Blizzcon From Home Part 1: Blizzcon Pick-up Lines

Let’s face it, the expense of flying out to California may be too much for some of us, or we may have been just one person too far down the queue to buy our ticket. But whatever the reason, we are the ones who didn’t make it to Blizzcon.

There’s the virtual ticket, of course; but that doesn’t get you into the social experiences at all. Fear not, fair, poor, and/or unlucky citizens of Azeroth! Twitter and Tastes Like Battle Chicken is coming to your aide in Part 1 of my Blizzcon From Home series.

Without further adieu, I give you Blizzcon Pick-Up Lines!

(I’m picking some of my favorites, but there are PLENTY more. You can see them here: #blizzconpickuplines. Also, if you’re on Twitter, it’s not too late to join in! If you don’t have Twitter, add your own to the comments.)

Hey baby, I’m a Paladin, of course I use protection. (@giggidee2157)

What’s the drop rate on your pants? (@tiger_milk)

Are you soloable? (@morkuma)

Don’t worry, it’ll be quick. I’m haste capped. (@Ryardin)

You know you can unequip that shirt slot. (@bryterside)

Did they nerf resilience enough, or do I need to buy another drink? (@bryterside)

Check it out if you don’t believe me but…I am best in slot. (@Ryardin)

You’re the reason they call it WOW. (@Ryardin)

May have lost tree form, but I still have some epic wood. (@KhiTree)

Can I put you on farm? (@Ryardin)

Light be with you. If not can I? (@Ryardin)

Hey ladies…stack on me. (@_Rades)

I did a few, most of them not as good as these, but I think this one is relatable:

You won’t DC when you use me.

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