I Just Don’t Get It

Yesterday, as I was glancing through posts on my WordPress dash (I miss you already, Google Reader!), I ran across this post from Tome of the Ancient. Frustrated with not being able to defeat Zao in the Celestial Tournament, it was a great look at what pet combinations weren’t working and how to plan going forward.

And it got me thinking. See, I think the fact that there are THREE of the FOUR Celestial Tournament encounters complete on that screenshot is amazing because when it comes to pet battles, I just don’t get it.

want to get it. I enjoy pet battling; I’ve leveled about 7 pets to 25, I’ve battled some of the trainers, I’ve even been specifically leveling pets that will be strong against Lil Oondasta. Curse you, dino; curse you.

Pet Battle Pep Talk

This Isn’t the First Time

It strikes me as funny when there’s someone out there downplaying something they do well (even though I know I’ve done the same thing) when I can’t even comprehend how they do what they do.

For instance, as I was talking to Fimlys and Hydra this past weekend, we were talking about Cynwise. I don’t even have to link that name–pretty much anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time or been on Twitter with any amount of frequency in the past 5 years knows Cyn.

Specifically, I was remembering how, when I first started talking to Cyn, there was some downplay going on–“Wrath Baby” is the term I believe kept coming up. The whole time, though; I was thinking: No one out there is doing what you’re doing with your blog right now. You’re a thing!

I didn’t (still don’t) get PvP the way Cynwise does. I want to, I just don’t.

So What is it You Don’t Get?

I can’t be the only one with this going on. What’s your thing you don’t get? What do you see other people doing in game that somehow eludes you?

For me it’s pet battles and PvP. I wish I was great, but I’m going to have to be content with what I can do and wonder in awe at the people who are great.

Don’t downplay yourselves, guys; keep being great and I’ll keep looking at you all like this:


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16 responses to “I Just Don’t Get It

  1. Melee dps, and the funniest thing is it took an Enhancement Shaman and a Feral Druid and about five or six years to realize this. I hate it, I’m not good at it but I love Cat so much I suffer through it for her. Enhancement Shaman, not so much. Off to see if I can listen to your whole show before my husband finds me!

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I’ve never been great at melee dps, either. I really wish I were, because I love my rogue, but it’s definitely not my thing.

  2. Matty

    I don’t get anything but once in awhile I write a decent fanfic story. 🙂

  3. I’m with you on the pet battles. I force myself to a point because I like the pets but I hate hate hate the battles. I also hate vehicle combat in WoW and the two are extremely similar in my book.

    • battlechicken

      I can’t battle against other people, especially. It’s horrible. I am, quite possibly, the worst pet battler out there. You and I can be the pet battle buddies. 😛

  4. You don’t *have* to do any of the “formal” battles at all and still enjoy battling wild pets, leveling them and building a collection.
    The low-level tamers that will give you bags are easy to do with minimal pets and get you some bandages.
    If there are dropped pets you want get them from the AH or perhaps a pet-battle junkie in your guild will give you some since believe me, a lot of dropped pets drop lol. I can’t give away all the panda pets I got and have a bank full of them 😀

    Lil’Oondasta tip: Level up a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and get a Darkmoon Tonk. Any other mechanical pet will do for a third – Tiny Harvester is easy to get. You don’t need any “expensive” raid pets or rare drops. Mechanicals stomp that stupid dinosaur into the ground.

    • battlechicken

      Yeah, I figured out the thing about mechanicals versus beasts, so I’ve been leveling up some of them…I get so distracted, though, and end up wandering off to do other things. lol. Can’t they just level themselves?!

  5. I don’t like having to level all my pets unless it’s one I’m excited about getting. Then there are those who can do endless PVP pet battles *cough Luxy*. LOL

    • battlechicken

      PVP pet battles scare me to death. I’m a complete idiot when it comes to battling other people, and I might as well wear a target on my head! I’m pretty impressed by people who manage it, though.

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  8. I don’t PvP, except on rare occasions when there’s something I really *really* want that can only be obtained by doing so — and ever since Blizz introduced the ability to convert JP into HP, I’ve only gone to PvP once, because Wrathion asked me to.

    I’ve dabbled in pet battling a little bit, but it didn’t hook me. With just seven pets at level 25, you’re doing better than I am with no pets at level 25 yet!

    Another thing I don’t really “get” is the AH. I just cannot connect with people when they write about having stuff sell as fast as they can put it on the AH. The only stuff I’ve had sell reasonably reliably was windwool cloth and veggies; everything else — crafted blues, banquets and other foods, et cetera — I usually have to list three or four times before it sells… and after I’ve put something up about five times without it selling, I often give up and just vendor or DE it.

    • battlechicken

      Ah, the AH. That’s something that I like to do and want to do and I do it anyway, but I’ve never been able to make millions of gold off of it. I’m just not the business type. I need to “hire” someone in the guild to do it for me, and they can just keep a cut!

  9. I don’t get anything. Wait, not true: I get cool players like you to read!

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