took the lead in progression, your members immediately started in, trolling and mocking ours as they waited outside the instance on raid night or stood in the Shrine. It made me angry, not because you had passed us in progression, but because you felt the need to turn around and try to make my friends feel like crap about it.

So I asked them to maintain the silence; to take the trolling in stride. There were some–interesting–ways my guildies took this request, but by and large, they did as I asked.


And yet it continues. Maybe you think you’re just being funny, but that’s not the way it comes across. So no, I don’t like you, and I probably never will.

I’ve been on the internet long enough to know the responses to this post, so in an effort to save your time, I’m going to list them below and you just circle the ones that apply to your reply:

A. It’s just a game, get over it.

B. You’re being stupid.

C. If you don’t want to hear crap, then get better.

D. You’re just jealous.

E. It’s just fun, lighten up.

And maybe it’s true, maybe I do take it too seriously, too personally–but I only do because people like my husband and some of my friends do, too. I’m protective of them, and I don’t like to see them feeling frustrated because you decided it’s your job to remind them that you’re first and we’re not.

Well, congratulations, but there are different kinds of winners.


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28 responses to “Why I Don’t Like You, And Probably Never Will

  1. Mike

    Nice boobs!

  2. What a yucky situation. Sounds like they are the ones who need to A, B and E :/ I admire you and your guildies for handling it with grace.

    • battlechicken

      It’s difficult sometimes, especially for someone like my husband who is not naturally a back-down kind of person. lol. Thank you. ❤

  3. Really, who are these people? A group of badly brought up twelve year olds? Will they ever learn there’s a huge difference between “winning” in a video game and winning at life.

    • battlechicken

      It’s a downer, too, because our server has been barely clinging to life for a while now, and it should be awesome to get a new raiding guild on the server. Instead, it’s like this.

  4. Bytes

    They sound like a bunch of right wankers.

  5. What a bunch of turds. Hats off to you and your guildies for being mature and not scumbags fighting back. Because there is no point, and ignoring them will just make the bored little trolls go and find something else to poke amusement at. ❤ Ambermist and your guild, they are leetsauce.

  6. I’ve seen it before. I’ve seen it in real life.

    You and your guildies are doing the right thing. They just want to know their taunts are working. They not going to go away, but ignoring them is the biggest hurt you can put on a Troll.

    Good Hunting!

    • Quam

      HI Amber,

      Sorry to hear you’ve had to go through the same crap we did. We are holding our tongues as much as we’d like to let loose as well! So much for the nice family atmosphere we once had on Durotan.

      • battlechicken

        It’s frustrating, to be sure. I would love to have another competitive 25-man on the server that weren’t jerks about it. It’d be a lot of fun to have non-hostile competition. >.<

        But, hey, we've been here for this long, right? Whether they like it or not, Durotan is still our server. CCT & Novare Res have been on Durotan for a lot longer than they have–you guys keep keepin' on, and we will too!

    • battlechicken

      Thanks, Kyplor. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore, but I know you’re right!

  7. Blunders

    As a member of the guild being randomly skewered by this insanely lopsided post, I challenge Ambermist to name exactly which members were involved in these extremely difficult to prove situations.
    In reaction to this exact post, I (Blunders of Durotan) messaged Crizzle (of CCT) about this post. According to Crizzle, this post reflects hatred of the already existing NAAGP guild members absorbed by Check Please rather than a dislike of the freshly transferred players. If your own members are contradicting your blog post, I find it extraordinarily rude and unnecessary for you to emotionally capitalize off of the sympathy of strangers.
    In reading your blog I noticed that you said, “In fact, I’d probably look up to you and encourage our raiders to take notes from yours.” Instead of that, how about you quit misrepresenting your guild with your unbearable negativity.
    On top of that, in your post you also pointed out that this server had been bleeding players. “That, combined with the server we’ve called home for nearly 10 years now crumbling into pieces as guilds drifted away, transferred servers, or just collapsed completely.” I honestly have no idea how you can rationalize the vitriol this post has towards a guild that is bringing talent to a dying server (your words).
    I dare you to look beyond your hurt ego or whatever triggered this needless post and accept the server that CCT now exists upon.

    • battlechicken

      I would be happy to provide the names of each of the players to which I’m referring (other than the ones who were insulting Novare Res; you would have to ask Quam about that), but I would rather not do it publicly unless that’s what you prefer.

      When the guild moved to the server, I was interested. I don’t love people who sell runs, I felt like it was capitalizing on the state of the server, but I can’t deny that it’s been successful and I haven’t held that against anyone since it’s my personal opinion.

      My first real information about the guild came from a whisper from someone who I’ve known for years on the server and who has never been anything less than an upstanding guy. He explained that after beating his guild in 10-mans, one of the officers of your guild whispered him to tell him to change his recruitment message because they weren’t #1 anymore. Since it had been less than 24 hours, this didn’t come across as a “friendly notice.” It came across a rub.

