NBI: I’d Call That a Success


You guys are so awesome.

I’m majorly impressed with all of our new bloggers AND all of our sponsor blogs. I know when Sypster emailed us, he had no idea the scale of the response he would receive. The MMO blogosphere exploded this month, and I’m so glad to have been here to see it!

Thank you, new bloggers, for jumping in with both feet.

Thank you, sponsor blogs, for being a ready source of advice and encouragement.

Thank you, Syp, for putting it all together!

As promised, here is a list of all of our participants (as collected by Sypster):

Emerging Blogs:

Advice Posts:

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One response to “NBI: I’d Call That a Success

  1. I’m a bit bummed out I only heard of NBI a couple of days ago, but wow, so many entries to read and new blogs to discover!

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