Migrating Chickens: How I’m Handling Burnout

I get tired of playing WoW. There, I said it! Are you happy?

Pretty much everyone gets burned out on the game or on whatever their current in-game focus is; it makes sense that this would come up in the Blog Azeroth shared topic. I stumbled upon it on Twitter thanks to @anexxia, and it is certainly something I’ve been dealing with.

Burnout this round started for me around 3 weeks before our Lich King-25 kill. Here are some of the ways I’ve dealt with it:

1. Declined. For a while, I was going full-on crazy raid mode. My druid was raiding ICC-25, my mage was raiding ICC-10 and -25, and my paladin was picking up weekly and ToC-25 groups whenever I saw them form.

I can only keep up that pace for so long, though, and when the thought of going to another raid made me ill, I stopped. I stopped doing weeklies on my druid (I didn’t need emblems for anything). I stopped raiding on my mage and pally altogether.

The only raid I attend right now is our guild’s ICC-25/Heroic Mode progression, which means I have Thursday through Saturday “off.”

2. Something Old. PvP has been around since vanilla WoW, but by and large I stayed away from it. I’d pop into battlegrounds now and then, and I had screwed around in arena with friends, but I knew that I would get massacred.

I also didn’t want to put effort into gearing up for PvP.

Once I scaled back my raiding, however; gearing up for PvP didn’t seem so bad. I switched my resto spec to resto PvP and over a couple of weeks put together a full Relentless set. Now I battleground and arena regularly. I’m a little late getting on the bandwagon, but it’s still new to me.

3. Something New I have had a horde warlock taking up a character slot since the week Burning Crusade launched. I’d play with her a little, remember why I stopped playing her in the first place, and then stuff her in the toy box for a long time.

Then I read a post by Cynwise about warlock Drain Tanking, and it got my gears turning. It dawned on me that as much research as I put into knowing what the best stats, specs, and rotations are for my 80s, there must be at least as much about leveling. Sure enough, I found some great tips about warlock leveling that solved my survival issues outright.

She started out Affliction but is now rocking Demonology, and I thoroughly enjoy freaking new players out with Metamorphosis. She went from 29 to 64 in a couple of weeks, and I do intend to finish her out to 80. She’s my first horde character to get an epic mount, the first to make it to Outland, and will certainly be my first horde character to the level cap.

4. Refocus. I’m more than just a WoW player and blogger. I’m also a wife, mother, and homemaker. Burnout helped me to refocus my time and energy into what really matters. I don’t log into the game at all until everything I need to get done that day is done. A few times, that has meant not signing on until raid time, but it’s worth it when my husband walks through the door grinning because the house is nice and clean, and even more when I’m watching my son or daughter dissolve into a fit of giggles.

5. Migration. I found a new game. It’s not a WoW-breaker for me, but it’s a fun diversion. This isn’t the first time this has happened; I’ve taken WoW breaks to play Modern Warfare 2, the Aion beta, and Dungeons and Dragons Online, too. This one seems to be holding my interest more than any of the above except MW2.

If you’re that desperate to see me in virtual space and you can’t find me in WoW, go download Aika Online. I’m a citizen of Feonir and right now you’ll catch me in the PvE channel on my paladin looking for groups for Zant Hard.

Don’t worry, though. Being burnt out doesn’t mean I’ll give up* WoW at all. I certainly still enjoy playing, and I’m pretty excited (and a little anxious) about what Cataclysm will hold. In the meantime, though, I’m kindling fires in other directions.

*I’m so, so sorry. Resistance is futile.

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