Subtitled: I got on video because Navi is that cool.

Edit to Add: Navi’s post about her visit! 

Navi’s blog: The Daily Frostwolf


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10 responses to “Navispammed!

  1. Yay! There can never be enough NaviSpamming! And you’re so cute, I had imagined you’d have feathers being a battle chicken and all!

  2. Ambermist I am totally blown away! It brought a huge grin to my face and I may have squeeeed out loud as well. Isn’t out funny how the feeling is mutual? I was so happy to finally meet you and your vlog was hugely flattering and I don’t know how else to express what I am feeling other than giving you a BIG hug and squealing omg omg omg!

  3. I can’t seem to get Monty Python out of my head. Spam, spam SPAM, Spam SPAM! 😉

    Navispamming generates quite the exceess of Squee. If we could somehow generate cross server honorary guilds, I’d be proud to sport a tag.

    Battlechicken, congo-rats on the Navispam (and much love for the VBlog post — that was way cool)!

    Navi, spam on!

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