Icecrown Citadel, Frostwing Halls: Valithria Dreamwalker

TLBC Strats: ICC

From what I’ve seen, most raids are doing Blood Princes and Dreamwalker before their respective wing-end bosses, so I’m going to hit Dreamwalker next.

KMBBefore I do, though, a brief thought on trash, since there’s a miniboss. You’ll be joined in the Frostwing Halls by Crok Scourgebane and some Argent Crusaders (you’ll recognize them if you’ve ever done Troll Patrol). As you fight your way through the vry’kul before you (Deathbringers summon adds, Frostbinders throw ice, so choose which ones to kill first based on that info), the humongous floating val’kyr named Sister Svalna at the end of the hall will slowly kill off the Argent Crusaders (no, you cannot keep them alive, their deaths are scripted).

Once you reach her, she will raise the Crusaders back to life as scourge, and you will have to kill them in addition to the deathly angel herself. Although the scripted conversation will ask you to kill the Captains and then assist Crok in killing the Svalna, we have found it just as easy to keep a tank on the captains while we burn down Svalna (easy peasy) and then turn and kill them. You get an Emblem of Frost for killing her, so yeah, it’s cool.

Now, onto the important stuff.

The point of this fight is to take the green dragon Valithria Dreamwalker from 50% to 100% health. As you can imagine, this puts a lot of pressure on your healers, so if you’re dpsing, your job is to make it as easy on them as possible.

You will need to bring 2 to 3 tanks to manage the adds that spawn on either side of Dreamwalker. DPS and healers will have to be determined by how well you’re handling the adds and how well she’s being healed.

under control, get it?If you are DPSing this fight, your job is to stay alive and keep the adds away from Dreamwalker.

As far as staying alive, what’s the general rule about things on the ground, fellow moonkin? Don’t stand in them. Purple void-like zones will drain your mana, and blue circles will toss you up in the air and hit you for a big chunk of your health. Also stay away from Blighted Zombies: when they die, they blow up, hitting anyone in melee range.

Add Priority:

  1. Blazing Skeleton: as these appear, we call out which side they’re emerging from on Vent. All DPS needs to switch immediately to the Blazing Skeleton (with the exception of kiting hunters, which I’ll get to in a minute). It does an AoE effect called Lay Waste that hits everyone in the room for large amounts of fire damage every few seconds. The best outcome is to never let him get off more than 2 pulses of Lay Waste.
  2. Suppressors: unless there is a Blazing Skeleton alive, never target another add while Suppressors are up. They come out on each side throughout the fight, and they channel a spell at Dreamwalker that reduces healing taken. They can be very quickly AoE’d to death, so get on them immediately.
  3. Risen Archmage: These need to be interrupted as frequently as possible while you burn them down, so make sure your mages and melee are ready to do so. They cast a Frostbolt Volley that hits everyone in the raid and slows them. This can wreak havoc on your healers and if you have bad enough luck to spawn a Blazing Skeleton while your raid is Frostbolted, you can bet he’s going to get some Lay Waste pulses off before you can get to him.
  4. Blighted Zombie: As I mentioned above, these do damage to anyone in melee range when they die. For this reason, we have one hunter on each side who kite these towards the door. Mages can slow them, which helps, and you should kill them before your poor hunter starts running into the wall.
  5. Abominations and Rot Worms: These guys are murder on the tanks, so kill them as quickly as you can without letting any of the other bad things above happen. Tanks should turn the Aboms away, and when they die, they’ll spawn Rot Worms. These worms MUST be tanked; they have very little health but hit for a truckload, so once they’re tanked, AoE them down quickly.

If you are a healer for this fight, it’s probably going to frustrate you at first. You will probably be assigned a primary job: either keeping the raid alive, or trying to rescue Dreamwalker.

healers ftw

There is a mechanic to help you do your job better, but it’s tricky. Throughout the fight, Dreamwalker will spawn portals. There will be green streams of light that come out of her and attach to green balls around the room. Several seconds later, the balls will open up into portals that players can enter. Within the portal room are green floating balls, and swimming into these balls grants a buff to increase healing and mana regen by a crapton. Furthermore, the buff stacks. When you are in this room, your job is to get as many stacks of the buff as you can. If you struggle with hitting the balls correctly to get the buff, I advise you to switch your camera to first person. It will help you see where the balls are in 3-dimensional space and allow you to more accurately hit them.

If you can all group up and get the buff, that’s great, but that’s not usually going to happen, so get the balls but don’t try to outrace the other healers to them. The important thing is to make sure you get one right as you come in and right before you leave, all the ones between that are very saucy gravy.

If you are a raid healer, you should be one of the first 3-4 healers inside the portal room. We have found that by leaving our dragon healers out of the portal room the first round, the raid healers are able to get an edge without sacrificing much healing on Dreamwalker. Get as many stacks as you reasonably can, making sure to hit one right before you leave to keep the stacks up as long as possible, then do what you’re there to do: keep the raid alive. If you aren’t running on vapors, you can also throw some heals on Dreamwalker, as every little bit helps. Note: If you are a priest assigned to raid healing, you still need to hit Dreamwalker with Guardian Spirit, especially if you’re glyphed for it (you should have 1-2 priests glyphed for GS for this fight, from my understanding).

Big heelz!

If you are a dragon healer, you will start out healing both Dreamwalker and keeping the raid spot healed while your raid healers are in the portals. The damage initially isn’t bad, so this shouldn’t take too much work from you. Paladins are GREAT dragon healers (beacon!), and I would have all of your paladins assigned to do this, as well as one or two additional healers, depending on how much help the raid needs.

Starting the second portal round, you will take every portal, until perhaps the last few percent of Dreamwalker’s health. You need to get your stacks high, but more importantly, you need to maintain them. This is why getting a ball on the way in and the way out is important: best case scenario, your stacks never fall off. Your job is to heal Dreamwalker as much as possible. The last few percent (less than 5%, I think) I know at least one, if not all, of our paladins stay out of the portals to just spam her with heals and get her up the rest of the way.

The soft enrage happens when the adds are coming too fast for the DPS to handle, and the raid damage becomes too much for the raid healers to handle, so you’ll win when you figure out the perfect combination to keep everyone alive, keep the adds under control, and get Dreamwalker healed before you’re overwhelmed.

When Dreamwalker hits 100%, she will kill the rest of the adds and leave behind a chest with epic goodies.

cct v the scourge

Credit where it’s due: We generally start a fight by reading or discussing a pre-documented strat or two and then tweaking it to our guild. I think all guilds do this to one extent or the other. However, this strat was a massive tweak. The plan to send the raid healers in first and then the dragon healers in the subsequent portals came from our paladins, particularly our raid leader whose name I won’t mention because he really doesn’t want a whole bunch of people pestering him.

When you know your guild and its strengths and weaknesses, then you’ll know how to fold strats to your needs. That’s the mark of a good raid leader.

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