      The next thing I was told was that, in beating CM’s, members of your guild were in the Shrine taunting those members who had previously held the title. Again, same source, and no reason to doubt him since in the past 6 years we’ve played together, he’s never lied or done anything questionable.

      Then it was our turn. It started the night after you killed Spoils, when one of your members stood outside the instance going on about how he/she should be invited to the raid to help us kill Spoils since we couldn’t do it ourselves.

      After that, it was in the Shrine, where two of your members made snide comments about one of our mages (my husband), his gear, his progress (I have screenshots of this conversation).

      Following that, there was a similar experience in a conversation about being #1 on the server and how “perhap” we could be #1 again if you ever moved off the server.

      Just this past week, I encountered one of your members in a 5-man instance, and having missed his request for us to stay behind, I followed him into a room, dotted the mobs, and followed him back out to LoS, to which he replied, “can’t even follow dog commands.”

      Whether these members were part of the guild you absorbed or not, I can’t always say. I know one or two of them are people who have been on our server for a long time, but even still, they’re wearing your guild tag.

      I didn’t name the guild or any of the members in my post. Granted, it wouldn’t be hard to discover, but I doubt anyone who commented on my post actually went through the trouble to look it up, and if they did, they haven’t done anything with that information.

      None of my thoughts here are unfounded or trying to drum up sympathy. My husband was genuinely upset, so I guess the trolls accomplished their mission, and I know that the members of Novare Res were insulted.

      You can ask anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time, I have always tried to be as reasonable as possible, even in situations in which I felt upset or wronged, and I don’t think at any point in this post I have been unreasonable.

      In the future, if you’re curious about the guild, posts on my blog, or any other situation involving myself or the guild, I would encourage you to message an officer (for guild things) or ask me directly rather than whispering a guild member who has no involvement or relation to my blog.

      I would have been happy to discuss this privately, and, if given cause, posted an update to give this particular post a happier ending.

  8. Cyc

    As a fellow raiding member on Durotan (though not in the guilds mentioned above), I offer my sympathy for having to put up with this kind of rudeness. It is unwelcome and Amber is right for speaking out.

  9. Boomslang

    I have so much to say, but I am not going to, cos I am a raging asshole. But Blunders, please don’t say our “members” disagree with this post when you said you asked 1 person, okay? And I stand by everything Amber has said, in that it took place, that shit happened. There are no contradictions when we get reports from multiple people, including screenshots, of the claimed behavior.

    I stand behind the words of my guildies, and the reputation that we have maintained on this server for damn near a decade.

    Thank you and please come again.

    GM of CCT

  10. Bacon

    First of, absolutely -love- the scenery on your wordpress Amber, Valley is my favourite zone on Pandaria by far.
    I told myself I wouldn’t get involved in this situation. Ever since I transferred to Durotan I have only held conversations with a handful of people outside of Check Please and I know I’m not the only one. I’m not posting here expecting anybody who doesn’t know Check Please to side with us. In fact I would prefer if there weren’t any sides at all.

    In regards to both of your unequivocally written posts (Boomslang and Ambermist) I find them both fallacies of ambiguity. Ambermist you try to sum up our entire guilds attitude towards the server with contradictory evidence compiled against a select few. Boomslang you come into this thread with a false sense of authority. “There are no contradictions” ??? When all of the issues seem to be blatant misunderstandings – or casuals who hardly represent CP.

    “My first real information about the guild came from a whisper from someone who I’ve known for years on the server and who has never been anything less than an upstanding guy. He explained that after beating his guild in 10-mans, one of the officers of your guild whispered him to tell him to change his recruitment message because they weren’t #1 anymore. Since it had been less than 24 hours, this didn’t come across as a “friendly notice.” It came across a rub.”

    My question to you is what kind of upstanding person claims to be the “original #1” 10man on Durotan? Are we being segregated to unoriginality because we’re new? It was never our intention to be separated from the competition. We chose Durotan as our new home for many reasons and I can assure you that a drama thread was not one of them.

    Anywhoo, I can go on until I’m out of breath denying the rest of the allegations but I don’t think it will serve any purpose. All I ask for is a second chance for our members, after all we’re both stuck here together now aren’t we? 😉

    PR Officer of CP

    • battlechicken

      Thanks, I like Valley too, it was my favorite spot in the beta.

      All right, I’m going to try to address this point-by-point. Perhaps it really is all one big misunderstanding, but I have a hard time getting past what feels like a refusal to believe that any of what I say actually happened. If you could say, yeah, you know what, some of our members were trolling you and we’re sorry if it came across poorly, I’d drop this in a nano-second. Really.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree on the guild thing–I have always felt that a guild is responsible for the behavior of its members, and we have always acted on this in our guild. We’ve reprimanded and kicked trolls and harassers more than once precisely because we don’t want someone to look at our guild tag and think, “Oh, that’s the guild with the jerks in it.”

