Blizzcon From Home Part 2: The Bigger It Is, the Better

I’m talking about your TV, of course; why, what did you think I meant?

If you’ve purchased the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket live stream (if you have DirectTV, congratulations, this is the one time of year it’s awesome), watching it from your computer isn’t enough (unless you’re stuck at work and you’re getting one over on “the man” by watching it in your cubicle; that’s cool). Let’s face it, most people who play WoW at least have a comfortable relationship with technology, so there isn’t an excuse for not watching Blizzcon on the big screen.

Let me introduce you to some new friends!

This my buddy, VGA to AV converter:


VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, but no one really cares what you call it, doohickey is fine. VGA is basically a monitor connection; it’s how you connect your computer to your screen. AV connectors, similarly; supply input to your TV. Put the two together and BAM, your TV is now a computer screen. For instructions, click here!

Alternatively, I have another close friend, S-Video to AV:

There’s an extremely verbose explanation of S-Video on Wikipedia, if you’re REALLY interested, but mostly what you need to know is that almost all laptops worth their salt have an S-Video connection, and some desktops do too, and it supplies your TV with the visual information on your laptop. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Usually when you use one of these methods, your sound will still come from your computer speakers (which is fine, we did that last year with no problem). If you want to get the sound to your TV as well, the simplest fix is a Stereo to RCA converter, which plugs into the headphone jack on your computer and then into the audio port on your TV.

We’re ready to go, and so, apparently, is @Asros:

If you get comfortable with this, you could eventually be like this guy:

I don’t suppose he’s holding a Blizzcon party I could come to? No? Maybe? We’ll talk later.

Blizzcon Opening Ceremony starts at 11:00 a.m. PST/2:00 p.m. EST; the countdown is on!

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