The Mysterious Dwarf of Warsong Gulch

Probably 6 months to a year go, I was doing Warsong Gulch as happily as can be (WSG is my favorite battleground, after all), when I saw a dwarf player on the battleground standing completely still. I decided to move toward him to see if he was running from anything. As soon as I took a few steps, I realized he was inside of a stump.

Confused, I looked at my map and realized that there were no players there–this was something built into the battleground. I asked about it on Twitter, but no one had definitive answer. I ended up forgetting about it sometime later.

Fool Me Twice

Then, this afternoon, I’m rolling my level 11 baby shaman through Warsong, and I’m headed down the field when I see a dwarf again and, having forgotten my previous experience, I once again assumed it was a player. I moused over him to see his health, and realized there was no mouseover–what?

When I took a step forward and saw the stump again, I realized what I was seeing, and this time I took a picture:


(You can click to enlarge).

Then, I took a few steps closer and took another screenshot of the stump:


Who are you, mysterious dwarf? Why are you here, standing motionless in the middle of Warsong Gulch? Why are you hidden by a stump?

I want to know your story!

Update: Apparently this is like seeing Bigfoot for me.

In a later WSG, we were killing Horde at their GY (sorry, guys! sort of. >.>) when I turned around and caught this glimpse of the Mysterious Dwarf’s back!

Dwarf 3




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10 responses to “The Mysterious Dwarf of Warsong Gulch

  1. Holy moly, I’ve done wsg a bajillion times and I never noticed him! Now I must choose to queue for it for the first time in my life to see him myself.

    • battlechicken

      Do it! I will say that I usually have my graphics turned all the way down because of the graphic lag I get in raids when I don’t, and I know that contributes to the stump phasing in and out!

      It’s the same thing that helps people farm for cloud serpent eggs, only in this case, I suppose I’m hunting for dwarves…

  2. This is fascinating! Perhaps it’s a Blizz ghost :p Do blog and let us know if you ever solve his mystery!

  3. kinda creepy, definitely good to hear things like this still happen in wow, even now that its been polished graphically over and over. please let us know if you find anything else like this!!

  4. Wow – What an amazing find! Definitely have to Q for a WSG and take a look myself.

    • battlechicken

      It’s pretty cool! Turn your graphics down so that the stump doesn’t load before the dwarf and you should be able to find him!

  5. Ooh a mystery. I’m going to be in the camp of ppl quing Warsong Gulch to see if I can see the dwarf too. I wonder why he is there.

    • battlechicken

      I’ve actually been keeping my graphics turned down low and looking for him, now that I know he’s there I see him all the time!

  6. Grasshoppa

    Why do you think my Dwarf Paladin is named Stummpy. Seriously I cant believe no one has figured this out.

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