At Least I Have Chicken — A Blog Birthday

not a lie!

The end of last month marked one year of Tastes Like Battle Chicken. Of the customary one-year blog posts, “I like this blog because…” feels too much like a school paper, and I kind of already did “Let’s look at the year in review.”

So you get option number C (yes, number C): blog stats you didn’t know you cared about. Since five is my favorite list number, let’s do this in chunks of five.

The Five Most Popular Posts

  1. From Noobkin to Boomkin series
  2. New Tauren Cat Form Released!
  3. Heroic Ulduar: Mimiron
  4. Preview of Ignis in Ulduar
  5. The ToGC Playbook: Northrend Beasts

The Five Most Popular Search Terms (that lead to TLBC)

  1. boomkin
  2. boomkin/moonkin macros
  3. pew pew/pew pew pew
  4. boomkin stats
  5. new cat form

Whoever found me by searching “pew pew pew,” you win lots and lots of bonus points.

The Five Most Popular Referrers

  1. The Daily Druid
  2. Restokin
  3. Wrath of the Boomkin
  4. LaserChicken
  5. Twitter

The Five Most Popular Sites I’ve Linked

  1. Squawk & Awe
  2. LaserChicken
  3. Gray Matter
  4. The Daily Druid
  5. Restokin

And one more, an indirect but appropriate tie-in:

Five of the Words I’ve Tweeted the Most:

  1. Blog
  2. Druid
  3. Guild
  4. Husband
  5. Lol

I’m going to fashion a new tweet that uses these five words. Lol husband…!

One last order of business that is also pretty customary to these types of posts:


Thank you, Ultraking, for putting up with the dishes getting neglected in lieu of Cataclysm or Moonkin news and for your unwavering faith in me. I love you!

Thank you Chi Cerca Trova for letting me raid with you for the past 3 years, for letting me L2Moonkin, and for giving me the experience and opportunities that allow me to share our strategeries. 😉

And especially thanks to all of you who have read my blog, followed me on Twitter, and/or made my World…of Warcraft a better place. I ❤ you all.



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7 responses to “At Least I Have Chicken — A Blog Birthday

  1. Just discovered your blog, liking it so far! Happy Bday. 🙂

  2. Pingback: /AFK – Never Before, Never Again Edition « Bio Break

  3. Happy Blogaversary! 🙂

  4. battlechicken

    Thanks for the warm wishes here and on Twitter, guys! ❤

  5. Fleabit

    On starfall.

    So as a 65 moonkin, this is pretty OP.

    first i cast rejuv and stack 2 or 3 lifeblooms.

    then i run into a group of as many mobs as possible…atleast 8. these can be anywhere from my level to +3 levels.

    i pop starfire, then hurricane.

    all mobs dead.


    by the time i am done looting, i am back to full mana.



    its as good as when Hunter’s Volley was destroying mobs. maybe better hehe!

    note: if the mobs are all your level, just pop a rejuv and go, don’t worry a/b LB.

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