Most people who read blogs are pretty well-informed in their area of interest, so I’m guessing a lot of you already know about the developer chat with Blizzard through Twitter last night (the second of its kind).  If you haven’t read it, you probably want to check out the entire thread.

For the purposes of my blog, though, we’re going to jump right to the druid/moonkin-related items.

Q. Any plans on looking at balance druids, in particular to Eclipse procs? RNG sometimes is detrimental to our dps.

A: We don’t mind the RNG aspect that much per se, but losing an important proc because it happened at the wrong time (say just before you moved) is a problem. We have a pretty cool solution for Cataclysm if we can make it work. It makes Eclipse cooler but also gives Balance more of a kit in general.

We already knew that we weren’t going to see a drastic change before Cataclysm, but we still don’t really know how.  However, I’m pleased that they realize that seeing Starfire Eclipse hit three seconds before Unstable Ooze Explosion makes us groan, and I’m really excited that they’ve got a “pretty cool solution.”  I think all of us have theorized ways to help us out, so I’m hoping this goes above and beyond all of that.

Q. Both balance druids (moonkin) and elemental shaman feel like their dps is falling behind in Icecrown Citadel. Any damage boosts for these hybrid casters currently planned?

A. We have small buffs coming in the next patch. We’ll see where they are after that when more encounters are open (including the hard modes) and once more players have tier sets and higher gear in general. We have no problem buffing them more if we need to.

My favorite sentence there is “We have no problem buffing them more if we need to.”  While buffs don’t necessarily correct the underlying issue of haste (and soon, crit) becoming increasingly less valuable to us as we accumulate new gear, I think the intent is to help us over the hump as we wrap up WotLK. That they’re willing to continually evaluate our performance and try to give us a hand now and then is something to appreciate, at least.

The developer chat as a whole was much more successful this time, in my opinion.  Last time it felt like the devs coming along to give us a pat on the head and a sucker and tell us to keep being good little players.  This time the questions they answered were mostly thoughtful, specific questions which they answered in kind.

P.S. I’ll be watching my mailbox for that pony, GC.


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