Chicken of Her Word: A Worthy Opponent

My beta initiations continued after my solid performance during my dance with Garrosh. I contacted the suggesters of my second initiation, @wowcynwise and @Ralod, and we set up an RP duel in Goldshire on our own server of Durotan between Cynwise and myself.

We agreed to the following terms:

1. Role play only.

2. Equip only 1 dress of our choice, 1 Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole, 1 Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, and 1 pair of Sandals of Summer.

3. All class abilities acceptable.

We met in Goldshire just after midnight, and a worthier opponent I have not fought. Thank you, Cynwise. And thank you, members of <Amicus Fidelis> for a really fun evening!

And a special shout out to the level 19 in Goldshire who had the courage to duel me even though I two-shot him.

This, then, is the result of our duel (click on the image below to see the full album):

A Worthy Opponent

Two down, one to go…

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