      In regards to Novare Res, their previous recruitment message said “#1 10-man on Durotan,” which, prior to you guys, was true. It wasn’t until Almonds (on his shaman) whispered Quam and told him to fix it that they changed it to “the original,” and that was specifically in response to feeling insulted. Was NR going for any amazing progress? No, but they were doing well for themselves and enjoying the progress they were making, and I don’t see why anyone would feel the need to knock someone down for that.

      Truthfully? I hate this crap. I hate being at odds with people in general. Believe it or not, I even kind of loathe confrontation. At the same time, when some of the people in my guild and my friends from Novare Res (many of whom I raided with in a previous guild) feel like they’re being targeted, trolled, and made to feel like crap, it bothers me. A lot.

      After Liv told me that a couple of people from Check Please had talked to him and sort of apologized, even though I felt that was kind of lame since any of you are welcome to talk directly to me at any time, I was ready to let it go. I even let Dizzy share my spot! (Still very pretty, Dizzy).

      If you can at least give me just an inch and acknowledge that some of your guildies trolled and you’re at least sorry that we were bothered by it, I’m ready to start from scratch. I would really love friendly, non-hostile competition and especially having other 25-mans to talk to.

      I’m just not willing to pretend none of it ever happened.

  11. Raymond

    I personally have not had a bad experience with a CP member. Other than someone wearing my favorite CM title and spamming Q and E quickly right in front of me. (one that i had only a few hours ago) I saw that as “Haha look at the nice things you don’t have anymore.” Other than that, no words from a member were spoken to me directly.
    From what I’ve heard, the only member I can single out Is the GM. The conversation i was told was verbatim, and i believe the source. Basically he sounded like a dick, and i view his comments as “You should feel bad, why are you actually trying? We are just better.” (paraphrased in my words.) Speaking solely of one instance. “We figured we would go after the times you can cheese with your death knight first.” (speaking in regards to CM’s) When they started running a “god comp” which is going to win because monk be op amirite? so he made a team of cheesing versus our DK. Then he also swaps toons for what ever seems best, or he just gets bored idk. Yes we have a hunter and a shaman, but the shaman can’t play and they are both mains not alts made just for taking CM times from people who (whom? idk) were content on their mediocrity.
    I viewed the whole CP thing at first as “okay we are going to get some competition, sweet,” then it seemed like a bunch of fifth graders picking on the 3rd graders playing in their sandbox. I feel it was the show boating that made me not like you the most. “realm first this, realm first that come join us we are better.” that’s the vibe i got from it. In my own little cynical mind i feel the guild exists solely for the gm’s ego. I know a lot gets lost in translation because there is no sarcasm font, so i may have misconstrued something I’m sorry.
    Apologies – I am writing this with little sleep due to family in town, so i am sorry for any bad grammar, spelling and my poor sentence and paragraph structure. if it’s confusing that’s because my writing skills are little to none, i googled as much as i could.
    also sorry for calling out the gm here, but you do rub people the wring way in game.
    I did not write this out of hate(maybe a little jealousy), I simply thought I would try and air it out, the last thing Dramatan needs right now is more people to leave. We are all flesh and blood i too am a human, feel free to write me in game to talk, we are all people. I welcome any friendly chat to clear the air.
    *disclaimer – The poorly written letter above has nothing to do nor does it reflect the views of Novare Res simply one mans opinion.
    With love Furry/Beo

  12. Abc

    Just to be clear, I hated Almonds before it was the cool thing to do.

  13. Bacon

    The conversation between Almonds and Novare Res happened after they had actually changed their wowprogress to “original” 10man. One can imagine a feeling of exclusion felt by us, we raid the same platform size and would not like our progression belittled. Irregardless of who may started it, the challenge mode taunting seems to be friendly and competition driven, being apart of CP’s original challenge mode group I can confirm BOTH sides participating in the taunting.

    An apology would be in accordance with fault. Our casual member with the dog comment was completely out of order and we apologize to those offended by the issue. As far as the conversation with your husband or the #1 on server comments go, is it possible to see any concrete evidence? I’m afraid at this point taking this privately to provide proof of our wrongdoings would not solve the issue from our perspective, your accusations have potentially turned off a portion of the Durotan population from Check Please (as evident from the lobsided support of responses)

    “Kind of annoyed at the situation” Officer of CP

  14. Aldaria

    Thank you, Ambermist for posting and I appreciate the history and fun we have had over the years on Duraton. It has been both our home for our WOW family and it is wonderful to have great alliances such as ours.

    Almonds, message me in game. It is time we set up a discussion between us and the guild officers.
    GM of Novare Res

  15. Fingolfin

    People care that much about this game still? I’m hanging on by thread to keep playing… Seriously if you cared so much about your guild rep to come chasing a blog you might want to rethink how your members act in public. Competition is always healthy but being poor winner or loser isn’t

  16. WoWplayer

    They are starting this kind of stuff on Horde side now. Sounds like they haven’t changed at all and may have gotten a little worse.

  17. Sofknduntilus

    Yeah, what a bunch of shitters. I hate those guys.

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