5 Events that Moved Me

I don’t have any problem admitting that I’m a big softy (insert moonkin joke here!), and yes, there have been moments as I journeyed through the World of  Warcraft that brought tears to my eyes. Having battle rezzed the Five, here five WoW moments that moved me:

WoWWiki User Zima Stonehammer saves Sharpbeak.

1. Saving Sharpbeak (The Hinterlands). I did this quest while leveling Ambermist back in the day. It was pre-BC, so my husband dragged his level 60 mage out to help me through Jintha’Alor. I did not expect Sharpbeak to tug at my heartstrings the way he did when I saw him in that cage, and I “aww”-ed hardcore. Then UK said, “Oh, you’re going to like this, turn your camera around and look over there.” As Sharpbeak–rescued, reunited, and happy–flew off into the sunset, tears welled up. It was a good moment. Note: According to Wowhead & WoWWiki, this quest is no longer available, but you can still see Sharpbeak (now a mature gryphon!) helping the Wildhammers in the Hinterlands.

2. Peace at Last (Starts with Tabetha’s Assistance in Dustwallow Marsh). Although for many of us these quest became tedium (to the point that I took one look at Dustwallow and high-tailed it while leveling my hunter), the first time you experience this chain all the way through is pretty special. The first time I completed the entire chain–scouting the Inn right up to visiting the grave–I was leveling my paladin. After that, I take a moment to give Jim a hug every time I see him; I understand why he is where he is in his life now, and I can’t entirely blame him.

My paladin, Nessia, kneeling in respect before the deceased Hyal family.

Pamela Redpath (from WoWPedia)

3. Pamela Redpath (Eastern Plaguelands). I didn’t do Eastern Plaguelands much on Ambermist. I ran in there with a group of guildies at the time, and they rushed us around the zone without stopping to experience it (yet another reason I prefer to quest solo). When I finally went back and completed some of these quests on other characters, I was awed to find so much depth in their stories. I just did the new Pamela Redpath quests (similar to the old ones, just less spread out), and I was struck again by how bittersweet it is when you leave her there to go assure Carlin that she’s okay. “You’ll keep the bad guys away, right?” I wanted to, so much. And when you finally return to her having completed the quest–well, that moment is hug-worthy.

4. The Wrathgate (DragonblightQuest Progression). Interestingly enough, I actually saw the cut scene before I ever even saw Dragonblight, but without context it was just a really cool scene. Once I played through it and saw what happened there and really understood it, I couldn’t help but cry. Putriss was exceptionally chilling, and watching Saurfang and Bolvar fall before the cleansing fire of the red dragonflight reached them was epically moving for me.

I have this letter in my bank, and it will stay there forever.

5. My Letter from Tyrande. When I finished Loremaster, I was elated. The achievement was a big accomplishment for me. I knew that it came with a tabard, and flew to the nearest mailbox (which happened to be at Telaar in Nagrand) and picked it up. I did not expect to find a letter from Tyrande addressing me as “Loremaster.” For a moment, I identified with my character–this was achievement, recognition, appreciation, and pride. And it was awesome.



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5 responses to “5 Events that Moved Me

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  2. One of my favourite quests was Dreadmaul Rock. Among all of the Very Important stuff happening around Blackrock Mountain, you come across a troll worrying about his wife. When you finally find her body, it’s apparent that her death was not easy, painless or quick. Among many other things, her nose ring was ripped out and used as a ring by the ogre who killed her. When you bring the ring back to the husband, he bursts into tears and explains that it was her wedding ring. The quest was concise, elegant and showed the trolls in a completely new light.

    • battlechicken

      I like that; I never did that quest, but it sounds sadly beautiful.
      There are a lot of things you can say either way about Blizzard (and I’ve probably said many of them on both sides…), but I really admire their desire to shift the archetypes of their characters and races. Orcs can be noble, Elves can be as haughty as they can be evil, Trolls can have a heart, etc. They aren’t always successful, but the desire is there. I think that’s probably my favorite aspect of the quest you describe–a completely new light. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  3. Archmage of Durotan

    Try the Rhea quest line in blast land I think is where it’s at, it’s a new quest for cata and it almost made me cry.

    • battlechicken

      About a few days after I wrote this post, I did that quest chain on my hunter. And yeah, that quest reward you get? It’s never ever ever leaving my bags.

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