Icecrown Citadel, The Plagueworks: Festergut

TLBC Strats: ICC

If this is your first trip into the Plagueworks, you should check out Plagueworks: Getting There for tips on handling the trash.

Lower Spire: history.  Precious’s Ribbon: equipped.  What’s next?

At this point, your raid can choose one of two bosses:  Festergut or Rotface.  Rotface is a situational awareness check (it reminds me of Illidari Council in that regard).  Festergut seems to be more of a healing check.  Our healers are rock solid, but sometimes our situational awareness is not, so we found Festergut to be the easier of the two.  For that reason, we’re going to start with him.

Here are the major things you need to be aware of:

Gaseous Blight.  I’m going to tell you right now, “Festergut” is absolutely accurate.  This guy needs some serious Gas-X.  Gaseous Blight is an orange cloud on the ground.  It starts at full strength, hitting everyone in the raid for 4-5k AoE.  Festergut inhales this crap at regular intervals, and each time he inhales, the cloud gets thinner and does less damage.  However, each inhale gives him more strength with which to hit the tank.  By the time he gets to 4 inhales, Festergut has swallowed all the gas in the room, but he’s hitting the tank for massive amounts of damage, so healers need to plan on this and balance their healing around it.

fat cat

Festergut is this bloated but not nearly this cute.

Pungent Blight.  So now he’s swallowed a whole room full of gas…I’ll bet you can guess what happens next.  At this point, after 4 inhales, he’ll belch out all the gas.  This hits really, REALLY hard on the whole raid, which is why there is a mechanic in place to handle this…

Gas Spores.  Between inhales, Festergut will throw spores on people (3 in 25-man, 2 in 10 man).  You can’t miss them, they look like big, orange, spiky balls hanging over people’s heads.  After 12 seconds, the spore will explode and place a minimal-damage DoT on anyone nearby.  When the DoT ticks off, that person is inoculated.   This keeps Pungent Blight from hitting quite so hard, so everyone should be inoculated with 3 stacks before he gets to 4 inhales.  I’ll explain the best way to do this below.

Gastric Bloat.  Once again, tanks have to switch off.  Throughout the fight, the tanks will be getting Gastric Bloat stacks, taking increasingly more damage.  At 10 stacks they will explode and it’s insta-death.  You can’t switch off at 3 stacks; it lasts too long.  I think 8 or 9 stacks is the switching point for us.

Vile GasVile Gas.  There’s one more thing, but this is just a minor snag.  Throughout the fight, Festergut will occasionally target players and cause them to start vomiting (yes, it even does the graphic; ew).  They will be disoriented (kind of like being blinded by a rogue) while they have Vile Gas, and they will do AoE damage to anyone nearby.  A simple /distance 10 fixes the problem.

As you can imagine, if everyone is left to their own devices on this fight, it quickly dissolves into chaos (just like every other boss fight in the history of the World…of Warcraft, right?).  Here’s our plan that works quite well:

Three Groups.  We split three groups around the room:  North, South, and Melee.  Half the ranged and a healer on North.  Half the ranged and a healer on South.  Melee has the rest of the healers (mostly) and obviously a big mess of dps warriors and rogues and other people who like to hit things.  All the ranged should absolutely be /distance 10 from each other.  The room is circular, so just spread out in a small curve on your side.

Run to the Tree! While we have Resto druids filling this role, anyone can do it.  We use the trees because they’re ridiculously easy to spot.  We have one tree druid on the North side, between the ranged and the boss, and one on the South side in the same position.  They never move.  When Gas Spores come, everyone on either side collapses on their tree so that everyone is in range of the inoculation (note: if you have someone else fill this roll, make sure you mark them!).  The melee group collapses on the tank.

Tree Durid is 4 healz (& hugz).

When the Gas Spores spawn and everyone gets to their spots, it’s really easy to see who has spores and who doesn’t.  If any of the groups has two spores, we call on vent for one of them to run to the group without a spore.  To make this a little more simple, here’s a scenario:

Gas Spores spawn.  A DPS warrior, a rogue, and a South-side Shadow Priest are hit with the spores.  Everyone immediately collapses on their respective target, and someone calls out, “Rogue, go North!”  The rogue then runs to the North side tree (or marked target) and stands there until his spore explodes.  Now everyone has been inoculated–the DPS warrior’s spore hit the melee, the Shadow Priest’s spore hit the South group, and the rogue’s spore hit the North group.

That’s it.  /distance 10, collapse for spores, and make sure everyone gets inoculated.  He has a 5 minute enrage, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your DPS in the middle of all of this.

Loot the big ugly guy and get ready for his equally big (and equally ugly) brother.


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3 responses to “Icecrown Citadel, The Plagueworks: Festergut

  1. Tessa

    I have heard from several people on my server that mathematically speaking, (including tanks doing ~2k dps), EACH dps in your 10man raid group MUST do at least ~6k dps during the entire fight, or you will hit the enrage timer, and that is what makes the fight difficult. Sacrificing a DPS to go heals for the fight is out of the question due to the high amount of DPS needed. Confirm or deny? Is there any point in attempting this boss if your dps is not all doing upwards of 6K?


    • battlechicken

      It’s hard for me to say based on numbers alone, because most of our dps in the 10-mans is above 6k (the elemental shaman and I, who are generally among the lowest dps, usually offspec heal for 10-mans).

      However, here’s what I can tell you: I’ve done this fight on 10 man successfully with 2 healers (both offspec), making it possible to downgrade the dps a bit. Granted, it was difficult at first; we had to play around with tank order and cooldowns to make sure everyone lived through Pungent Blight, but we did it pretty easily once we figured that out, with time to spare.

      In our second group, we had significantly higher dps (a dps warrior and pally both doing around 8-9k each and a warlock, mage, and hunter doing around 6.5k each), so we rolled with 3 healers and killed it with plenty of time to spare.

      I think if you have good healers and you’re willing to experiment a bit, you can do this with less than 6k (people still think you have to have everyone doing 5k on 10-man OS zerg, and that’s just not the case, so I take all that stuff with a grain of salt.).

      That said, if the MAJORITY of your dps is under 6k, I don’t think it can be done. But if you roll with 2 healers, your melee’s hitting at least 7.5-8k and your casters are 5.5-7k, you’ll be fine. It might be to-the-wire, but I think it’s doable.

      Alternatively, if you have some super awesome melee averaging 8-9k and a caster doing 7k+, then you can afford to bring along the guy (probably an elemental shaman or a moonkin, the way it’s been lately) doing 5k, especially if said guy brings buffs that will help your awesome-er dpsers be even more awesome.

    • battlechicken

      Tessa, here’s a link to tonight’s Festergut recount screenshot, so you can see what our dps looks like. That was 3 healers. 🙂

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